Summary: What if Oona was given more time to think when her timer started going off? Would she have made a different decision?

A/N: When I watched the movie I really hated the way it ended. This is one way it could have gone differently. I have two others running around in my mind as well. If you all want me to continue this one just let me know and I'll be happy to.

Time To Think

"Now Oona you realize that once the device is removed it damages the sensory area irreparably?" The perky clerk asked her.

"Wait where was that advice when I went?" Her sister interjected indignantly.

She shot her sister a look. "Umm...what does that mean exactly?" she asked unsure.

"It means you can't get another timer implanted. Your other wrist isn't a viable option. One shot's all you got." The clerk responded.

She turns to her sister nervously. "Ok question. Do you think the timer actually works or is it just a self fulfilling prophesy?"

"The chicken. The egg. It's all a big clusterfuck"

Oona looked undecided for a moment but after a show of support from her sister she turned to the clerk and said "Ok yeah. Just do it" After asking one more time to make sure what she wanted the clerk put the machine to her timer. Just as he was about to remove it the normally blank timer beeped and began counting down. "What...what is that? What's happening?"

"This is crazy!" the clerk exclaimed.

"What. What's crazy" The sister said annoyed.

"I guess somewhere out there your one just got a timer. You're gonna meet him in three days!" The clerk told her.

"Holy shit" Oona said.

"No no no you made a mistake. You just shorted it out or something. There's no way it can be real. Even if it was it doesn't matter. I mean maybe it's Mikey and you're not gonna see him for a few days or whatever either way you're still gonna meet him so you're still getting it removed right?" Oona looked at her confused..."Right?" Her sister said again. When she got no response she stormed out and went to the car. Oona followed shortly after with the timer still on her wrist.

The next morning Oona woke up with the sun, but didn't get out of bed. Could she do this? Could she risk losing Mikey just to have a guarantee? Wasn't her heart enough of a guarantee? Could she trust her heart? There's no question that she is in love with Mikey, but what if the timer says someone else is her one? Can she take the leap of faith that Mikey wants? Can she live without the guarantee? These thoughts and more occupied her mind most of the day. She was surprised when the sun began to set again. She had wasted the entire day in bed thinking.

After getting up and getting something to eat she returned to her bed and her thoughts. Her sister conspicuously absent, still angry about the aborted removal, wasn't there to make her get up.

Upon waking the next morning Oona had come to a decision. She got in her car and drove to the nursing home where her sister worked and ran to the reception desk. "Lets go get it removed."