Geri: So I have been fighting with myself over what I should write about for my third fanfic!

Ikuto: And I like this ideaa best.

Amu: Of course you do.

Ikuto: Would you please provide a summary.

Takanari: Yeah.

Amu: Hai Takanari! Welcome to the team.

Ikuto: -sulking-

Geri: kk-


Hinamori Amu moves onto going into Seiyo High, a prestigous school of high standing... And many secrets. The student body is made up of the very best of the best and all Amu can do is sing. On her first day of school she learns the student body's most well kept secret: Tsukiyomi Ikuto, the all around geeky looking outcast, is really a hot freshman willing to seduce any girl who comes willing. But it comes at a price; For his service he makes a request of the customer...All the while Amu is horribly disgusted with him.

Chapter 1: Moving In

~*Amu's POV*~

"Bye, Mama!" I waved to the van that was now speeding away from the boarding school I was now going to attend.

It was a very large school that was mostly a rich purple color with black accenting the windows, rail ways, and door ways of the building. The main enterance to the high school itself was quite stunning. The doors were made of clear glass that is usually used on revolving doors, it was so smooth to the touch that it was hard to tear my fingers from the material. The doors led to the high school lobby where you had a clear view of the front office and the busy staff inside. I made my way into that room with my luggage and addressed one of the recptionists.

"Hello, Ma'am," I said politely, bowing a little.

"Good morning, Miss. I see you're moving in, yes?" She replied eying my luggage.

"Yes, I am."

"Well, sorta late to be moving in, aren't we?"

"I just recieved a scholarship here. Uhm...I was told to pick up my room keys and class schedule here."

"Of course, one second. What's your name, Hun?"

"Hinamori Amu."

She clicked noisily on the keyboard and when the results came up the computer made a ding! sound. The woman handed me two pieces of flimsy paper with arial script and sent me off on my way. My room was B89, I looked at my student map and located the dorm rooms then made my way over to them. I looked aimlessly at the doors of the dormroom facility and finally found my room on the second floor. I pushed the key into the lock and twisted it so it would open. Lugging my stuff into the room I heard someone groaning; my roommate perhaps? Before I looked toward the sound I surveyed the room.

It was as big as one of those deluxe suites at a five star hotel. The room was spacious yet compacted with a tiny living room, kitchen, and had a door next to the bathroom (i knew it was the bathroom becuase the door next to the closed one was slightly open revealing a toliet). It was colored in a striped design of gray and purple that went around the room horizontally. The small sofa that sat in the tiny living space was a deep gray that was almost black and an oak oval table sat in between that and the flat screen TV. To top it all off, this amazing room had a balcony with a wonderful view of Tokyo not too far away and another dorm room facility that actually looked like a hotel. Smiling to myself, I decided it was time to look at my new bedroom and possibly meet my new roommate.

Cautiously, I opened the bedroom door and noticed that the walls were maroon and were bordered with black moldings. I sighed and noticed there wasn't much inside. There were two walk in closets, two twin sized beds or slightly bigger than that, and a night stand for each room mate. One side of the room was completely decorated with pictures of famous dancers and bands while the other was as plain as could be. On the bed of the decorated side was a young teenage guy with blue black hair. His hair style was simple, it was short in the back but his bangs were long and framed his face beautifully. The boy wore a rumpled up uniform of a white dress shirt, black slacks, and a loosend purple and black plaid tie around his neck. Creeping around the room to my side, I tried to put away my things as quietly as possible.

"You don't have to be so careful. I'm not sleeping." A voice so mature yet so young said suddenly.

I turned around and faced my roommate. "Uhm..hi?"

His face was flushed and he ran his fingers through his hair; his gaze never meeting mine.

"Hello, so you're my new room mate?"

"Seems so."

"I'm Miyu Takanari." He gave me a crooked smile and finally met my gaze.

"Hinamori Amu, nice to meet you."

"I see you haven't gotten into uniform yet."

"Yeah..just moved in and all."

"So how'd you get into this school so late in the semster?"


"Same here. What's you get in for?"

"Singing how about you, Miyu-san?"

"Oh, I dance haha." He was showing hsi modesty. I could tell we were going to be good friends.

"Maybe you can show me sometime?" I suggested.

"Sure. Need help unpacking?"

"No, I'm good thanks."


I proceeded on with unpacking ad hanging my various outfits that my mother packed for me. I fixed the school uniforms that I was provided with and gave it a long look. The dress shirt matched Takanari's, but along with that I had a black cardigan that had an emblem of the school badge, a black and purple ribbon, (to match the ribbon) a plaid skirt that didn't seem to pass my knees, and a silver colored armband.

"So you're a silver hmm..?"

"I guess," I replied eying the arm band. "What does it mean?"

"The school works like this: There are three divisions in our school that rate our talents."

He brought up a dry erase board from a desk that I hadn't noticed earlier. Takanari wrote down the three ranks: bronze, silver, and gold.

He pointed to the bronze, "If you are a bronze, that means your talent is special, but not anymore than anyone else in Japan. This rank suggests, you are just barely better than them at the talent. It's either that or your parents paid for you to come here."

I nodded and he moved on to the next rank.

"Since you're a silver, this means your talent is exceptional and you show great potential to become something extrodinary." He winked. "So you're singing must be to die for. We have group of talented singers at this school I'll introduce you to."

"Thanks." I breathed and bowed my head.

"No need. Anyway, last but not least, there's the gold rank. There aren't many at this school, maybe about 20 students out of the 1000 here. This rank is a rare one because it is only given to those who are superior in their talent against almost all in the world. The instructers here put the gold ranks against some pretty brutal oponents to maintain their talents."

"That must be hell!"

"You bet it is!" His eyes were turning dark...that's when I noticed his eyes were a very pale gray blue.

"Anyway, that's how our school works."

"Well that's cool, any privledges?"

"Bronze have none, Silvers get special field trips, and Gold gets that and the right to skip classes."

"Lucky bastards." I remarked hugging my knees.

"Haha..don't be so cold to them, Hinamori-san."

"Call me Amu."

"Then call me Takanari."

"Okay, T-Takanari-san."


"Takanari-kun." I corrected myself and smiled.

"Well we better sleep, it's already 9:30 and classes start early."


With that the lights went out.

~*Ikuto's POV*~

I working diligently on my assignments in the Gold Rank's facilities when there was a knocking on my door. I pushed up my glasses and leaned back in my chair. The computer screen was staring back at me with millions of assignments.

"Come in."

"Hello, Tsukiyomi-sama." A petite girl with long blue black hair and pale gray blue eyes said.

"It's been awhile, Miyu-san." I smirked, loosening up my tie.

"Yes,it has and haven't I told you before to call me Kanate?" She made a tsking noise and proceeded to sitting on my lap.

"My apologies, Kanate-san." I smirked more as she handed me the information I wanted. The price as I'd like to call it.

"No need to fret, Tsukiyomi-sama." Her delicate hands started to unbutton my dress shirt and I pulled off my glasses. "I believe you can remedy the situation."

"I believe I can since you have given the payment."

"It was hard to pay up though, Naughty boy." Her fingers ran through my hair as I got a hold of her hips and pulled her closer. "You know I really hate how nerdy you make yourself look. It's a shame very few know how hot you really are."

"But isnt it better for you, Kanate-san?" My fingers undid the buttons on her shirt.

"I suppose." Then she started to kiss me and I slid her shirt off her shoulders.

In no time we were moving toward the couch in the room, never breaking our kiss of course, and I got on top of her.

"What would Takanari-san think if he knew you've been taking my services?" I chuckled kissing her neck and foddling her chest.

"He can suck a dick. I don't care what he thinks." Kanate said coldly looking away.

Such a stubborn girl, "Well, lucky you he doesn't sleep in the Gold rank dorms."

"He just wants to fuck with the girls from Silver Rank." Kanate's tone was bitter and I moved off her.

"I see.." I pulled on my shirt and buttoned it up.

"That's it?" She looked disappointed, but quickly accepted it. She picked up her shirt by desk and started to put it on.

"Yes. For now it is. Wish Takanari would move back in because I know you miss the incest between you two."

"Shut up." She barked and exitted the room.

Yes it was true, just like Utau, Kanate had a serious brother complex, but unlike me, Takanari (her older brother) liked her back and encouraged his sister's feelings. The two dated secretly, allowing me alone to know their secret, but not too long ago did Takanari start taking an interest in other girls and got over Kanate. Which left her alone and heart broken; it was cruel to bring up such events with her, but she ruined the lusty mood I had. I pulled the curtains back so I could see the Silver rank facilites. In one window I could clearly see Takanari...sharing a room with a girl. Smirking I texted Kanate the details and recieved a cussed out reply. Oh how I loved the rules of this school which allowed boys and girls to live in the same dorm. Putting on my glasses and looking in the mirror next to the window I looked at myself, a completely diffferent person stared back at me.

My slightly broken glasses obscured my eyes making them look plain and unnoticable, my hair was messy from recent events but as I combed it out, my hair style looked too proper and neat to belong to the guy I really was. I sat back in my chair and continued to work on assignments. In an hour I got bored of the chore and hacked the school's database. Typing in Takanari's room number, I investigated his roommate:

Hinamori, Amu

Age: 15

Birthday: 9/24/19**

Blood type: O

Sign: Libra

Family: Hinamori Midori, Hinamori Tsugumu, Hinamori Ami

Talent: Singing

Rank: Silver

Last School: Sakura Chibun High

Allergies: none

Disease/sicknesses: none

Danger: ex-yanki-possible threat


I frowned at the last message, I still hadn't cracked that code. But the information on Hinamori Amu was quite interesting, an ex-yanki? She could be an interesting girl to mess eyes finally came to her picture. This girl was stunning in all ways, perfect figure, beautiful face, the sexiest eyes that immediately captured your attention, and the look on her face said she lost her virginity a long time ago. Takanari was one lucky bitch to be living with her.

"We'll meet soon, Amu-san." I smirked talking to myself.

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