This rant is not a Danny rant, but it is a Williams rant.

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Danny pulled up to the curb, waiting for Grace to come out of the building. When he spotted her pigtailed head he smiled, but his smile wilted when he noticed the scowl across her face.

"What's wrong?" he asked the moment she got in his Camaro and slammed the door.

"I hate Tommy," she snapped glaring out the window. She wasn't one to hide behind 'I'm fines' and 'don't worry about it-s.'

"What happened?"

"He told me that I was stupid just because I got one less right on my spelling test than him. He's the stupid one, though, because last week he missed five words and I only missed two. And then the week before that he got half the answers wrong on his math test." Danny's eyes widened when he watched his daughter's hands, flying to and fro, in a perfect imitation of his when he was frustrated. Or, that's what Steve said he did when he ranted.

"But why…?"

"Mommy told me to let him talk, that he only teased me because he liked me, but that's just gross. Tommy is gross." That's my girl, Danny thought smiling, only to have it wilt when Grace said, "Besides, I like Adam, not Tommy. Adam is cute, Tommy's not. Adam doesn't pick his nose and wipe it under his desk like Tommy."


"Just because Tommy doesn't have any friends doesn't mean he can be so mean. It's not my fault all the kids don't like him because he lies all the time. You know?" she turned, glancing at her father.

"Yeah," he said hurriedly, surprised he even got a word in edge wise. He never talked that much when he was yelling at Steve for being an idiot. Or, he didn't think he did. Did he?

"I hate Tommy," Grace grumbled glaring out the window.

"I think hate is a…"

"Are you taking his side?" Grace turned to look at him, her face full of outrage.


"Because if you are that would be so mean, Danno. He's not even worth your symphony…"

"Sympathy," Danny supplied for her.

"…let alone your support," his daughter pressed on as if he hadn't said anything. "How would you feel if Uncle Steve took the side of one of the bad guys over yours?" Danny didn't have the heart to tell Grace that Steve did. Unknowingly, sure, but still he trusted Taylor when Danny said he didn't. Granted, Danny didn't hold against his partner. Steve was convinced Nick was his friend, not an enemy.

"Monkey, I'm not taking Tommy's side," Danny said slowly, taking the silence as his cue to speak.

"You're not?" she asked her eyes locking on his.

"No. In fact, maybe we should arrest Tommy."

Grace smiled slight, but still said, "We can't."

"Oh no, we should. For being mean to my Gracie. Or, we can have Uncle Steve talk to him."

"Danno," Grace said giggling. The car fell silent, Danny's eyes locked on the windshield. He took a breath and asked, "Are you okay, now?"

"Yeah," she said quietly.

"Good." Danny flipped the radio on, Bon Jovi playing quietly through the speakers.

"Ew," Grace muttered and Danny turned to look at her.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, just. Really?"

"What's wrong with Bon Jovi? You like Bon Jovi."

"Uncle Steve says they are just a hair band from the eighties."

"Uncle Steve, huh?"


Danny made a mental note to let Steve know how much he appreciated his input. Shaking his head he glanced at Grace again. It was scary to see how much she looked like Rachel but acted exactly like him. Scary, but worth it; especially if it pissed Rachel off.

Smirking, Danny put his into drive and pulled back onto the road. Yep, totally worth it…

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