"There he is, there he is! Go on!" White urged her friend excitedly. Bel's heart continued to race.

"But what if-!"

White cut her off with a hurried, "You're gonna miss the chance of a lifetime! Go out there and give it to him!" Bel nodded to herself as White's Watchog smiled worriedly.

"…Yes!" the blond sighed as she leapt from behind the wall and extended the invitation, blushing madly.

"Cheren, ijustwantedtogivethistoyou!" She expelled nervously, unsure what to expect.

"…Uh, miss? Who is this Cheren person?" The blond opened her eyes to a bemused green-haired man in a suit and tie holding a white bag of trash. Bel's mouth fell open, emitting a mortified moan.

"Oh, I'm so sorry sir; I thought someone else would be here…" The man blinked and glanced down the road.

"Do you mean one of those boys with my N down the way?" Bel paused in her attempt to escape with as much dignity as she could muster to gaze down the street. Sure enough, she made out Cheren's navy blazer among two white shirts rapidly leaving the vicinity and nearing a turn.

"Ah, yes! Thank you very much sir!" With a hurried bow, the blond dashed down the street after the ambling boys.

"…You're welcome miss…" the man murmured to himself as he set the trash bag near his doorway and closed the door, looking up just in time to hear a frustrated sigh and see a brunette and her Watchog run after the blond.

The boys continued their vague joshing as the turn to Cheren's house neared. "Hey Cheren, you going to that party at Bel's? I heard White set it up, and me and N are going, right N?" Black declared, turning to his pony-tailed friend. N nodded enthusiastically.

"It seems like lots of fun! Care to join us, Cheren?" The male donned in glasses hmphed self-consciously.

"I am unsure. If what you two have informed me occurred in biology during my absence is anything to go by, I have some serious studying to do this weekend." Black opened his mouth in an attempt to beg when the three heard a shout from close behind. The boys turned to meet the fretful gaze of none other than the girl hosting the upcoming party. Panting, the blond pressed an envelope at a baffled Cheren.

"Please say you'll come, gotta go now, 'bye!" Bel gushed, promptly turning tail and racing past a confused White and Watchog. The two shrugged, smiling at the boys as they followed the quick blond back p the street. Black grinned slightly after the brunette, then turned to the boy in the blazer.

"Open it!" N urged. Cheren blinked as he carefully ripped the envelope open to remove and read its contents. Glittering, loopy letters greeted the three boys, boldly proclaiming "You're invited!" Black's previous grin erupted into a smirk.

"You were saying something about this weekend?" Cheren rolled his eyes and continued to the turn.

"Seems my plans have been altered. See you two there, I suppose." Black chuckled.

"You know you wanna go, Bel will be in a pretty dress!" Cheren paused almost out of sight from his friends, clutching the ripped envelope as his face flared.

"T-that's her problem what she wears to the event. I myself have to find something suitable. Good day." Black snorted once Cheren was out of sight and earshot.

"Told you he has the hots for her."

Unnoticed to most of the players of the charade, a Timburr had attempted to consume a Vanillite on the roof of the man's home, but the ice type all but succeeded in consuming the fighter's head. Once removed from the fighting type's cranium, the ice cream pokemon laughed at the retreating form of the Timburr as it raced across rooftops.