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A distant voice, very far away, but familiar, a warm hand on his shoulder, a soft shake, the voice again.
"Arthur, wake up."

He wanted to, but it was like his mind and body were on different frequencies. His mind screamed "WAKE UP"! But his body protested, resisting the commands to come back to reality.

"The drugs must not have worn off yet." A different voice this time, but it was familiar as well. He knew them, he knew he knew them. He just couldn't remember where they were from.

"When will he wake up?" A third voice, this one sounded female but it was impossible to tell.

"It's hard to day, soon probably." Said the second voice.

All different, but all familiar. He had to find out who these people were, why their voices kept pulling on something in his brain. So he tried to open his eyes, to see who the voices belonged to. It wasn't an easy task, his eyelids seemed to weigh a ton, and they disobeyed his command to open.

"I think he's waking up." The female voice.

"Arthur?" The first voice.

Arthur, was that his name? The not-quite-strangers seemed to think so. It sounded right though. Finally he pried his eyes open and saw three people looming over him. He recognized them instantly.

"What happened?" Arthur asked, his memory foggy.

"We don't really remember, we're trying to figure it out." Ariadne, the third voice.

Arthur attempted to sit up, but instantly felt nauseous.

"Careful, there's some awfully powerful drugs in our systems and it takes a while to for the effects to wear off. We're still fighting some of them." Cobb, the first voice.

That left only once person the second voice could belong to. Seeing as Yusuf and Saito hadn't been with them since the Fischer job it had to be…

"How about you lie down before you loose your lunch. I don't know about anyone else but I would not enjoy the remnants of your last meal all over my shoes."


Arthur took a deep breath in, the nausea had almost past, "I think I'm good."

"Well you don't look good." The Brit retorted. "You look well, I'd be gentle but there is no humble way to say this. You look like shit."

"Why thank you Eames." Arthur was not really in the mood to have childish banters with the Forger.
"What's the matter Arthur, can't think of any clever comebacks?"

"No, that's not it at all. I have a number of insulting things I could have said if I felt the need to waste my breath on you."

"Come on guys." Ariadne groaned, "You haven't been awake for five minutes and you're fighting?" She looked at the two of them in disbelief.

"Sorry." Arthur said.

"Yes, we are very sorry. I am very sorry."

"Shut up Eames!" Dom commanded.

"Right! Shutting up!" Eames said joyfully, pretending to zip his mouth shut and throw away the key.

Arthur rolled his eyes at the man's comment, sometimes he could be such a child. But he couldn't help the small smile that captured his lips for just a second, Eames did know how to make people laugh. Not that Arthur would ever tell him that.

"What's going on?" Arthur asked, trying to change the topic in his mind. He tried to remember what had happened before he had woken up in the small room the four of them now occupied, but he couldn't remember if and what he had eaten for breakfast, let alone what they had been doing before they arrived here. 'This is one hell of a drug' Arthur noted.

Cobb knew the look on Arthur's face well, frustration. "We can't remember anything either." He said, trying to lighten the mans mood. When Arthur didn't know something he became rather grumpy.

Arthur looked up at Cobb in alarm. "Nothing?"

"Nope, nothing."

Arthur was about to say something else but Eames interrupted him, "Naught, zip, zero, we know nothing at all. No matter how many different ways you say it the answer will never change."

"I was going to ask if anyone knew where we were or who was keeping us here and for what reason Eames. But thank you for that input, it was very insightful."

A grin spread the width of Eames's face, "Why, you are welcome Arthur! Any time!"

"Stay on topic!" Ariadne yelled, looking straight at Eames. She then turned her attention towards Arthur, "No, we don't know who has us here. And all we know is that we're in some sort of secluded warehouse. There are no windows, no traffic noise. It has to be in the country."

"Or in a dream." Arthur commented.

"No," Cobb said quickly, "We're not in a dream. Check your totem if you don't believe me."

"I believe you Cobb. So if we're not in a dream then this is for real."

"Give the boy a medal." Eames clapped sarcastically.

Arthur sighed, Eames was really beginning to test his patience.

"Eames," Cobb sighed as well. Apparently Arthur's weren't the only nerves Eames had been getting on.

"Guys." Ariadne groaned again. "We have got to stick together. We can't be fighting because if we're not working together as a team we are never going to get out of here!"

"She's right." Dom stated. "We have to stick together. We got in this as a team and we're going to get out as a team."

"Right," Eames stood, "Well, while there is nothing wrong with all this touchy, feely stuff, could we move on to the topic of escape maybe, possibly…"

Cobb opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by the sound of the metal door screeching open. Four grizzly looking men stalked in, followed by a shorter, smaller, yet all together smarter looking man. He was the leader no doubt, the brains of the group. Whatever news this man was bringing couldn't be good.

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