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His hand still held mine seconds after he had spoken. I still had' t turned to face him yet. I was afraid that I would turn around and he wouldn't be there and that this was all a figment of my over active imagination.

"Bella?" he whispered cautiously behind me, I felt a warm hand against my back, a delighted shiver rippled through me.
"Bella? Please look at me." he pleaded, his voice was heartbreakingly disparate.

I wanted to turn around, trust me I did but if this really is made up in my head then I want it to last a little longer.
"Why won't you look at me?" he asked, I could feel him stand behind me.

"Because I don't think this is real." I answered keeping my gaze fixed firmly on the large white house ahead of me.
A pair of warm arms encircled me tightly around my waist. He rested his head onto my shoulder, I could feel his warm breath of my neck, I closed my eyes and gave in to him.

"Is this proof enough that this is real?" he asked softly. I breathed in deeply and savoured his scent that clung to my senses. Yes this is real.

"I believe you." I whispered, I could feel him smile into my shoulder.

"But you shouldn't love me." I whispered as reality stabbed me in the back. I felt his arms wrap around me tighter.
"I don't care. I do and I have done since I first saw you." I said softly. My heart fluttered, I felt unfamiliar warmth spread through me like the sun over a field.

"We have only known each other less than a month, how is any of this possible?" I questioned.

He chuckled quietly, "It just is." He stated simply.

But I m a servant. I mumbled, Edward sighed sadly.

"When you are with me you are Bella, you have no master, you have no chores, you are your own person." He said, his words were strong and assured, they made Goosebumps appear.

"You 're wrong. You own my heart." I whispered and leaned back into his arms.

"And I will treasure it forever." He promised. I looked at his face, searching it but found nothing but honesty and adoration.

"Is it possible to feel as I do for someone I barely know?" I questioned, Edward chuckled.
"I believe we are what some people would call soul mates." He said as he cupped my face, "I like the sound of that." I replied and leant further into his warm hand.

"Edward! Bella!" someone shouted, Edward growled frustrated.

"Alice?" I asked him, he nodded his head, his jaw was tight. His eyes scanned around us for somewhere to hide.

"The shed?" I pointed, he nodded and grabbed my hand, I squeaked when he rushed us into the shed.

We hid behind the garden chairs; I was pushed so tight to Edward that I m sure you could see my blush even in the darkness. I held my breath to stop from giggling at the whole silly situation.

"Ssh she will hear you." Edward whispered. We could hear angry footsteps stomping around outside followed by frustrated shouting of our names.

"Stop hiding Bella Edward! She s my friend too!" Alice wined, I imagined her to be folding her arms over her chest like a child would.

She's my friend too?

I became hyper aware of Edwards close proximity, the softness of his flesh felt delightful. I have never been so glad of the dark in my life, if Edward saw my blush I think I would probably die of embarrassment.

I felt the uncontrollable urge to giggle; here we were two grownups hiding in the shed like two naughty children who have broken their mother's favourite vase.

"Do you think we should show ourselves to her before she starts looking in the shed?" I whispered to him.
"Do we have to?" he whined, I chuckled at him.

We both stood up and tried to look normal.

"In here Alice!" Edward called reluctantly. Quicker than lightning Alice skipped through the door in a flurry of pink and lace.

"What are you doing in the shed?" she asked, her blue eyes scanning us suspiciously. Their blueness glowed with mischief.
"Nothing." Edward said slowly and calmly trying to convince her, her inquisitive gaze stayed on my face.

"If you say so cousin, if you say so." She giggle, she didn't for a moment believe what he said or was my blush just a little bit too noticeable?

"I came to get Bella, you promised I could see her so hand her over. "Alice said, she grabbed my hand and lead me out of the shed, I shot Edward a worried look, why the hell was she taking me?

Edward just looked at me defeated, was Alice always this demanding? But she is so small.

Alice pulled me along towards the house with alarming strength; I actually struggled to keep up with her. Edward followed behind us like a lost puppy.

"I have some presents for Bella; I don't know your size so I just guessed. But I'm always right so we don't need to worry!" she explained happily as we entered the house. I had never been inside before I have only ever admired the houses beauty from the outside.

Outside was beautiful but inside was breath-taking. It was nothing like Master Jacobs house. It was so light and bright in the entrance hall whereas Master Jacobs is dark and stuffy. The floor was white marble, small glittering flecks winked as I moved mast them.

We walked past a large rococo gold gilded framed mirror; I avoided looking at my reflection and glimpsed at Edwards instead, of course he court me staring. I tried not to stare at the simplistic splendour surrounding me as I was dragged enthusiastically up the stairs.

We soon reached a door, Alice stopped before she opened the door. "Now Edward you go away and do something Edward-like!" she said waving him off.

He looked a bit shocked at first then determined "Alice is that really necessary?" he asked.

She sighed exasperatedly at him, "Yes of course it is Edward! Bella would not want you to be there when she tries on her new dress!" she explained. I froze, try on a new dress? I can't get changed in front of her!

I looked at Edward pleadingly; he saw my expression and seemed to understand what I was pleading him.

"Alice I can't spare Bella for much time, mother needs us in the garden." He lied swiftly, I thanked him with my eyes, it was quiet for a moment until Alice sighed.

"I promise it won't take too long!" she said, Edward groaned in frustration.


"Really Edward, I will look after her, I promise." Alice explained, the sincerity in her voice was unmistakable. I don't know why but I trusted her.

Edwards stern gaze read her face for a moment. I know Edward trusted her, if he thinks I am completely safe with her then I believe him.

"I will be outside. Bella just call me if you need Me." he said softly to me, he smiled encouragingly to assure me. I smiled back letting him know that I was ok with this.

She closed the door behind us and led me to sit on her bed.

"It's ok Bella. You don't need to worry around me. I know everything." She said as she sat next to me. My blood froze, I stared at her open mouthed, a horrid feeling of washed over me, how could Edward tell her?

"Edward didn't tell me." she clarified. I expected relief to flood me but it didn't. How did she know?
"H-How do you-" I tried to ask but my voice was shaky

Alice laid a tentative hand on my arm, "I look at you like I would look into a mirror, I see myself in you Bella." She said softly.

"What do you mean, if you don't mind me asking." I asked confused. A bad feeling settled deep inside my stomach, I think I already know the answer.

"Not at all Bella, we are friends now you deserve to know. I wasn't born into this life you know. I was born in the tavern in town, my mother was a lady of the night and my father was a soldier. It is quiet safe to say that I was born a thousand miles away from the life I live now. Of course my mother didn't want me her job didnt permit baby's, my father was long gone it seems my mother was just a stop along the road on the way to war. My mother gave me away to my aunt, she owned and lived in the tavern with her husband." I sat in shock, I wanted to hug her but she sat next to me completely calm like she was telling a story to a child.

"My aunt welcomed me into her family; she had a son and was delighted that she should get a daughter as well. I grew up in that tavern; I helped out with whatever I could manage with, life was good hard at times but good." her tone of voice changed as if foreshadowing the sad turn her story was taking.

"My aunt died when I was 12, child birth carried her away. I was left with an uncle that could careless and a cousin who preferred to use me as his punch bag. The golden days were over. Without my aunts protection I was left completely vulnerable to my uncle's drunken fits of anger and annoyance. My uncle worked me to the bone, I have always been small so most jobs that required lifting heavy barrels of bear were hard, I broke many bones but my uncle broke more for me." I winced then, how could someone so kind and genuinely ever have been subjected to that pain?

"I remember hearing one evening when I was waitressing my uncle talking to a shady looking man, I mean all of the men were shady and dodgy in one way or another in the tavern but this man stuck out from all of the rest. They were drinking and talking loudly, they seemed to be making a deal. A few weeks later I found out that the peculiar man my uncle was talking to was the towns pimp, he owned the brothel which my mother worked in." I gasped loudly, Alice still looked calm.

"I found out that my uncle had sold me to the pimp and that he would collect me once I had turned 18, apparently he didn t like to have young whores in his brothel because it was too close to breaking the law. I thought about running away, but where would I go? I would most likely end up in some brothel anyway, so I stayed and waited. I had always thought someone would save me; I was a romantic at heart you see. As the months ticked by and ever closer to my 18th birthday I noticed some one new in the tavern, he always sat at the same chair and drank the same drink." Her tone was lighter now; a small reminiscent smile graced her face.

"I was captured by him; he was different from all the usual characters that frequented the tavern. He always looked sad and worried; I wanted to make him smile because I was positive that he had a nice smile. It was nice to see a young face, he told me his name was Jasper. I spoke to him a few times, whenever I could really; he seemed to light up when we spoke. We fell in love quickly, I trusted him completely and whole heartedly so when he said he was going to save me I never questioned or doubted him for one moment. He asked me to run away with him, I said yes. He saved me from a life that was no life at all, I escaped by the skin of my teeth and I never looked back." I didn't realise I was crying until wet droplet hit my hand.

"Oh Bella darling don't cry! I got my happily ever after, Jaspers my husband now." She soothed gathering me into her arms.
"Your husband?" I said shocked, she smiled widely, "Yes my husband." She declared proudly. I smiled happily at her happy ending.

"You see Bella happily ever after's are real." She whispered to me as if it were a secret.
She jumped up off of the bed in one fluid graceful movement, she skipped across the room to an ornate and not to mention large wardrobe, she flung the doors open dramatically. From my view on the bed I could see the rich colours and fabrics of the dresses she was pushing aside.

"Ah found it!" she squealed she ripped a dress from the colourful array in the wardrobe.

"I have a present for you Bella." She said excitedly as she walked towards me.

"Alice you didn't have to get me a present." I said, I felt horrible that she had spent money on me.

"Nonsense Bella. I have been told for some silly reason that I should stop spending money on myself, so I spent money on you instead! Aren't a clever bean!" she squealed

From the happy look in her eyes I knew she would not listen to me, I think it's in my best interests if I just let her do what she wants.

He held the dress in front of me; she held the skirt out to give me a better view. It was beautiful!

The silky fabric it was made out of was a cream colour with small embroidered forget me not's dotted rhythmically around the whole dress. As Alice moved the dress the fabric shifted colour slightly like liquid pearls. It was cut in the latest fashion, low neckline and 3 quarter sleeves with a lace trim. This piece of art cannot be mine.

"Alice it's beautiful." I whispered she nodded and appraised the dress.

"Well it's all yours!" she said handing it me, she lay it in my outstretched arms.

"I have a corset for you as well, but I won't make you wear it yet." She said, I was immediately grateful for that.
"Well I think we should get you into this dress so I can see if any alterations need to be made." She said as she lead me to an oriental screen in the corner.

"But where am I going to wear such a beautiful dress?" I asked as the thought suddenly occurred to me. she just chuckled and said "Well you just never know, it's a women prerogative to have a nice dress... or two." She explained, "Now get changed and tell me if you need any help." She left me behind the screen.

I undid my dress as best as I could and pealed the dress off of my body, I chose to ignore the cuts and bruises that dotted and smudged out on my skin like ink stains. They didn t seem to matter anymore, they don't even hurt.

I opened the dress out and lifted its heavy frame over my head, the soft cotton lining glided over my skin leaving a nice tingling feeling in its wake. I pulled the bodice until it sat right on my shoulders. It felt weird to be encased in such a dress as this.

I couldn't wait to see what I looked like in the mirror. A small part of me wanted to see what Edwards reaction would be, would he like it?

"Alice I'm finished!" I shouted to her, I waited for her to answer but nothing happened.

"Alice!" I called again, still nothing. Panic settled in, I was alone in a room in a house I don t know my way around.
I stepped out from around the screen and surveyed the room, Alice was nowhere in sight. I walked towards the door and opened it.

Outside was a nervous agitated looking Edward; he paced back and forth with his head fiercely focussed on the floor.
"Edward?" he jumped and stared at me shocked. I felt the blood rush straight to my cheeks in embarrassment. Moments passed he was still staring at me.

"Edward are you ok?" I asked him worriedly, what if he passes out?

"ER... no... yes i-i... beautiful." He stumbled; his eyes were wide like he was witnessing a miracle first-hand.
I smiled at him feeling less embarrassed. "Bella you look beautiful." He whispered as he walked slowly towards me. My heart started galloping wildly.

"T-thank you." I said.

I looked at his face, an expression of adoration blossomed there, that strange stomach churning feeling flared up in me.
He stood in front of me and looked in to my face; he placed his soft hands on either side of my face framing it. My breath hitched.

"God you re so beautiful." He whispered, he wasn't looking at the shimmering gown in front of him, his eyes stayed locked on my face.

Edward traced my bottom lip with the velvety pad of his finger. "Can I kiss you Bella?"

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