Three months after their physical encounter things have obviously changed a lot between the two men.

Sherlock is no longer bothered by the fact that John occupies his minds more than anyone ever has. Instead he accepts it, even embraces it, and by doing so he is able to have him existing both in his life and his heart simultaneously with his work - the thoughts of John don´t compete for his attention anymore, and therefore don´t interfere with his work. It´s almost like there are two lanes on the highway that is his brain; the other reserved for John and the other for work, and they run side by side, and he no longer knows which one is more important - maybe there is no difference.

John, on the other hand, feels a level of balance he hasn´t in a long while, possibly ever. Although their relationship is not the traditional domestic kind and never will be, he knows Sherlock is there and is his, as much as he ever will be anyone´s. And John is his.

A couple would be an inadequate word to describe the unit they form. The word would leave out all the finesse and complexity of the companionship they share; the remarkable feeling of connection which veils them both. It would also be inaccurate in a sense that they are not, in their daily life and actions, like your average lovers; they don´t go to the cinema, do each other´s laundry, leave romantic notes in each other´s pockets and all that. Sometimes they don´t talk for days - mainly because Sherlock has either disappeared or just chooses not to - and they don´t sleep in the same bed every night - but it is all good, and neither one of them would have it otherwise.

Not many people know of them. Not because they want to hide it, but because there is no way of explaining to the world what they are and what they share. Mrs. Hudson saw it on them as soon as John moved back in; she merely smiled, took both of their hands in hers and squeezed tightly. That was the closest anyone could ever come to understand.

So even if a lot has changed under the surface, not much is visible to the outside spectator. An occasional, almost accidental touch here and there; a light brush of lips on John´s temple when he is reading his medical book and Sherlock leans over to see the interesting anatomical image that has caught his eye; the complete and utter surrender and presence in both of them when they make love.

Nothing is same in the world anymore, and yet everything is more right than it ever has been.

thank you all for reading and reviewing, hope you enjoyed this story as much as i did writing it.