Danny was pissed, Steve could sense it. He could also sense the brewing storm that was hurricane Williams. There was a rant coming, it was so close, and sure enough: "I would really like you to explain to me how saying 'I've got him' leads to our only suspect getting shot?"


"Honestly, he was only running, no gun in sight, yet you decided to put three bullets in him. THREE STEVEN! How does that make any sense? Huh?" Steve made to open his mouth, explain to Danny that the perp, in fact, did have a gun. A gun, might he add, that was aimed at Danny, albeit concealed. Steve's split second reaction saved Williams' life. But Danny ended up tromping on his words, "It doesn't make sense. Not to me, at least. Somewhere in that small, SEAL sized brain of yours it must make sense to you, but not to me. And now we're back at square one.

"Hell, we're back at square zero because square one would indicate we had something to go on. Which we do not. And all because you are an impulsive jackass."

"You done?" Steve asked curiously.

"Yes, yes I'm done," Danny replied after a few moments pause.

"Good because…"

"Don't talk to me," Danny cut the SEAL off, flicking the radio on. "Just don't…"

"Fair enough." If Danny didn't want to talk about how Steve saved his life, then they wouldn't talk about it. They'd just listen to the radio in silence, it was better than starting another argument in the car. Of course Steve had to ruin the silence by saying:

"And it was only two bullets…"


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