Elevator. Part II

11. Pretend to have a password, and/or, a question that people have to answer in order to come into the elevator. Shows: All 4 boys.

A woman and a man, were about to come inside the elevator, when Logan and James stopped them.''Password...'' James said.

''What password?'' The man asked.

''What's the password?'' Logan asked them.

''Since when was there a password?'' The woman asked.''No one ever told us this elevator had a password!''

''That's 'cause we just made it up! Now, password.'' James told them again.

''Let's get outta here.'' The man said, leaving with his wife.''Yeah! You'd better run!'' James yelled out.

The two adults made their way into the next elevator, but they were stopped by Kendall and Carlos.''Password.'' They both said.

''Oh my-you know what, we'll just take the stairs!'' The man said, as he and his wife just ran away.


James and Logan then saw Kendall and Carlos coming. James stopped Kendall and Logan stopped Carlos from coming into the elevator.''Password.'' James and Logan said.

''Dude, were done with that already.'' Kendall told James.

''Yeah, besides, were your buddy's, remember?'' Carlos said.

''What if your some other people, trying to steal their identity's?'' Logan said, as James nodded.

''So, password.''

''How about, the 'password' would be an answer of a question you'll give us.'' Kendall said, as James and Logan looked at him suspiciously. Then, they both turned around and started mumbling at each other for a few minutes. Then, they were finally done, so they turned around.

''Alright. Kendall,'' James started.''What is your middle name?''



''What!'' Kendall yelled, as the elevator started to close, but James and Logan opened it back up.

''Your middle name is Donald.''

''But that's in the show!''

''We are in the show.''

''Really? Well, come on dude! Oh! I know your middle name. In REAL life!''

''Alright. What is it?''




''I'm kidding! You can go in.'' James said, as he let Kendall into the elevator.

''Now, Carlitos.'' Logan started, as Carlos gave him a weird look.''What's your friend, Logan's, name?'' Logan asked, pushing back the elevator doors before they started closing again.

''Uhm...Is this a trick question!'' Carlos asked loudly, as Logan rolled his eyes.''Wait! Ugh! I studied for this one!'' Carlos stopped for a while, and started counting his finger's for no reason.'' Ooo! Oooo! PICK ME! PICK ME!'' He yelled, raising his hand excitedly.

''Carlos! That was YOUR question!''

''Oh, right. Uhm...uh, 34!''


''23 over pie! No, c squared! Oh no! X%!''

''This isn't even a math question!'' Logan told him.''And where'd you even get X%?''

''Just, let him in!'' Kendall yelled.

''He has to remember my name!'' Logan yelled.

''Oh! I know! Uh, Hortense!''

''I give up...'' Logan said, as he just walked away from them.

''Wait! Logan!'' Carlos yelled, as he saw Logan come back.

''Now do you remember my name?''

''Oh, I was actually calling that weird hobo that sleeps outside and keeps hanging from the gutters!''

''What?'' Kendall asked all confused, as Logan shook his head and started leaving again.

''Logan! You know I'm just playing right! Ugh! Dude!'' Carlos yelled, going after his friend.

12. Play musical...chairs? Shows: All 4 boys.

''Woo!'' Kendall yelled, as him, James, Carlos,and Logan brought chairs into the elevator.

''Wait..what is-''

''Lady,'' Kendall started, as he put a hand on the lady's shoulder.''We are trying to have fun, so please do not ruin it for us. Now, grab a chair and play!'' Kendall said, smiling, and holding a metal chair up.

''Alright! Let's start the music!'' Logan yelled, as he turned up the music in the boom box.

''Woo!'' James yelled, as they all just ran around their chairs, except for Logan, who was holding the boom box.

''Come on! Have fun!'' Kendall told the lady, who was just standing on the corner.

''N-no...I-I'm good?''

Right then, Logan stopped the music, and they all got a seat.''See! Now you lost!'' James said to the lady.

Logan then put the music back on, and they all ran around again. He stopped the music quickly, and one of them didn't get a chair.''Aw damnet!'' James yelled, folding his arms, and going over to a corner.

Logan put the music back on, and Kendall and Carlos ran around the one chair.

But before Logan could stop the music, James got an idea.''Hey! Race you to the 1st floor!''

''Okay!'' Carlos yelled, as he ran out the elevator when it opened.''I-I didn't say to get out of the elevator!'' James yelled, as Carlos ran back inside, and pressed the elevator button that said 'LOBBY.'

When the elevator got there, Carlos and James ran out.

''Hmm...well, I guess I win!'' Kendall said, sitting down on the chair, after Logan had the music off.

''I win! I am victorious!'' James yelled.

''No fair! You cheated!''

13. Act stupid and random. Even act like a little kid! Shows: Kendall&Carlos.

''Oh my gosh! This is an elevator!'' Kendall yelled, as he and Carlos came into the elevator all smily.

''Wow! Look! It's an old dude!'' Carlos yelled, poking the guy who was in the elevator with them, in the nose.

''Whoa! I can't believe it! It's Superman!'' Kendall said.

''Awesome! I just found Captain America over here!''

''Huh...he's much paler in person...''

''Who's a good Captain? You are! Yes you are!'' Carlos said, talking like a baby, grabbing the guy's cheeks.

''Do you know where the kugel is?'' Kendall asked.


''Yes, I heard it's quite delicious! Just hope it doesn't have that spell like in Wizards! Oh! A brownie! No, no! Ooo! Me! Wait...I forgot...''

''Take me to Santa!'' Carlos yelled, letting his arms out.

''It's not even christmas yet!''

''Oh...well, then...take me to one of those guys with tights!''

''Were men! Were men in tights!'' Kendall and Carlos sang.

''Do you like Toy Story? Man, I cried on the 3rd one! Mostly when Andy had to-''

''Ugh! Spoiler alert!'' Kendall yelled.

''You haven't watched it yet?''

''Yes! But, when I watch it again, I want to forget what happened!''

''What?'' The guy asked, all confused about it.

''Hey, you think we can vote on disney channel for best episode's on Phineas and Ferb?''

''Carlos! I don't think were old enough to vote!''


''Oh god...'' The guy said, putting one hand on his face.

''I love those toys you get in the cereal box!''

''Last time, that box lied to me! There was NO toy inside!'' Carlos yelled.''What so ever!''

''Probably 'cause it said they'll send it on mail!'' The guy said.

''Oh! Really?'' Carlos smiled big.''Awesome!''

''I brought one!'' Kendall said, taking out a cereal box.

''Wait, you already opened it yesterday, and you already played with the toy!'' Carlos said.

''Yeah! But I put it back inside so I can actually have something to look forward to the next day! Duh!'' Kendall yelled, taking out the toy.

''SpongeBob!'' Carlos yelled, as he jumped up and down. Then, the elevator doors opened, and the guy just ran out.''No! It's mine!'' Kendall yelled, as Carlos was just trying to take the toy away from him.''Gimme!'' Carlos yelled.

14. Pretend your deaf, but your wearing sunglasses and have a stick in hand. Shows: Logan.

Logan put on his glasses, and played with the stick he had in his hand. Right then, an old lady came in.''Oh my goodness, do you need help going to the lobby?''

Logan didn't answer.

''Excuse me? Sir?'' The lady asked, but Logan didn't respond. He just grabbed his phone, and started texting.''How can you see your phone? Ugh, sir!'' She yelled, as she patted Logan in the shoulder.

Logan turned to her, and gave her a 'what?' look.

''Do you need help getting to the lobby? Because you can't see...''

Logan just ignored her, and grabbed his phone again.

A few minutes later, a guy came into the elevator, and smiled.''Hey!'' Then, he just started to do sign language to Logan, as Logan smiled, and did the same. But, he told him,'This lady is creeping me out!'

'Oh, well, then, let me talk to her...' The guy told Logan in sign language form. ''Excuse me, miss?''


''What were you doing to this kind man?''

''I was asking him if, he needed help getting to the lobby, but he never answered me!''

''Wow, slow, slow...and don't worry! He's good now!'' The guy said.''Let's go Logan.'' Right then, Logan gave the stick he had in his hands, to the lady, as he took off his sun glasses. He smiled, and walked out.

''What just happened?'' The lady asked herself.

15. Put a 'wet floor' sign in the middle of the carpeted floor. Shows: James&Carlos

''Now!'' James yelled, as Carlos threw him a wet floor sign, as James caught it, and put it in the middle of the floor, when a lady stepped in.

''Oh, be careful! Wet floor sign!'' James yelled.

''That's right! Step around the it!''

''And bring it around town...just bring it...arooouuunnd town...'' James and Carlos said.


''Whoa there kid! Don't you see the wet floor sign?'' James asked, as the little kid just looked at him.''Step aside.''

''Weirdo...'' The little boy said, as he just left.

''Yeah! You'd better...go!''


''Code 9, I repeat, code 9!'' James yelled, as Carlos ran in.

''Oh no! Code 9!''

''What is it?'' James asked, pointing at something on the floor.

''Oh no!'' Carlos gasped, and grabbed the baby that was on the floor''Where do I put her?''

''Eh, just...put her on the palm tree over there, and they'll find her.'' James said.''But good thing she didn't fall!''

16. Give complete strangers some hugs, and tell them 'Happy Birthday!' (Merry Christmas, Valentine's, etc.) Shows: James&Logan

''Oh! Happy Birthday!'' Logan yelled, hugging a COMPLETE stranger, as he gave him a weird look.

James then came in, hugging the women right next to the guy.''I am so sorry I forgot! I just, lost some of my memory! Oh, MERRY CHRISTMAS! And by the way, when's your birthday?''

''What?'' The women asked, all confused.


''Happy Valentine's!'' Logan yelled, kissing one lady on the cheek, and hugging her.

''It's about love, friends...love!'' James yelled, giving his million dollar smile, and a hug to a girl.


''Bring in the love!'' They both yelled, forcing everybody into a group hug.


''Merry birthday dude!'' Logan yelled, giving some guy a hug.

''What the hell?''


''Happy Hanukkah!'' Logan and James yelled, throwing confetti to some huge guy.

''Uh...father's day?'' James asked, as the guy still gave them a mean look.

''Mother's day?'' Logan asked.''Uh, Independence day?'' Right then, Logan snapped his fingers.''Kwanza!''

Right then, the guy grabbed on to his fists.

Outside the elevator, people saw James being thrown out. Then, the guy smiled at Logan.''Elevator's hurt...'' Logan said.

17. Advertise something that NO ONE wants! Shows: Kendall, Carlos & part of James&Logan.

James came into the elevator, and saw a guy with some luggage. One guy took out his iPhone, so James just smiled, and grabbed it from his hands.''You know, you should really watch this video...it's awesome!'' James said, as he gave the guy his phone back, and ran out.

Video: Shows Kendall/Carlos with huge smiles, and their coming out of nowhere in someone's kitchen!

Kendall: Do you miss school lunches when school's over?

Little Boy: How the heck did you get in our house!

Carlos: Do you feel left out without those special meals?

Little Girl: I'm telling my mom-

Kendall: No your not! But now you won't have to worry! 'Cause, we have EVERY school lunch worldwide!

Little Boy: What!

Kendall: Just call the number below!

Carlos: That's 555-MEAL. 555-MEAL. I repeat 555-MEAL. Two more times, 555-

Boy: We GET IT!

Kendall: And while were at it, we'll throw in this special machine, which makes special snow come out that makes you bleed internally!

Girl: That's it, I'm calling the cops...

Carlos: No your not!

End of video:

The guy shook his head, and put his phone away, then, he saw Kendall and Carlos suddenly pop out of nowhere, from behind his luggage.

''Hello sir!'' Carlos yelled, with a huge smile on his face, as well as Kendall.

''H-how'd you get in here!'' The guy asked, as a camera came super close to his face.''And why does this camera have to be so freakin' close!''

''Please! We'll ask the questions!'' Kendall yelled.''Now, how about, we try some school lunches!'' Right then, Carlos popped right next to the guy, and had a few meals in his hands.''Here!'' Carlos said, giving the guy meatloaf.

''Hey! That is my meatloaf!'' They all heard, as they saw Logan jump over the guy.

''Awesome!'' Carlos yelled, as they all stood up quick, after seeing snow fall out of nowhere.

''Run!'' Kendall yelled, as him and Carlos ran out.

''The snow makes you bleed internally doesn't it?'' Logan asked, holding on to his meatloaf.


''Thought so...''

18. Stare and laugh at people. Then, say you have new socks on! Shows: Carlos&James.

''Oh my gosh!'' Carlos yelled, as James and him came into the elevator, laughing.

''Dude! That was so awesome!''

''Let's do it again!''

''Haha!'' James laughed, and pointed at a guy who was in the elevator, with his thumb.

''Did you see that dude?''

Carlos then laughed, as he and James then got serious, and stared at the dude for a long time.

''What?'' That made Carlos and James smile.''What? Okay...stop, that's freaking me out.''

''We've got new socks on!''

''Mine are blue!'' James yelled.

''Oh yeah? Mine are green!''

''So! My socks look wayyy better on me!''

Carlos then faked a smile.''Excuse us for on sec.'' He said,''Ahh!'' He yelled, jumping into James, as they started to fight.

''Don't mess with my socks!'' Carlos yelled

''Oh, maybe I just did!''

''Oh hell no!''

''You are now my 4th best friend!''

''I'm leaving.'' The guy said, as he just walked away. And right then, Carlos and James stood up.

''That was kinda fun!''

''You wanna do it again don't you?''

Carlos then grabbed his helmet and patted it.''Bring it!''

19. Make all kind's of noises, whenever someone ALMOST pushes a button. Shows: Carlos

Carlos jumped into the elevator, and smiled at the girl standing right next to him.''Floor?''


''Okay.'' The girl said, as she was about to press the button that said 7.

''Weo! Weo! Weo!'' Carlos yelled, trying to sound like an ambulance.

''Why'd you do that?''

''Oh no reason!''

''Alright.'' She said, as she was about to press the button again, but she jumped, once Carlos made an animal noise.

''Moo! Moo!''


''Oh I'm sorry,'' Carlos smiled, as the girl was about to press the button once again.

''Code red! Code red! Beep! Beep! Beep! Weo, weo, weo!''

''What is wrong with you!''

''Nothing.'' He said, as she looked at him suspiciously, and almost pressed the button. But she knew he was gonna do it again, so she kept pretending that she was gonna press the button. Carlos just kept making noises, but stopped, every time the girl turned around.''Be-Boo-Weo!-Gahh! I'm on a roller coaster! Baahh!''

The girl just rolled her eyes, and hit herself on the wall.

20. James. (Let James be James, don't play those games!) Shows: Uhh...James?

James ran into the elevator, and saw a teenage boy inside.''Hey gorgeous, which floor?''


''You know, eight is such a wonderful number! I love eight! Eight, eight, eight...''

''That's great...''

''You know, eight...sounds a lot, like Nate. You know, the name...haha.''

''Yeah yeah, can we go now?

''Right! Which floor again?''

''Eight.'' The guy pointed out.

''Eight! That's, a number after seven, and a number before nine!...haha!...right?''


''Awesome! Hey! You know, July 16th's my birthday? 8+8=16! That's awwwsome! Oh, which floor again?''

''Oh for the love of...eight!''

''Eight!'' James yelled, as he pushed the button that said 9.''I like chocolate milk!'' He yelled, as he just ran away.

The guy then gave him a strange look.''The hell?''

A/N: Sorry this took me like...ages! I just didn't have time to finish this, and I didn't have a lot of ideas for each one!

I give credit to people!:
-#12: The last part, DiamondDrop694 gave me that idea :) It was from a book though, they just don't remember which one lol.
-#13: A small part from an ep. of Good Luck Charlie.
-#17: From a So Random! sketch. :D
#18&19-StuckOnBTR13 told me about it(18) and I saw it on someone's profile, so I don't know who made that one up, but whoever did, it was THEIR idea!
#20-A few parts were used from a youtube video by:outerspaceallstar(aka:Allstar Weekend) and "I like chocolate milk!" Idea from an episode of: Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.(btw, I freakin' LOVE cheese! He's so cute/funny and weird, but I love him!)

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