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Naraku chuckled lowly. "Ever since my heart was brought out, I actually knew it would be this way."

"You knew it, did you…?" Moryomaru scowled.

"Do you know why I brought my life's heart outside in the form of a weak infant like you?" the infant's violet eyes widened. "Because I thought you would undoubtedly betray and try to usurp I, Naraku. If I were in your place, I would have done so. If I were in your place, I would have done so. Sure enough, you went and created the armor that is Moryomaru." Naraku's red eyes gleamed evilly. "No…Rather than armor, perhaps it should be called a castle, indeed he's been growing fat until now." his body gathered behind the dark barrier. "Meaning devouring prey has made you fat…hasn't it."

The Inu-tachi below watched in dumbstruck awe at Naraku and his heart's protector argue.

"Naraku's body is starting to re-gather…" Kagome murmured.

"Quit being unwilling to admit defeat, Naraku. If you had such insight into everything…" Moryomaru's eyes narrowed. "Why give power to Inuyasha, and try to have him destroy me? I've become stronger than you expected, and it's out of your control, ne."

Another low chuckle emitted from the kumo youkai. "You appear rather surprised that Inuyasha and his companions were able to destroy you… I was waiting. For you, unable to bear it, to come to me on your own accord."

The dark diamond shards gathered in Moryomaru's chest. "Meaning you lured me out, ne…How absurd."

Naraku smirked. "Actually, you are right in front of me." his body took the form of an insect-like creature, long pink tongue like tentacles protruding from his chest. "You shall surrender that castle."

"Naraku intends to reclaim his heart." Kagome gaped, her blue eyes wide.

"But Moryomaru's armored shell…do you suppose Naraku has a weapon to break it?" Sango questioned.

Inuyasha watched with narrowed golden eyes. "If he didn't have a chance at winning, he wouldn't fight. That's the type of person Naraku is."

Kohaku gazed up at the jyaki filled sky with a worried expression etched on his boyish face. "Kikyou-sama…the terrible jyaki is rising up."

"Yes. It isn't only Moryomaru's jyaki." Kikyou glared determinedly at the path before them. Naraku and Moryomaru's Shikon fragments are trying to become one

The long tongue like tentacles reached out and wrapped themselves around Moryomaru's body and Naraku attached his body to his, trying to absorb him. Shouki sparked from the green insect legs.

"He's trying to break down the armored shell with Shouki." Shippou comment from Miroku's shoulder.

"But it's not working." Sango added in.

Naraku guided the long spiked tail towards Moryomaru and it bounced off the hard armor on the infant's protector's body.

"It's Naraku's body that being damaged." Kagome felt a twang of sympathy for the kumo as she took in the sight of his burned flesh before she shook it off. Get real Kagome! He's the enemy!

Moryomaru smirked, before firing the stolen Kongosoha, shredding Naraku's body. It was his turn to chuckle. "What's the matter Naraku? Even though you tried so hard to capture me, you can't so a damned thing, can you." he smirked as the dark diamond shards came back to him

"Moryomaru, that bastard…" Inuyasha growled.

"In order to show off the strength of his armored shell…." Miroku trailed off.

"Ah, Naraku, you are merely a shell without a heart." the stole Kongosoha sparkled in his chest. "I'll give you a requiem." The glittering diamonds flew out, tearing the rest of Naraku's body apart and the pieces littered the sky before they flew and attached themselves to Moryomaru's body.

"Naraku's flesh is wrapping around Moryomaru?" Kagome vaguely remember the same thing happening to Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru at the kumo's castle.

Inuyasha's amber eyes widened. Wrapping around him, he thinks he can absorb him?

The flesh crawled over Moryomaru until only one of the leathery bat wings remained, and dozens of tendril ripped its way out of it, wrapping around the ball of flesh, counter absorbing.

"Moryomaru's tentacles!" Kagome shouted.

The tentacles sought out the head of Naraku and lifted it in the air, before smashing it into the armor.

"I've devoured him…Naraku, I am the victor!" Moryomaru laughed vilely.

Shock ran through every member of the Inu-tachi. Wha…?

A loud boisterous laugh escaped Moryomaru's lips. "That will teach you, Naraku…"

"Naraku was absorbed by Moryomaru?" Now Kagome couldn't help the dread that filled her and she hated every ounce of it. Why am I feeling this way over Naraku's death off all deaths!

"Yes, Naraku, you must be regretting it, ne. That I, the one you tried to consume and grow fat from, instead, ended up devouring you."

"Naraku is dead….?" Shippou gasped; his large greenish blue eyes wide.

"I can't believe it…" Miroku muttered.

Though it was faint to her weakening eyes, Kagome saw the glimmering of the Shikon no tama in Moryomaru's shoulder. "Naraku's and Moryomaru's Shikon shards…."

A jolt went through the incarnation and reincarnation as the both utter the same thing. "Just become one!"

"The power is rising…" Moryomaru suddenly spoke.

"He's taking the power of Shikon no tama, isn't he!"

Kagome watched with wide eyes and she felt the weakening jolt of energy surge through her. A remaining Shikon shard.

Moryomaru sent a flurry of black diamonds at a mountain, melting it.

Shippou whined. "The mountain melted!"

"Spears of shouki…!" Miroku announced.

Kouga appeared on the smothered remains of the mountain, a snarl distorting his handsome tanned face. "Moryomaru…can't be, you in place of Naraku, ne…"

"Kouga-kun!" a faint blush spread over her face. This is no time to be flustered. Kouga-kun is in danger. "Stay away Kouga-kun."

"Don't worry Kagome. Whatever he was doing he was going after either me or you. I can't allow him to hurt you so; let's settle it once and for all!"

Moryomaru sneer. "What good mentalities…The Shikon shards in your legs, give them to me!" he turned to Kagome. "I'll take yours next!" the youkai sent the black shards of shouki at Kouga.

The Goraishi made itself known on Kouga right hand. "Just fucking try taking them! Goraishi!" his attack seemed to slide right pass the diamond shards and the embedded the in the ground where he was standing just a few seconds ago.

"It doesn't repel them?"

Shippou commented, "Before he was able to clear the away with the Goraishi, though!"

"So the power of the jewel is increasing the strength of his spears!" Miroku remarked.

Inuyasha unsheathed Tessaiga the yellow sparks of youki emitted as the sword grew into the fang and them crystalized. "Kongosoha!" as the white shards of his attack headed towards Moryomaru, Inuyasha leapt up to the cliff Kouga was perched on.

"Heh, Fools…it feels nothing more than being stung by a mosquito."

"Oi, wimpy wolf, run! But, not faster than I can keep up with!" Inuyasha ordered,


"In any case keep him down on the ground! I'll slice his youketsu apart with the dragon scaled Tessaiga!"

"Inuyasha! Kouga-kun! Hurry! Before Moryomaru completely absorbs the Shikon no tama!" Kagome vented and fired her hama no ya when the youkai sent a bout of tentacles at her. "How dare you attack a woman when she's speaking!"

Kouga growled at the infant's protector. "I'm not exactly jumping for joy about being used as a decoy, but if it will keep him away from Kagome…"

Moryomaru sent his spears of shouki at them.

"Let's go!" Inuyasha dodged the dark shards.

"If you lag, I'll leave you behind!"

Miroku turned to Sango. "Let's go after them."


"Sango-chan! There's one more shard…Kohaku-kun is coming closer, too!" Kagome informed the taijiya.

"Kohaku is…"

"Do you suppose Kikyou-sama is also with him?" Miroku quipped.

Kagome felt the slight tug of her soul, indicating that her other half was near. "Yes…"

"Kikyou-sama is hoping to make the Shikon no tama whole."

Realization flooded through Sango. That's right, if Kouga's shards are taken…Kikyou will take Kohaku's shards and use his life!

"Heh! Even though you ate the Shikon no tama, you can't keep up with me can you!" Kouga taunted, dodging left and right from Moryomaru.

"Take this! Dragon scaled Tessaiga!" Inuyasha searched and searched for the swirling vortexes of youki but none appeared. I can't see the youketsu! What the hell does this mean? Tessaiga bounced off of the steel hard armor.

"What are you doing, Dog breath? It's way too tough for you for you to break through isn't it?" Kouga summarized.

"Ah, shut up!" the hanyou growled. "You just get lost!"

"You've got to be kidding me." The Goraishi sprung forth on Kouga's claws "You think you can handle this alone?"

Moryomaru chuckled as he sent the deathly sharp tentacles towards Kouga, who in turn avoided them.

"Goraishi!" the yellow swirls of youki did nothing to the tentacles. "I can't crush the tendrils!" Kouga dodged them as they swung at his legs.

A low laugh escaped Moryomaru's throat. "Fools…coming at me like before aren't you!"

Inuyasha bared his fangs. I still can't see the youketsu! When I fought him before, I could see the youketsu of the tentacles that were far from his body though… Damn! The stone that makes youki disappear, the fuyoheki that the infant carries….This means the power of the Shikon no tama has made it stronger, too, doesn't it!

"Reached an impasse, Inuyasha." the youkai chuckled. "You want to see it? My youketsu…"


A single swirling vortex of youki appeared in front of Inuyasha. Damned bastard! He's doing this on purpose… What the hell is he planning?

"Move it Mutt face! You're just standing there, and it ain't doing any good!"

Inuyasha glared at Kouga over his shoulder. You idiot! I have to cut it! "Oi, Fleabag!" he bought Tessaiga down. "Hit him here!"

Moryomaru chuckled.

"Wha, not even a mark!" Kouga gaped at the area he just struck with the Goraishi.

Inuyasha saw something slither towards Kouga. Shit! He'll get caught by the tentacle! "Get out of here Kouga!" the hanyou connected his fist with Kouga's jaw.

"Itee! What the fuck was that for dog shit!" Kouga dodged the pink tongue like tentacles.

"You damn Idiot! It's a trap to lure you!" Inuyasha barked.

Heheheh…so, then, you knew that even if you bastards attack me with your claws and your sword, you're no longer able to damage my armored shell…"

Pearly white fangs bared, Inuyasha struggled in the tangled mess of tentacle. Not yet! There should still be another way!

Kouga cursed as he maneuvered through another onslaught aimed for his legs. "Making such a damned underhanded attempt! Who're you trying to catch?" A jolt shot through his legs. My legs! I can't move them!

Moryomaru took this chance to catch Kouga in the pink tongue like tendrils. Inuyasha saw this and called out,


Kikyou felt a tingle in the back of her consciousness. The two shards…They've been seized! "Quickly Kohaku."

"Hai, Kikyou-sama." the young taijiya responded.

"Wait, Kikyou!"

Kirara landed in the undead miko's path and Sango slid off the nekomata.



Kagome addressed her incarnation. "Kikyou, you intend to use Kohaku-kun's Shikon shard, don't you?"

"Couldn't there be another way?" Sango asked frantically. "Do you have to die…"

"Aneue, I've already…" Kohaku paused, he was about to say that he'd already died. "Made up my mind…"

"For the Shikon no tama to be destroyed…it must be this way." Kikyou chocolate eyes pierced Sango's soft browns. "Please. I want for you to understand."

Sango's glare never wavered. "You mean…. You mean for me to leave my otoutou to his fate?"

"Please stop, Aneue! It's my wish!"

"I don't like it!" she shouted. "He was given a Shikon shard by Naraku, but that Kohaku will ultimately lose his life….I won't forgive such a thing!"


"Stand back….There is no time."

Sango reached for her weapon. "No way!"

"Sango-chan…" Kikyou turned. "Kagome…you should have felt it too…Kouga's two Shikon shards. They're also trying to be absorbed by the Shikon no tama. It is only a matter of time before yours do the same."

Kagome stiffened, her hand automatically going to her pocket where the two darkening shards rested. "That's…that's why we came to you. Please wait here."

"It's useless…Even if you've gained some extra time…"

Kikyou's wise words fell on deaf ears as Kagome hopped back onto Kirara's back. "Sango-chan, stay by Kohaku-kin."

"Kagome-chan?" the taijiya looked at her friend, confusion filled her eyes.

Kirara took off into the sky.

"Hurry, Kirara-chan!" Before Kouga-kun's Shikon shards are absorbed…

Kikyou watched her reincarnation fly off. Kagome….What can you do? I know about your weakening powers if you are not careful the Shikon will take you with it…

Moryomaru chuckled as he drew Kouga closer in. "It's over… I will swallow up you and the Shikon shards…"

"Oi, Fleabag!" Inuyasha called out. "You haven't passed out, have you?"

Kouga scoffed. "Of course not!"

"Well, then do exactly what I tell you! There's…still a way out of this!" Inuyasha yelled over his shoulder. "You got it, you mangy wolf, If you don't want to be swallowed up like this… Fire at me with the Goraishi!"

"What are you crazy!"

"Heheheh….you've lost control, ne?"

The pink tentacles wrapped around Kouga tighter, pulling him down toward the youkai. "Fine! If I'm going to get eaten while my legs can't move." Kouga called his Goraishi to his claws.

"Ah, they're there!" Miroku called out.

"I dunno what's going on, but here it goes, Mutt-face!" Kouga sent a blast of youkai at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha raised Tessaiga and braced himself as the dragon scaled Tessaiga absorbed the youki.

"The dragon scaled Tessaiga is absorbing the Goraishi's youki! Shippou commented.

"I see! If the powers of Tessaiga and the Goraishi are combined…"

Inuyasha swung the blade down. The power will increase by several times!

"Heh, it's useless…even if you strike me with all your might…" Moryomaru smirked.

"How come Inuyasha isn't cutting the youketsu?" Shippou questioned.

"Likely…because of the Fuyoheki."

Inuyasha snarled. "Even if I can't see your youketsu or anything…You've still got a huge mark there, don't you!"


"Right where you're trying to swallow Kouga!" he raised the Tessaiga. "That should go right inside you, you bastard!" the hanyou pierced the flesh back of the infant's protector.

The infant cured Inuyasha, sending out miasma and causing Inuyasha to cover his sensitive nose. Kouga, unable to move, could only watch as the poisonous gas inch its way towards him.

"That was a juicy one…" the youkai giggled.

Kouga choked on the miasma, struggling to take in life giving oxygen. I can't breathe!

"Damn you." Inuyasha barked. "don't you pass out on me!"

A deathly sharp tendril, knocked Inuyasha away from the wolf prince. "Get back Inuyasha. There's no value in devouring a hanyou like you."

"He's been captured!" Shippou began to worry about the wolf, knowing that his surrogated mother had mixed feeling for him.

A burst of purifying light shot out near Kouga's shards, purifying the shouki. Inuyasha watched with wide honey eyes.

"Inuyasha! Kouga-kun!"

Shippou looked up, delighted to see the woman he saw as his mother. "It's Kagome!"

"Kagome! We're saved!" Inuyasha immediately went back into battle mode. "You're finished!"

Moryomaru sent the dark shards of the stole Kongosoha at Inuyasha, forcing him to go on the defensive as the infant's protector mad his escape.

"Kouga is still captured!" Shippou's large bluish green eyes were wide with shock.

"He plans to absorb him someplace without interferences, doesn't he"? Miroku calculated. Meaning Inuyasha's attack worked….enough to get away…?

Kirara lowered down so that Inuyasha could climb on behind the miko.

"Let's go, Inuyasha!"

"One more strike would smash him." Inuyasha declared.

"Yeah, there's still some time." with her weakening eyes she saw the faint glow of the Shikon no tama. "Moryomaru isn't absorbing the Shikon no tama!"

"He hasn't?"

"I don't know what's going on…" But I think it has to do with my shards…

What's going on the Shikon no tama's power, it shouldn't be like this…. The infant scowled. My armor…with Naraku devoured, and with the Shikon no tama, he should have become the greatest….

"Haven't you realized it?" a dark, smooth, silky voice sounded. "Your Moryomaru is not using any such power of the Shikon no tama…" Naraku's face melded out of the flesh wall directly in front of the infant.

Naraku! "Naraku, you bastard…" Akago muttered, scowling at his 'father.' "You're still alive, are you…but…" the spikes protecting the baby drove into Naraku's face.

The kumo chuckled lowly. "Wasn't that easy….though I have been devouring you from the inside, you didn't realize it?"


On the outside, Kouga groaned as he tried to shake away the groggy feeling, flinching when this burned flesh screamed in protest. That's right….I lost consciousness because of the shouki. pain emitted from his legs when he tried to move them. Da…dammit…I still…can't move my legs!

"That damned Kouga, still seems like he can't move, huh." Inuyasha commented.

"The shards in his legs still haven't been absorbed though…" Kagome was relieved that the wolf prince was still somewhat safe. The power of Midoriko's will kept Kouga-kun's shard in its control somehow…

A pale hand reached out for Akago and the bay smirked when it was repealed. "Heh…What's the matter Naraku? Looks as if you can't break down my barrier, doesn't it… If I'm not absorbed, you're merely a cast off shell after all…" Akago trailed off a leaf like tendril stretched out and began to dissolve his barrier. Wha…my barrier is being melted?

Naraku saw the shocked expression on his heart's face and laughed. "This is known as the youmeijuu…tendrils of a spirit tree. I dissolves barrier, it devours youkai. I prepared it just for you."

Damn you! If I'm going to be devoured like this…Akago forced the spikes to drive deeper into Naraku's face, taking him by surprise and using it to his advantage. Akago forced himself outside of his armor.

"Wha…" Inuyasha gaped.

"The infant is outside of the armored shell…?" Kagome called out.

"Kagome, get down. " Tessaiga's blade chrystallized. "Kongosoha!"

The white shards of his attacked neared Akago but was block by the opponents own Kongosoha. Acting as a shield.

"The arm protected the infant?"

Naraku's gleaming red eyes appeared behind Akago as the leafy tendril went passed his barrier once more. "You would go as far as to discard Moryomaru when you want to escape from me, would you? But if you take one step outside, you will certainly be killed."

Akago scowled. "Hah….At that time, Naraku, it's the end for you as well." he laughed dryly. "If you have me absorbed like this, are you prepared to join me in death…?"

"You…little…creep!" Kouga gaped. "Goraishi!"

Naraku's narrowed his eyes and sent out his poisonous gas at the wolf youkai and tightened the pressure of the tentacles. "I was thinking I would take my time to devour you later…"

"Kouga-kun!" Kagome fused nearly all of her remaining reiki into her hama no ya and fired it, purifying the miasma near Kouga.

"Kagome…" the wolf prince uttered.

"Heh, so she still has a great amount of power left, but it's still as pathetic as ever." Naraku commented, sent a wave of sharp diamond spikes at the duo. One of them wrapped around Kirara's forepaw.


Kirara was pulled out of the sky and Inuyasha caught Kagome in his arms. Black shards flew at the unprotected back. Slowly Moryomaru's face began to split open and Naraku's came forth, the mass of crystals flowing into his body and Kouga with it.

Inuyasha bared his fangs. Naraku! I knew it, he's fucking alive!

Naraku smirked. "This is it."

"Moryomaru disappeared…" Shippou gaped.

"As I thought, Naraku had survived." Miroku said.

Naraku chuckled. "Kouga, you're finished as well. Your body will melt into nothing, and the Shikon shards will fall into my hands. Yours first and them Kagome's…"

"Don't you fucking touch her!" Kouga growled. What the hell is going on! My legs…still won't move, will they. The word of the Yourouzoku elders rang through his ears as he lost consciousness.

"Kirara-chan, get me closer to Kouga-kun, please!" Kirara implored. I have to save Kouga-kun…I don't think I could handle losing him, nut I better not tell Inuyasha…. "I…I promised Kikyou!"

Inuyasha gaped. To Kikyou? he shifted on his heel and spotted three figures. Ki…Kikyou…Sango and Kohaku…

Kikyou's cold, almost lifeless brown eyes watched the fight. The spirits that are protecting Kouga's are being defeated by Naraku's jyaki, aren't the… If Kouga's Shikon shards are giver to Naraku like this, with either Kohaku's or Kagome's last shards, I can defeat Naraku. Hesitation is not acceptable.

"Kouga-kun…" Kagome readied her hama no ya, directing it at Naraku's body. "If I could just purify that arm…Please hit it!" the arrow struck the crystalized arm, but it didn't even leave a scratch. Crap! My reiki…

Naraku laughed. "Kagome…it's useless…your feeble powers aren't enough…" a leering smirk crossed his face. "Though if you would hand over the two shards you hold, I may let him live."

Kagome was taken aback as she reached for her shards…"Will you really let Kouga-kun go…?"


Kouga tried to move away from the burning acids when something caught his eye and his legs were freed from Midoriko's hold. "Naraku's heart!"

Kagome tied her shards to an arrow and notched on her bow. For, Kouga-kun… She paused when a sudden burst of light emitted from Naraku's body and she spotted the dark barrier of the infant. "Akago is coming outside?"

The souls of the Yourouzoku elders could been seen as Kouga ripped his way out and away from Naraku.

"Kouga-kun!" Kagome felt relief flood through her. Though badly burned by the shouki, he's okay.

"Kagome, don't you give him your shards!" Kouga ordered.

Kikyou watched on, an unnamable expression etched on her pale face. Kagome's arrow gave power to the spirits of the Yourouzoku…but, then that divine protection is already disappearing…

Naraku released his poison gas and both Kouga and Inuyasha charged.

Miroku unraveled the beads on his right arm. For Naraku to be destroyed it has to be now! "Everyone stand back! Kazanna!" I'll suck you right in here!

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