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Summary: The battle against Naraku draws near and Kagome has begun to notice that the Shikon shards she holds are slowly becoming tainted. She remains silent about it. Has she made the correct decision? What will happen to our pure miko, Kagome?


A group consisting of a Inu hanyou, a kitsune tyke, a strangle dressed miko, a youkai Taijiyah, and a houshi travel across the lands in search of a youkai by the name of Naraku. The vile, evil youkai has done each member of the group wrong. The houshi harbors a curse in his right hand, passed down from his grandfather, the Kazana. The young Taijiyah's entire clan was massacred by the vile man and now he is controlling her younger brother.

The little kitsune's father was killed by the raijuu brothers for the shard of the jewel he possessed. It was because of Naraku that they learned of it. The young miko was drug from her time and was indirectly placed into the battles, but her first love the Inu hanyou was the one who Naraku done the most wrong.

The youkai pitted the hanyou and the young miko incarnation, who were in love, against each other, in hopes of corrupting the woman's heart, thus tainting the Shikon she held in her possession. Ultimately, Naraku led them to believe that they betrayed one another, killing the woman in the process, but not before she sealed the hanyou to a tree and burned the jewel with her body.

The jewel was born into the young miko's body and she was the one who freed the Inu hanyou and shattered the jewel, thus their journey began.

"Inuyasha, can we take a break, please." A dark haired female panted.

"Keh. It's only a few more miles to till we arrive at the village, Kagome." The silver haired boy scoffed.

"Just bear with it, Kagome-sama." The houshi advised.


Kagome sighed, dejected, when she felt the familiar tug of the jewel. "I sense the Shikon shards. Two of them."

Inuyasha's ears twitched irritation. "It's that mangy wolf." he growled, his hand already gripping the hilt of his sword.

No sooner than Inuyasha spoke those words, a cyclone sped towards then. Inuyasha immediately stood protectively in front of Kagome. Hopping from inside the whirlwind was a handsome wolf youkai. His long black hair tied back into a high ponytail and his slit like blue eyes locked on Kagome's petite form. He grinned wolfishly.

"How's my woman?"

That awarded him a pretty blush from the woman. "Hi, Kouga-kun. What brings you here?"

"I picked up on your scent and decided to drop by for a chat." Kouga blatantly ignored the growling Inu hanyou.

"Now, that you've spoken you can leave, ya' flea bag boy. Unless you want to die?"

Kouga turned his icy blue eyes to Inuyasha for the first time. "Oh, hey there mutt face."

Inuyasha growled at the irritable wolf youkai, his grip on his sword tightened. Kagome saw this and intervened.

"Kouga-kun, have you heard any news on Naraku's whereabouts?"

"I've been picking up powerful whiffs of his stench lately. This is the first in a long time though." Kouga placed his hand on his chin.

Kagome stiffened. "Inuyasha, do you thinkā€¦?"

"Yeah, Naraku is preparing for the final battle."

A tall, silver haired man walked calmly through the forest, his cold calculating gold eyes locked on his destination. A two headed dragon walked slightly behind the man, a small child sat on the dragon's back, her long black hair swaying with the breeze. Down by the silver haired man's feet was a green toad youkai; a two headed staff nestle in his tiny webbed hands.

A low growl came from the young girl's stomach, causing her to clutch it in embarrassment.


She looked up.

"If you are hungry then go fend for yourself."

The little girl smiled brightly at him. "Thank you Sesshoumaru-sama." She jumped off the dragon's back and ran into the forest.

"Insufferable child." The toad squawked.

"Jaken, go after her." The tall man ordered.

The toad gaped at him for a few seconds before nodding. "Yes, Sesshoumaru-sama." Jaken followed after the child scowling slightly.

Sesshoumaru lifted his beautiful face towards the sky and ran his clawed fingers through the long silver tresses. Naraku. Why have I been able to pick up your scent so frequently?

A young boy trekked through the mountain terrain, the chain scythe made from youkai bone clutched tightly in his hands. He silently followed his prey. A young girl no older than eight years, her long white hair gentle swaying as she walked calmly, holding a small infant. The young Taijiyah jumped into the cover of the underbrush when a large youkai emerged in front of the girl. Slowly he raised the infant to the youkai.

"You must protect him." She spoke, her voice devoid of any emotion.

The boy in the shadows silently cursed. Damn. How am I going to get to Naraku's heart when that youkai is guarding it?

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