Ready for some more adorkable geekiness? If not, GO BACK TO YOUR PREPPY JOCK CLUBS! (jk) I was debating with myself whether or not to pair up this particular character with this particular form of nerdiness... Then I thought, "Heck! I had the Pack play Dungeons and Dragons! You can't get more crack than that!" So, let's go!

Bobo glanced back and forth from his guard position by Six's door. "Seriously, chief. We need to get ya your own suit! If we keep doing these stealth missions to 'borrow' green bean's stuff, he'll turn us into jackets!"

Rex opened the door to the closet. "Relax, Bobo. Six is out with Holiday. He won't be back for awhile. By that time, his suit will be right back where-Huh?" He stopped suddenly as something caught his eye. "What's this...?"

"What, are ya trying to figure which shade of green goes best with your eyes?" The chimp called irritably from the doorway. "Lemme give ya a shortcut: They're all the same!"

"No, that's not it." Rex pushed his way past the expanse of green suits to a hanger that was hidden in the very back corner. On it was a large, black cloak. "Huh?" He took the hanger down and brought the cloak out into the light, realizing that the sea of ebony was patterned with red clouds. The interior of the cloak was the same shade of red. "I feel like I've seen one of these before... Hey, Bobo! Come look at this!"

Bobo glanced over his shoulder. His single eye became as wide as a saucer as he closed the door and walked over. "It can't be..."


The monkey touched the cloth before pulling the collar down to eye level and checking the tag. "It is!"

"It is what?" Rex asked, starting to feel exasperated as Bobo burst out laughing.

"Th-This is a c-cosplay costume!" The simian chortled. "It's f-from that anime, N-Naruto! OH! I wonder if there's an accessory!" He rushed into the closet before letting out a victorious whoop. "Aha!" He emerged with a weird straw hat. "I've seen enough episodes to know that this is the attire of a group of ninja villains!"

"Naruto?" Rex stared dumbly at the straw hat before looking at the robe. Sure enough, on the tag was printed "Naruto Akatsuki robe". "Why would Six have this?" When he looked up, Bobo had already rushed back into the closet.

"Ohoho! Bobo is in blackmail city! Check this out!" Bobo emerged from the closet carrying what looked like a box of DVDs. After placing the box in front of Rex, he went back in.

"Hm?" The teen Evo began to go through the DVD titles. "Naruto...Yu-Gi-Oh...Pokemon...Strawberry Panic-WHOA!" His eyes widened as he stared at the scene painted on the cover of the case he was currently holding: two very good looking women who looked inches away from a major make-out session. He discreetly slipped said DVD into his jacket before continuing. "Ginga Nagareboshi Gin...Bleach...Junjo Romanti-whoa..." The Junjo Romantica case was very similar to the Strawberry Panic one...except for the fact that there were two guys in an undeniably cozy position. 'Wow...that's kinda...ho-' He quickly pushed the blossoming thought aside and shoved the DVD back into the box. "Bobo, what are you doing back there?"

"Goin' through these cards!" Bobo shoved a huge box of cards toward Rex before going in for another. "Looks like green bean has every Pokemon card ever made. This looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh deck over here!" The chimp rifled through the box for a moment before pulling out an envelope. "Hm..." He reached inside and pulled out a ticket. "Anime week."

Before Rex could question anything, the sound of footsteps came to their ears. "Oh snap! Quick! Put everything back!" The two quickly hung up the costume and shoved the boxes back into their place. As they did so, they noticed that there were more boxes containing everything from action figures to rolled up posters to plush to Pocky. Wishing there was still more time to snoop, the duo bolted from the room.

The next week, Six was given a few days off. When Rex and Bobo inspected the closet during that time, the costume was gone...

Apparently, it is possible to get more crack than the Pack playing D&D... That's right, I made Six an otaku. *shot* You gotta admit it's funny! And awesome! Six has always struck me as one who likes Asian stuff. It's probably the katanas that give it away... If he was to cosplay one of the Akatsuki, I think he'd be either Hidan or Kakuzu. Otherwise, he'd have to get a cosplay wig and I don't think he'd EVER wear one of those. Cloaks are one thing. Wigs are another. At least, that's my view.