The Firstborn: A Hetalia: The Children oneshot (RussiaxPrussia)

"Aww, look at the little guy~"

"He's so cute!"

"He looks just like his Mutti!"

"A spitting image!"

"I am NOT his Mutti!" an angry Gilbert exclaimed, eyes narrowing at the other nations who were currently crowded around the tiny creature in a crib next to Gilbert's bedside. "Just because I'm the one who had him does not make me his Mutti!"

"If you're the one who had him then you're the Mutti," Ludwig deadpanned, before looking back at his sleeping nephew in the crib.

"He's adorable! One day we'll have one just like him, oui, Mathieu?" Francis cooed, putting an arm around Matthew's shoulders. The Canadian let out a soft laugh and nervously played with his thumbs.

"Well, since I'm the hero, I'm going to protect him of course," Alfred exclaimed, proudly pointing a finger at himself. "And teach him how to be a hero."

"Protect him from what? Arthur's cooking?" Ludwig joked, letting out a hearty laugh. He was answered by a venomous green stare from the Briton's direction.

"You…shut up you!" Arthur snapped at the other blonde.

"Vee, can we have kids too, Ludwig?" Feliciano asked, bouncing from one foot to the other. The German in question blushed heavily at him.

"Er…well…ah…we'll talk about it later, Feli," he finally answered, nervously rubbing the back of his head. "By the way, Gilbert, what's his name?"

Half-opening his tired reddish eyes, the Prussian stared at his brother. "Nikolas Joseph Beilschmidt-Braginski," he replied. "He's Ivan's capital since I don't have one anymore." Letting out a soft sigh, Gilbert closed his eyes again and rested his head against the pillows on the bed, hoping that he'd be able to get some sleep.

Said Ivan got to his feet as Gilbert's eyes closed, and he fixated his glowing violet eyes on the others. "Gilbert's very tired right now, so I'd like it if you all left for the moment." Noticing the Russian's heavy glare, all of the nations quickly said their goodbyes and left the room.

After making sure that Gilbert was sound asleep, he went over to the crib by his lover's bedside and ran a finger across the newborn's soft whitish-gray hair. "Nikolas," he smiled as his son yawned and moved a little in his sleep.


[AN: This is a part of a series I'm doing about the children of Hetalia…It's a side-series from The Brotherhood, although some of the stories may tie in with TB. Anyway, for those of you that don't know…

Gilbert: Prussia

Ludwig: Germany

Francis: France

Matthew: Canada

Alfred: America

Arthur: England

Feliciano: Italy

Ivan: Russia

Nikolas Joseph Beilschmidt-Braginski: silver-gray haired with reddish eyes; Moscow, Russia; boy]