Academy for Celestial Warriors

Author's Note

So yeah I once came up with a one-shot idea of Naruto being a sensei and punishing Ty Lee (Primarily spanking) for a one shot, but decided I'm just going to include that in this fanfic I'm remaking. Anyway this is a mix and mash of various anime, comics, and video games. Various laws and ideals are mashed together in this new world henceforth our standards and laws will not apply so no whining or bitching about how characters wouldn't act this way or people wouldn't do that or none of this. This world simply has various simple cultures mashed together as people from various background and cultures live together in this planet.

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Fire Angels

Story Start

The halls of Celestial Academy were soon lit as the lights were turned on. Celestial Academy was the most prestigious academy throughout the world of Zantharon. Warriors, Mages, and Soldiers throughout the galaxy were sent here at a young age to sharpen their skills and brightened their minds.

Behind the Desk was the Headmaster, the Totarei Hoshimoro. One of the eldest members of a faculty and its founders. It was the start of another week and they were expected a flood of new students. He sighed as he looked at the pile of new student files he would have to go over.

''Damnit Naruto! Shut the fuck up!'' The voice of one Kuiinshi Koshimata, a very distant cousin rung through the house. ''I should have never agreed to live with you and help covered the bills. Damn Jirayia! Him and his business trips. I should left you out on the street. The moment you were legally old enough to live on your own then he conveniently returns though that doesn't stop you from free loading in my house. This is some bullshit. Go get your own fucking place already!''

'Then you get only half the money. So you was having that dream about Gary Coleman again and them three bitches right?'' The blond asked, entering the room in a Black T-shirt and jeans with a black pack strapped to his shirt.

''My are you always in my shit? What's in the bag bitch?'' The dark skinned male asked, pointing to Naruto's backpack noticing it was bulkier then usual.''

''Hey don't worry about it. I'm not the one dreaming about dead celebrities and shit. Last week it was Micheal Jackson and the week before it was Bernie need help man.''

''Hey fuck you! Those were very funny people that filled my childhood with laughter and entertainment. Why can't you be more like Kyuubi!'' Speaking of wish the beautiful Red-head walked through the door.

''Morning Cousin!'' She greeted, taking a seat the counter. ''What's for Breakfast?''

''Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes, Hash brown, Sausage, Grits, and some cheesecake.''

''Wow that's quite the feast...''

''He had that dream about Gary Coleman,'' said a smirking Naruto as he cried out ow when the dark skinned man swat him with a spatula. ''Smart mouth little bastard! I'm beginning to think only having half the money for only taking care of Kyuubi is worth it.''

''You do realize she's is in all the pranks against your ri...ow.'' Naruto cried out as his twin sister subtly and quickly kicked him.

''Yeah if I would believe that.'' Kuiinshi said as Kyuubi adorned a face of innocence.

''Yeah Onee-chan. Take responsibility, I would never prank our cousin,'' She said with innocence as a hint of mischievous flashed in her eyes as she looked at Naruto.
Naruto sighed as a plate was sat down in front of him.

That was one of Naruto's only gripe with the red-headed twin. She was mischievous, not in the way that she got him in trouble or was annoying. They got along impossibly well for being siblings, but Kyuubi had a habit of flip-flopping between personalities. One being a mischievous prankster and the other a starry-eyed little sister that seemed to always wanted to hug or be around him all the time.

The latter bothered him because of Kyuubi's appeal. She looked much older then him, tall and attractive enough to be a senior. Not to mention the confident air about her one would think of her as such. She was wearing a sleeveless white tank top with the image of a Nine-Tailed Fox on it and a red and black striped mini-skirt. Because of her appeal and flirty nature she was quite popular with the boy's much to Naruto's annoyance.

''You driving us to the school?''

''Your car is still in the shop?''

''Yes...yes it is.'' Naruto said as Kuiinshi's head dropped and sighed. ''Fine...''

''I don't have any appointments today so sure.'' There was a knock on the door. Kuiinshi went upon and sure enough it was Naruto's friends, Kiba, Shino, and Chouji.

''Hey There Kuiinshi-san. Is Naruto here?'' Kiba, clad in his gray baggy pants and loose shirt asked.

''Uum yeah...''

''Can we come in?''

''Is Hana here?'' He asked, peering around his friends.

''What! What does my sister have to...''

''I'll take that as a no...'' Kuiinshi said slamming the door shut. Going into the kitchen he took his plate and headed to his room. ''You're friends are here...''

''You know that's kind of rude you ass-hole! And I thought you were going to drive us to the academy you deuche!'' Naruto shouted to him.

''I changed my mind! My keys are on the counter so drive yourselves. If you scratch my baby its going to be your ass!'' He shouted back as he entered his room and shut the door.

''Sheesh...he could at least try and keep promises he makes, even if they're minor.'' Kyuubi said taking a bite out of her bacon.

''I might as well go let the guys in.''

Naruto could deal with Shino and Chouji better then he could Kiba? Why? Because the latter always looked at his sister with bedroom eyes. He couldn't really talk himself much though because he wouldn't mind fucking Kiba's sister at all. Hana was tall and like most of her family athletic, not to mention she had an amazing and tight looking ass on her.

''This weekend is going to bite,'' Kiba grumbled. ''There isn't much for us to do. Business at the clinic has been slow and money is sort of tight.''

''Kuiinshi is having his new 80 Inch Wide Screen and new stereo system hooked up this weekend. We can invite some people over and have a small gathering. He's supposed to leave to some place call Azarath on business for a few weeks so I have this idea. Why not invite a group of people over each day for say like the weekend days and have a small fee, that way we have something to do and rake in some money.''

''That sounds fun...are you going to do the shopping again or are you going to bring someone with taste.'' Chouji asked, taking a hand full of chips from a bag and munching on them.

''Number one...fuck you Chouji. Number two I have very refined tastes. I just overslept from having to grade papers and I didn't have time to spend a whole day shopping for our last party. This time I'm going to get a head start this year.''

''In other words you're going to be lazy like always and just give your students a light load.''

''Whatever Kiba you never complain when you eat up all my 's Akamaru anyway?''

'He's sick...that means I have the entire day to myself so I volunteered to be a guest lecturer for the partner classes today. .''

Partner classes was a class thought to shinobi who used animal partners. The most prevalent members were the Inuzuka class.

''I really wish my schedule was more flexible like yours. To be honest my students drive me out of my mind half the damn time.''

''Dude you're lucky...all those cuties coming and going all hours of a day. From what I hear there has been a mass increase in married couples who originally had a student teacher relationship. Anyway I was hoping you remembered that thing we talked about. '' Kiba said, gesturing towards Kyuubi who was currently listening to something on her I-pod.

''I'm not helping you hook up with my sister you horn dog.''

''Oh fuck you Uzumaki! You're always flirting with mine.''

''Exactly...not my sister.'' he answered him with a triumph smirk.

''You're such a hypocrite.'' he grumbled as Naruto shrugged and leaned back in his chair.

''Only when it comes to family. Besides it's just harmless flirting. You're sisters the college freshman. The best I could do is to get her to suck me up and spank her!'' At the end of that Naurto took off.

It took a Kiba a minute to realize what was just said. ''You SON OF A BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU!''

''Shino...why do we hang out with them again?'' Chouji asked as Shino shrugged.

''They're entertaining...'' He answered.

''You think they would act closer to their ages though.''

''Then it wouldn't be as amusing.''

''That is correct.

Arriving at Konoha High Naruto sped down the hallway and made way to teacher's lounge.

''Hello there Naruto-san...'' A girl with dark brown haired and bandages greeted him.

''Hey Isarib-sani!''

Isaribi was the swim coach of the Academy and was quite popular among the students who had a fetish for girls with a slight green tint to their skin. Unfortunately she was in an accident when her drunken step brother Amachi collided with another car. It had been over ten months since the accident and Isaribi made a miraculously recovery. So for the time being she was instructing the students while she recovered as next years she had planned to continue her career as a professional swimmer.

Stepping out of one the Art classes was a young girl with pale skin and dark red hair. She was one of a senior students who transferred from outside the continental region and had a real talent for art. In fact she was on the student council and one of the organizers for the art festival.

''Hey Yakumo!'' Naruto greeted as the shy pale girl smiled at him and softly replied, ''Hello Naruto-sensei...'' Before speeding off.

''Strange girl!'' He chuckled as he continued his way. Both girls he had met in the hospital as a part of community service because one of the more notorious pranks he pulled off. Both had unique Jutsu styles from there back ground and Naruto wanted to learn all about it. He had a child like curiosity and fascination with Ninjutsu since he was young.

''Good Morning Naruto!'' A cheerful voice greeted him. It was none other then one of his fellow teachers Hyuuga Hinata.

''Oh hey Hinata! How are you this morning?''

'' heard about what happened and...'' She chewed on her bottom lip and her face went red. ''I'm sorry.''

''It's not your fault!'' He said remembering what happened at the pool party a week ago. ''You know how hot blooded Sakura can be. She only chased me for a mile and a half before she decided to call it quits.'' Naruto sighed, ''She'll definitely never go out with me now.''

If there was one thing that was a date breaker/repellent then it was finding your date in the changing room with a topless and unconscious member of the opposite sex.

''Well...there're other girls...'' She slowly began after taking a deep breath.

''Yeah...Isaribi is kinda of cute.''


''Yakumo isn't bad either...and Ino wouldn't be bad either if she put some more pounds on her. Oh! and There's Ten-Ten...''Hinata's face formed into a gobsmacked expression. She was used to Naruto's constant teasing and remarks of dating a student or teacher based on her cuteness factor. ''Who else do I know...oh and you.'' he added with a grin.

''M-Me!'' Hinata squeaked out as she went red. 'This is your chance! Go for it! Knock him out! Drag him in the closet and...''

''Hinata? Hello?'' Waved his hand in front of the girl's face who seemed to giggle.

''That would be nice,'' She replied mechanically.

''What would be nice!"

''Aah! NOTHING!''

Naruto jumped back at Hinata's yell. After a few moments she bust out in a fit of giggles.

''You're so easy to tease sometimes Naruto-kun.'' she said as Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

''I swear Hinata you're a damn good actress.''

''Well it's time for you to get to your class. You don't want to be late again.'' she informed him as she walked off.

''What did you do?'' Kyuubi accused as she walked up.

''M-Me? I didn't do anything...Hinata is always like that. You should know by now...crazy woman and her damn mind games.''

'How is it my persistent and wanna be player Nii-san is oblivious to the one woman that truly has feelings for him.''


''KU! Come on!'' A rather medium pitch and husky voice cried out.

''Ooh! She's with her little cutie of another!'' Another voice responded in a purr.

Shukaku and Nibi, Kyuubi's 'sisters' so the speak. The former was the short of the two with a slender frame and magnificent breasts. She was about 5'6 in eight wearing a light blue low cut blouse and miniskirt. Peeking of a thong stuck out from her mini skirt, not to mention she wore a garter belt and garters on her thighs and a large gourd on her back. Shukaku 'Naya' Subaku, the cousin of the Subaku siblings. She had a distinguishing mark of dark rings around her eyes and wore peach lip stick and was one of the most attractive girls in school with an hour glass figure with long lips. She was wearing her default expression of a slight smirk and half-lit eyes.

Kyuubi was different, yet similar to her light sandy blonde hair friend. Unlike Naya's eyes who were blue that often went with blonde her hair and eyes was an unusual dark shade of violet. She was about '510 and wore a slightly more modest black top with strapless bra underneath. She also a violet skirt that cut off to her thighs with a pair of shorts underneath. Her eyes were clearly cat like and like Kyuubi she had whiskers.

These defining features were off demonic origin from there family lines and as a result people often cleared way of them. Unlike Naya who had a hait of leaning on things either Nibi or Mata as she preferred either like to lay about or constantly poke around different things with curiosity. Where as Naya or any girls were decent, Mata was well equipped in the chest department.

''You going to come join us Naru-kun?'' Mata purred.

''He was just leaving,'' As she shooed Naruto.

''I was?''

''You were?'' She said as she pushed him passed her two friends. ''You have a class remember.''

''Aaw! You always ruin my fun Ky-chan!'' Nibi whined like a child.

''You're not going to seduce my brother! I see the aftermath of the effect it has on the guys it happens too...and the girls.'' She added as an after thought.

''Naruto is a big boy, he can take care of himself. As for you if you were to get a man maybe you unwind a bit,'' Mata commented off handily as Kyuubi growled.

''I got your unwinding for you...''

''Ooh...I didn't know you felt that way. Kinky.''

''Give it up Kyuubi. This horny pussy can take anything and make it into sex,'' Naya said as she opened her locket and take out her books. ''Let's just get to class to teach our students.'

Naruto meanwhile was on his way to his classroom, his thoughts still on the sexy Mata when he bumped into something.

''Watch where you're going you limp-dicked fuck face!"

''Sorry...'' He said diving down to help the girl up. ''You know you didn't have to...'' It was then he caught sight of the girl's face. ''Tayuya?'' He asked in surprise.

''Who the hell are you?'' She responded as the blond face faulted. The story of his life.


Chapter End


This story features a High School fanfic that actually features the students being trained and learning techniques instead of just angst and all the rest of that crap. This will also expend beyond the academy and will feature many other plot points. Let me guys know what you think of this story. A High School fic that isn't retarded Angst, Drama, or Yaoi that actually has to deal with Shinobi and Ninjutsu, somewhat.