Alright. I know that I am going to get so many flames for this but I decided that this needed to be said. I'm done. I won't write anymore for this story. I've lost all inspiration for it (I've tried to write the next chapter over ten times and I just can't get it to sound good enough to post.

One day, I might update again but I wouldn't hold my breath for it if I were you. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just being honest and I don't want to string you guys along anymore. I feel terrible about doing this to all of my faithful readers. You all have been so wonderful and I am thankful for each and every review I received.

If I ever come back to this story I will make sure it is the best chapter you have ever read but unless that day ever comes this will be the last chapter for Eyes Wide Open.

I'm sorry to everyone, thank you for all your wonderful reviews.