ASK THE CAST: All Dogs Go To Heaven

-Entire cast wakes up in a dark room-

Charlie: Ohh…Where are we Itchy?

Itchy: Beats me

Carface: Oh great you two numbskulls are in here as well?


Killer: Please quite down. We don't have a clue as to what could be down here.

Sasha: What could be down here? I can barely make you guys out it's so dark.

Charlie: Sasha is that you?

Sasha: Yes it's me.

Annabell: Belladonna, what did you do this time?

Belladonna: For once I didn't do this. I don't even know where we are, and that's rare.

?: Perhaps I can shed some light on the subject.

-A snap was heard and the lights came on all around-

?: Hello all, and welcome to my domain.

Charlie: Ok slick just who are you?

?: Oh where are my manners? My name is LazerWing.

Itchy: LazerWing? What kind of name is that?

LW: A pen name. Considering you are now in my story world domain, I can control all reality here.

Belladonna: Sure kid, and I am queen of the forest pixies.

_Forest pixies start to swarm her chanting 'All Hail the Queen'_

LW: Care to take that back?

Belladonna: Fine fine, just get them away from me.

-Snaps fingers and pixies disappear-

LW: In this story, we'll be playing a game know as Truth or Dare. It's simple, my fans write in questions and dares and you must either answer the questions or do the dares or face a punishment.

Charlie: Uh, what type of punishment did you have in mind?

LW: Either A) Be dounced with lighter fluid and set on fire…

Everyone except Belladonna: O-O"

Belladonna: Hah hah.

LW: Or in your case belladonna be dunked in the Olympic sized pool behind you.

Belladonna: -_-"

LW: Or B) Be sent into a closet filled with rabid fan girls.

-Opens door on side of him to see a sea of fans in there-

Fan Girl 1: I love you Itchy!

Fan Girl 2: I want to date you Belladonna!

Fan Girl 3: I want you puppies Charlie!

Everyone including AAS: o_O!

-Tentacles start to slither out from the door-

LW: Aw look they want to see you that badly. It almost makes me feel bad for doing this.

-Snaps fingers and lightning strikes the tentacles making them retreat back inside the closet, and he closes it quickly before they came out again-

LW: just by the look on your faces I can clearly tell that you don't want to head in there but I have some good news and some bad news.

Carface: What's the bad new?

LW: expect to go in there at least once during the story's coarse, because lets face it all of ya'll have burned a few bridges during the three movies and TV series ya'll did.

Itchy: Aw great! What's the good news?

LW: The fans or you don't do a dare is the only way you'll get sent in there. Also don't tick me off. I control the fabric of reality in here. One false move and I make this entire place topsy turvy.

Belladonna; Did you get any mail today?

LW: Sadly no considering that I started today, but it starts tomorrow.

Annabelle: LazerWing doesn't own anything.

Charlie: Please go easy on us T_T.

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