To all those who have read, followed, favorite-d, added me as a favorite author…and generally been super supportive of me all these years:

I want to apologize firsthand for having to add a chapter to this story – but I didn't know where else to reach anyone who might have read this or is re-reading it or happens to click on the last chapter…I wish had a way to reach out to all readers at once!

I want to thank you so much! The fact that years later this story still pops up with reviews and people still take the time to message me is overwhelming. When I started writing Crimson I never thought I would get as much positive feedback as I have. It still remains the only long fiction I have completed though I plan on slowly trying to complete the others.

Because of the continued support for this story I wanted to share that this past summer Crimson was nominated and won 'Best Draco characterization' in the 'Is it Hot in Here' awards on Dramione Fanfiction on Facebook.

This October it is a finalist in the 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' fall awards in the same community – for 'Best War Fiction' and 'Best Alternate Reality Fiction.'

I don't know how to thank everyone but I thought I should. So if you loved this story thank you again for all your support. I do really appreciate it.