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Chapter 31: Lost Time

Kanate's Point of View

There was complete silence around me as I opened my eyes. I felt chilly and weak. Extending my wings, I noted they were a dirty black color. They did not shine with holy aura anymore, but instead radiated a feeling of dread and sinister intent. I tried to get up, but my body refused to obey me. A cold breeze passed by again and that was when I realized my white apparel was nothing more than rags. The stupid cloth didn't even cover my womanly features. The world around me was dark and ominous, it was probably night right now. What creeped me out was that there were no lights. I felt nothing beneath me either.

Was I floating?

My head seemed to be spinning and I couldn't shake the odd feeling that I was't alone. Where was Takanari? I needed him. I needed him to hold me. A flood of memories came back. I could still vividly see Amu walking down the aisle towards Ikuto. She didn't deserve that happiness. On top of that there was her stomach. The stomach held the baby that possibly belonged to my beloved Takanari. My Takanari. His heart, soul, and mind belonged to me. I would not share him. Never. I still had yet to understand what he saw in her; what both Ikuto and Takanari saw in her. Sure she could sing and I'll even admit she's beautiful, but what makes her so special? To be honest she looks ditzy and a bit of a slut. Hell, she was a slut! She slept with both Takanari and Ikuto! The two most important people in my life aside from my role model, Utau. I clenched my teeth, the pain in my head was unbearable. What was going on?

"Who do we have here?" A voice so kind and mature chirped up. "Are you alright, Miss?"

My sight started to blur, but I could distinctly see a figure coming towards me.

"Uh.." I blacked out.

I slowly woke from my black out or whatever had just happened. Somehow, I was immediately aware that I was being carried. The arms that held me tightly were strong and firm, but warm and secure. Whoever it was had pressed me against his, I'll assume this person is male since no female would have a chest so firm and hard. The atmosphere was no longer chilly or dark. Instead, the sky was colored red and orange as if the sun was just setting. I looked up a bit to see a well defined chin.

"I can tell by your movements that you're awake." The kind voice said.

It was weird how calmed I was by the voice. But now I was sure it was a man.

"Y-Yes. Thank you for carrying me."

"No problem. You would've been raped if I left you how you were."


"Your body was very exposed." He said bluntly. "Made even me want to take advantage of you."

"Why didn't you?" My lip quivered as I said this.

"I have morals."

"Well, that's good to hear." I rested my head against his chest. "Where are we?"

"I'll explain that later, we're almost home."


"I'll let you live with me until you get settled."

"You're very kind."

"Don't be so sure." There was a hint of coldness in his voice. "Just go back to sleep."

I obeyed.

When I awoke once again, my body finally felt healed and fully energized. It took me a few minutes to realize my body was covered by a black cotton cloak and that I was laying on a bed. The bed was covered in satin and was insanely soft. I was tempted to fall asleep again, but then the room door opened. In walked a well dressed american asian looking young man. A hot young man, might I add. I mentally slapped myself for thinking about something so stupid. But he was nice looking. He wore pitch black dress pants, a dress-coat vest complete with a pocket watch, and a red satin tie that hung around his neck over his vest. I blushed as I noticed how exposed his muscles were. This boy had black angel wings that seemed to have flecks of gold sticking to his feathers. I was right about his well defined chin and muscular arms. His olive toned skin contrasted nicely with his red black hair. His hair was somewhat mirroring Sasuke from Naruto, but it somehow had more class and a sense of danger to it then the original character gave out. In summary, he was breath-taking to look at.

"Are you cold?"

I shook my head.

"Are you sure? All you have on you is that cloak." He raised an eye brow toward me.

I cautiously peered down at my body and realized that he was right. My ragged white attire was completely gone. Bashfully, I covered myself more with the cloak. He looked at me apologetically.

"Please, don't feel embarrassed." He averted his eyes from me.

"Where am I?"

"The fall from Heaven is always a rough one." He side glanced at me as he proceeded into the room. "Are you feeling better?"

"How'd you know?" I added, "And yes I am, thank you."

"You're not the first to arrive here."

"Where is 'here'?"

"Hell. Or some version of it."

"Oh." I couldn't stop staring at him.

He smiled kindly at me once more, "You know, it's rude to stare."

I looked down at the bed immediately, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be,I'm flattered that you want to stare at me."

This guy didn't seem too mean or even deceiving. It was refreshing to meet such a person. He moved closer to me and gave me a sympathetic look. His skinny hands grabbed hold of the ends of the cloak; I hadn't noticed that it had been falling. He dragged the cloth over my shoulders and over my breasts so that I was completely covered. I couldn't help, but become flustered from the sudden actions.

"My name is Mateo, what's yours?" He extended his left hand to me.

I shook his hand with my right and said a little too energetically, "Kanate."

"What a lovely name."

"Thank you, yours is cool too." My blush went away, finally.

"Well, I'm going to go look for something for you to wear." He bowed politely. "Please make yourself at home."

"Thank you." I mumbled with a nod.

"Well, I'll leave you to it then." He smiled and ruffled my hair the way Ikuto would and closed the door as he left the room.

This is what I brought you this you can keep,

This is what I brought you may forget me.

I promise to depart just promise one thing,

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

Mateo's P.O.V.

I sighed and shut the door softly. Kanate. What a lovely girl, with such purity, but there's a dark power stored within her. The dark aura around her was suffocating me and I felt like I was in bliss. This sort of pain the suffocating caused me seemed to soothe the rage I had built up over the years in this hell hole. Sometimes I thought I was going crazy. I shouldn't like this sort of thing, but being in the dark for maybe 20 years can drive a person mad. The one other person who lived here with me was my maid Anne. She was beautiful in all respects but had a motherly attitude to her. In short, Anne was not very appealing.

Anne scuttled down the hall toward me with a dress in her hands. Her light brown hair was tumbling down her small shoulders and standing a good 5"3, her head met my shoulders. I smiled down at her and politely thanked her for getting the clothes so quickly. Anne seemed excited at the idea of having another girl in the house.

Her eye brows furrowed, "I've never seen you like this before."

"What do you mean?"

"You seem so peaceful. So happy."

"It's weird, isn't it?" I agreed.

Usually, I'm very irritable and had a short fuse around Anne. I liked being alone and was very stubborn about going out of the mansion. It was troublesome to run into other demons and fallen angels. But I still couldn't get the sight out of my mind. The memory reminded me of something from anther lifetime, at least it seemed that way. I always liked these stray beams because of that. The pleasant feelings I got from them were almost hard to keep for long periods of time. These feelings were the only thing keeping me from becoming one of those retched devil like demons. I shuddered at the thought.

I was staring outside of my bedroom window and saw one of those beautiful and awe-inducing beams of lights shine down on this waste land. For a split second, the whole region lit up from the sudden light. This place was a complete dump. There were no signs of life in the soil and no hope of ever acquiring it. The beam was considerably close to me, so I could tell that this beam was for a fallen angel. It was rare to have such a close speculation of the event. I could barely remember what happened during my fall, but all I knew was that I ended up here in the great care of Anne. That girl was a wonder and I never understood why she was sent down here. Unlike me, she died and went straight to Hell. Anne barely talked about what she saw or went through during that time, but she would say all that mattered was that she was here now. The beam seemed to call to me so after much debate, I walked over to it and that's how I found the girl.

Kanate resembled someone I once held very close to me and maybe that's why I couldn't be cold to her. She was refreshing and seemed innocent, but I knew better to assume the best in someone in such circumstances. To this day I can't remember that girl's name. The girl who Kanate resembled. Maybe that was why I was so mad, I would spend days on end trying to remember the name. That name might hold the key to everything or, at least, I hope it does.

"She's not…her, is she?"

"No." I looked toward the door. "She isn't, but maybe she'll be something like her."

"Shall I go inside?"

"No, I'll do it." Anne handed me the dress and went back from where she came.

"Thank you!" I called after her.

I opened the room door again and found Kanate standing near the window deep in thought. The cloak did a bad job of covering her and the thought of sleeping with her did not cross my mind. OK..It did the first time, but I'm better now! I lightly knocked to get her attention and she turned to smile at me. That smile took my breath away; a blurry memory of another girl smiling appeared in my mind. It was very unfocused and all I could see was that smile. It was exactly like Kanate's.

"I brought you something to wear."

"Thank you so much." She came to me and fingered the dress material. "It's so soft."

Her wings extended a little and they were brilliantly shining. Mine no longer shone like that, they only cast a long shadow.

"Do you need help changing?"

"No, I'm fine, thanks." She took the dress and untied the ribboning in the back. "But just turn around."

"You don't want me to wait outside?" I asked shocked.

"I don't mind, just don't look." Kanate giggled.


"Can I ask you something?" She asked quietly.

I heard the cloak touch the ground.

"You just did." I teased.

The dress was being pulled up her body.

"Why can't true love last?"

She was fiddling with the ribbon now.

"Probably because it was never truly true." I sighed. "Do you need help."

"Yes." She didn't say anything further.

After I finished tying up the back of the dress, she took a look in the mirror. it was a black and white ruffled long sleeved bow gothic lolita dress. It had a stand up collar and the skirt stopped right before her knees. It complimented her full figure very nicely and she looked at the dress a bit questioningly.

"You don't like it?" I quickly added, "Anne picked it out for you."

"Who's Anne?"

"She's my maid and the only other person living in the mansion."

"When will I meet her?"

"Tomorrow." I smiled. "You need sleep."

"Alright." She staggered toward the bed as if changing took all her energy away.

I caught her as she tripped, "Thank you."

"No problem." I say gently and placed her on the bed. "Are you feeling cold?"

"Yes." I could see her shivering and I felt her forehead.

It was piping hot. She held my hand against her forehead and smiled blissfully.

"You're so warm."

"I'll go get you some more blankets."

"No, stay please."

"But you won't get better-"

"Just lie down here with me for awhile. I don't need a blanket, you're warm enough."

I could feel myself blush.

"Unless you're uncomfortable with that?" She raised an eye brow.

"N-no. I'm not. Just scoot over." I couldn't meet her confident eyes.

She did as I told her to and scooted over.

"Are you sure?"


I laid down beside her and she cuddled up to my side. I shivered as I felt her cold hands place themselves against my vest. It was hard to keep certain thoughts out of my mind, but I knew it would be pointless to take advantage of a girl who was sick. What was I thinking? Kanate placed her head on my shoulder and instinctively put my arm around her. In minutes we both fell asleep…..

The morning was dark like always and it took me a moment to realize that Kanate was still in my arms. She snoozed softly and seemed to be transfixed by something in her dream. I wonder what she's dreaming. Her lips moved slightly as if trying to say a name.


I strained my ears to hear her.

"Takanari…" She whispered and a tear fell from her closed eyes.

Who is that?

"Don't…" She tossed and turned for a moment. "Don't leave me."

I brushed the hair out of her eyes that were now crying subconscious tears.

"Kanate.." I shook her gently.


I shook her some more. "Wake up."


"Come on.."

"Five more minutes." She begged half asleep.

I smiled, she was so much like a child. There was a knock on the door and I said a bit too loudly, "Come in!"

Kanate still did not stir from her slumber.

"Sorry to umm…bother you two?" Anne said a bit unsure of herself.

"Don't ask."

"I wasn't planning to."

"Well, what is it?" A little of my short fuse was coming back.

"I was wondering you guys wanted anything special for breakfast?"

"Just whip up some pieces of french toast, thanks."

"No problem." She closed the door behind her and I listened as her foot steps faded away.

"She's really pretty." Kanate's quiet voice said.

"You're awake?"

"You're really loud." She said bluntly.

"I'm sorry, would you like to go down for breakfast?"


" By the way.."


"Who's Takanari?"

"Someone important to me."



"Is he uhm..alive?"

"No. Yes. I'm not sure." She stuttered in-between her words.

"Would you like to see him?" I asked, tilting my head to the side.

"Yes." She closed her eyes. "More than anyone else in the world."

A del a distant pang in my heart, but I chose to ignore it.

"I'll make sure you do."


"I know someone who might be able to help."


"A friend."

"Will I meet this person too?"

"If he agrees to help."

"You're full of riddles."


"Nothing. I'm hungry."

"Then, let's go downstairs." I took her hand and led her through the hallway into the ball room.

There was a giant wooden table at the center of the room and I on the table was a lavishly set table filled with top notch food. We sat on opposites sides of the table and like usual I had to invite Anne to breakfast in order for her to sit down. Kanate seemed unbelievably happy just watching us, but maybe it was just the news that she would see Takanari that made her this way. It was obvious that she cared greatly for him and it annoyed me greatly.

"What's wrong?" The two girls asked at the same time.

Anne looked mad that Kanate was concerned.


"He's in a bad mood." Anne affirmed.

"What's bothering you?"

"Nothing. Thank you for breakfast, Anne." I got up and pushed my chair in. "I'll be out for awhile."

"Where are you going?" Anne asked.

"To see a friend."

"Thank you." Kanate said quietly.

Anne looked from me to Kanate with a very confused and hurt look on her face.

"When was I put out of the loop?"

"You'd stop me if I told you."

"I see." She had that all knowing look on her face. "Be safe."

She awkwardly hugged me and went to clean my side of the table.

"Don't do anything reckless." Anne added before I shut the door.

"I won't." Not yet.

I extended my wings and took flight toward the edge of the wasteland where there was a small reflecting light. Once I got closer, the light dimmed and I could clearly see an eighty foot tall iron wrought gate. Beyond it you could only see clouds but everyone around here knew that it was the gate that led to either heaven, earth, or a lower hell. A single person stood in front of the gate.

He was tall and very muscular, but not insanely muscular like WWE fighters. He wore a long black cloak that bunched up beneath him and it was a rumor that his brother from his living life guarded the gates at the edge of heaven. He had on black leather jeans that were somewhat skinny, but loose enough to be comfortable. He had a pair on black chucks on and a sleeveless black shirt made of cotton with the holy insignia sewn onto it over her dead heart. My friend is hindu and had dark apricot skin. He wore an old set of glasses that still fit him, surprisingly. I'm not sure how to describe his hair, it was black and long, but not long enough to meet his shoulders. He had bangs that covered a little bit of his eye brows. His chin was round, but defined and he had somewhat skinny lips that were a pale pink color. His two twin scythes were on slings resting on his shoulders. They made an X across his back if you looked at him from behind. He had his cat claw knife attached to his hands and the belt around his waist indicated that he had more weapons.

"What brings you by, Mateo?"

"I have a favor to ask of you."

"I can't guarantee that I can do whatever you ask."

"I know that."

"Well, as long as you know that."

"I want to know if a certain person is dead or alive and if my acquaintance could see him."


"She's new to town."

"Now, this person is a she?" He smiled wickedly at me.

"Yes, now does that favor sound doable?"

"All favors come at a price."

"What price do you have for me."

"Just give me some time and I'll think of the price later."

"Thank you so much, Rohit."

"I told you not to call me by that name."

"But when we were alive that was your name."

"You'r lucky I like you, Mateo."

"Don't act so tough." I playfully punched him.

"I'm not the same person I was back on earth."

"I know that."

"Now who is the person you would like to see?"

"Miyu Takanari." Kanate's voice broke the silent pause.

This is what I brought you this you can keep,

This is what I brought you may forget me.

I promise to depart just promise one thing,

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

"What are you doing here?"

"I followed you." She almost laughed.

"Obviously." Rohit said and like usual, his voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"So is he?"

"Let me see." Rohit said and a book magically appeared in mid air.

Rohit fumbled with the pages and scanned each page for the name. After ten minutes Rohit's eyes lit up and he looked up at Kanate.

"He's dead."

"So can I see him?"

"He's on a special list right now, so you can't."

"Special list?"

"He's in a waiting room to be alive again."

"What?" Kanate looked shaken. "Why?"

"I'm not sure." He looked apologetically at Kanate. "He's becoming a famous case so I know a little bit of the situation."

"What's happening to my brother?"

Brother. A flood of relief overwhelmed me.

"He's two people right now."

"What?" We both said in unified confusion.

"He's just going through a rough time."

"I have to see him!" SHe said suddenly, pushed past Rohit, and went through the gate.

Her wings went to full length and she flew into the clouds. The clouds themselves became contorted into dark swirls of purple and black instead of the pure snow white they once were. Kanate was gone in a matter of seconds.

"This is not good."

"You think?" Rohit nearly yelled.

"Where is she going?"

"She's going to see that guy!"

"Does she even know where to go?"

"What do you think?"

"I'm going after her!"

Rohit held me back and I struggled against him, but I was rudely reminded about how much power he usually held back.

"I'm not going to let you do something foolish. Go home. I'll find her."

"But you have to stay here and guard the gate!"

"That doesn't matter!" Rohit snapped. "I can't let her tamper with the balance."


Kiss my Eyes and Lay me to Sleep

Rohit nodded slightly before extending his own wings to full length, they were navy blue with silver specks glittered over his feathers. His wings were twice as long as any normal angel's and had as much brilliance as a new born star.

"I'll bring her home." Rohit said gently. "Trust me."

"I will, I mean I have no choice." I said down on the ground and buried my face against my knees. "Just find her."

"What's her name?"


"She just fell, didn't she?"


"I better hurry, go home to Anne. She must be worried about you."

"I know that."

"Oh, do you now?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Poor Anne." He disappeared into the gate and it closed shut behind him and gold chains appeared around the lock making it stay locked.

"What is he talking about."

*hours later*

I was fast asleep in the room that I let Kanate sleep in and was shaken awake by Anne.


"She's back."



I was wide awake now.

This is what I thought,

I thought you need me,

This is what I thought so think me naïve,

I promise you a heart you'd promise to keep,

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

"She has a boy with him."

"Does he have wings?"


"What has she done?"

"She just caused a new kind of hell."

"Don't remind me." I chuckled.

"Shall we check the damage?"

"Yes, let's." I let anne hold my hand and lead me down the hall.

The dress I gave Kanate was a mess on the floor and all she wore was an old school girl uniform. She was smiling down at a boy who was cradled in her arms. Or at least half his body was cradled in her arms. He looked like her twin except for the fact that he was male. The look in her eyes showed how much she loved him.

"Jack!" A painful sobbing voice cried out.


"Stay with me."

I couldn't see.

"Jack…don't leave me."



"Mateo?" Kanate asked.


"You looked pale."

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine."

"If you say so."

"Is he ok?"

"He will be." She lifted the sleeping boy's hand to her cheek. "We're together now."

Somehow, that line creeped me out.

"I'll go prepare a room for him."

"Thanks." Kanate said gratefully.

"No problem."

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

My mind started to hurt. What was this music.

"JACK!" The voice sounded so desperate.

I couldn't see the person who the voice belonged to.

"Tell me you love me." The voice pleaded. "Tell me you won't leave me."


"Yes! Yes!" She sounded so happy. "Say my name. Say it more."

I felt such hot tears on my face and it hurt to move.

I fell to my knees in pain and the world was turning red.

"Don't give up." Emily pleaded. "Don't..Do…"

The voice was disappearing.

"Good…night." I said quietly.

The room felt unbelievably cold. Kanate did not notice my painful actions and continued to stair into the sleeping boys face. She was murmuring sweet words into his ear and continued to stroke his hair. Finally, I saw why she was here. She was insane. I had fallen for an insane woman. Wonderful.

"We'll be together." She repeated.

"Forever and always."

Emily's voice.

"I'll never let you go." I said in reply.

"What?" Kanate was broken out of her insane trance.

I smirked at her, walked to her, and enclosed my arms around her. Without a moment to lose, I locked her lips in mine.

Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

Amu's P.O.V.

I had just put Takara to sleep and I was taking a shower in the private bathroom that the master bedroom in the house had. The warm water felt so good against my skin and I thought it wouldn't be bad if I spent the next hour in here. I shook my head and decided that it would be bad to waste that much water. I wrapped myself up in a towel and went into the bedroom. Like the idiot I was, I forgot to put some clothes for me to wear in the bathroom. I prayed Ikuto wouldn't be in the room. I knew it would end in sex if he saw me like this. I opened the door slightly and looked out. Ikuto was fast asleep on the bed and I sighed out in relief. Quietly, I tiptoed to the drawers that held all my night clothes and underwear and opened the cabinets slowly.

"There's no use in being quiet." Ikuto grumbled. "You tiptoe like an elephant."

"Thanks." I say sarcastically.

I heard Ikuto sit up and I froze in place.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" I could feel his eyes glued to the towel.

"You're not getting anything tonight." I mumble.

"Is that so?" Ikuto inquired, taking that as a challenge. "Would you like to test that statement."


"I'm joking, Amu." He purred. "Come here."

Reluctantly, I stood in front of him and waited for him to say something.

"You know what?"

"What?" I said sarcastically.

"We still haven't gotten married." His thumb rubbed the engagement ring on my finger.

"That's because of Takara." I whispered quietly.

"I know." He whispered back.

"Do you still want to?"

"Of course I do, Amu." He looked offended that I would even ask.

"Just making sure." I said and turned to go back to what I was doing.

Ikuto caught my wrist and pulled back to him.

"Where do you think you're going?" That seductive smirk should be a crime.

"To put on some clothes?"

"What's the point of that?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'll just get you undressed anyway. So there's no real point in getting dressed."

"We're not going to have sex."

"Why not?"

"Takara will wake up!" I say stubbornly.

"No she won't."


"How cute." He pulled lower so he could kiss the tip of my nose.

"I hope Takanari-kun is ok." I say absent mindedly.

In an instant, I'm pinned to the bed and Ikuto looks furious.

"Can't you go one day without thinking about either of those?"


"All I ever hear from you is Takanari this Takanari that." He calmed down a little bit. "Why don't you ever talk about me. About us, for a change."

I was speechless once again.

"Aren't I good enough?" He probed further. "You and me, isn't that enough?"


"Yes what?"

"You're good enough. We're good enough."

"I don't think you mean that." He got off me and left the room. "I'll watch Takara for the night."


"Just drop it. Forget I said anything." He slammed the door.

I sat up on the bed, and buried my head in my knees. It took me awhile to notice that I was crying.

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