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You wake to the sound of Megan's crying and you sigh, sitting upright. Glancing at the clock, you find it's four-thirty. Becker's somehow managing to sleep through the noise of his daughter and you groan, slipping out of bed and into the twins' bedroom. You scoop a bawling Megan up, carrying her downstairs into the kitchen where you set about heating some milk up. Sitting her in her carrier that's on the table, you begin to rock her back an forth.

As you're feeding her, you feel someone appear in the doorway. You glance up, smiling briefly at Becker. "I've warmed a bottle up for Ben." you smile, indicating the bottle. "I was thinking we should take the twins in to meet the night staff. They never came to the wedding and they haven't seen them yet." Becker nods in agreement, stumbling around the kitchen like a dead man. "And you're a soldier!" you laugh, taking Ben from him. "You get cleaned up and I'll get them ready."

An hour later and the two of you are in the armoury with the night shift, watching fully grown men melt over month old toddlers. In their position, you'd be taking pictures. Not because they're adorable, but because it's a sign of Becker's weakness- the only thing that can break his tough outer shell.

"They are adorable, sir." one of the soldiers smile from his crouching position. Becker just smiles, nudging the man with his foot.

"You're shift's over guys!" he calls, checking his watch. "Everybody out!" the men grumble about having to leave the kids, but are happy about another uneventful night.

"I'm going to call the babysitter. You sort the soldiers out." you smile, taking a carrier in each hand and heading towards the hub. It takes you almost twice the time to get there due to the staff stopping you to croon over the kids. Once you get there, you find that Jess hasn't arrived yet and Abby's coat is slung on her desk. Burton's obviously somewhere and Matt's MIA. Lester's office is also empty. You send a text to the babysitter, telling them to head to your house and you'll drop Megan and Ben off in half an hour. You hear the lift door ping behind you and the clack of heels on the floor, followed shortly by Jess' voice.

"They're just roadworks. I'm sure they'll clear." she smiles at you and uses one hand to make a strangling motions. You gather she's talking to Lester. Jess slides into her seat, frowning. "No, but that does sound like an incursion." you head over to her, leaning on the back of her chair. "Just intercepted emergency calls. I've sounded the alert. I'm going to send the team out now." as Jess speaks, she sets the ADD off, turning to face you. "The co-ordinates are here, I take it you'll be okay to go?"

"Yeah." you nod. "Tell the babysitter to come and collect the kids. I'll leave them with you." you smile, grabbing your black box and heading from the room. The lift door pings as you near it and Abby and Matt exit, the former looking rather ticked off. "Double back!" you instruct as soon as they're in hearing distance. "It's in the middle of a road although it looks more like an incursion than an anomaly. At least, the ADD isn't picking one up." you press the level for the car park, sensing the tension between Abby and Matt. "Where's Connor?" you ask, frowning at Abby.

"Working." she replies bluntly. "You'd think he'd married Philip, no me." she adds sourly.

"Oh, no you don't. You can't fall out with him for another month!" you smile, stepping from the lift.

Becker's already at the car, engine running. "It's half a mile from here. Jess has everyone evacuated and a helicopter's been sent to collect Lester." Matt nods as Becker pulls from the garage.

"If Jess evacuates everyone, Si wont have anything to do." he smiles and you voice your agreement.


Hoping from the car, you see a very large hole in the centre of the road. Grabbing an EMD, you join the others at the edge of the hole. "Jess, where's Philip?" Becker asks, obviously not having received the memo about the scientist being caught up in work.

He just left the ARC with Philip. Jess responds and Abby raises her eyebrows. I can't raise him on comms.

"We can't wait for him." Matt sights. "We need to get down there, see what we're dealing with." Him and Abby turn, heading off towards the trucks, probably to fetch the retractable ladder. They return, setting the ladder so that it's just to the left of a visible entrance to a tunnel. You shimmy down before Becker has chance to tell you otherwise.

"It doesn't look man-made." Abby comments as her feet his the floor beside you.

"Hell of a big mole then." Becker says sarcastically and you smirk. Becker cocks his gun at the sound of a distant banging. He makes to step into the tunnel but Matt throws his arm in the way, stopping him from doing something potentially lethal.

"Wait." he whispers. "Burrowing creatures work on vibrations, every step you take lets you know it's here." he removes his hand and Becker sinks slowly to the floor.

"You could've said that before I jumped off the ladder." you hiss in a tone quieter than the team leader's. Becker picks a hemisphere of dented yellow plastic from the floor and you gather it to be a helmet.

"Listen." Matt says as there a clacking sound from the darkness of the tunnel. Something inside moves, sending dust falling from the ceiling.

"I can't hear any..."

"Shh." you and Abby cute Becker off, craning your necks to get a better look into the tunnel. Something black, shiny and almost twice the height of you appears around a bend in the corner and Becker drops to one knee with the command 'Full Phase!'. There's the sound of four EMDs being loaded aimed and fired at the beetle. The creature forces its way towards you, occasionally knocked back by the blasts.

"Weapons are useless!" Becker calls from the floor. You have no idea what would give him that thought.

"Up top, now!" Matt orders. Abby shoves you towards the ladder, scrambling up the metal after you. Once your up, you pull Abby to her feet and the two of you take aim incase the creature makes it into the hole. Becker climbs the ladder third, leaving Matt on his own. He throws his EMD to Becker who throws it to Abby and is helped back to the surface by the soldier.

"So what now?" Abby asks, frustration lacing her voice. Becker turns to look at Matt expectantly, knowing what is needed.

"We need guns," the Irishman sighs. "lethal weapons."

"What?" Abby sounds disgusted at the idea whereas Becker's just shocked.


"EMDs are useless, the bullets are just bouncing right off." Matt says, hands on his hips. You lay a reassuring hand on Abby's shoulder.

"But hung on, it could have a..."

"No, Abby, we're not going to stun this one and bring it back to the menagerie. We're going to have to kill it."

"Finally, some common sense." Becker straightens up and you can't help wincing, thinking it wasn't the smarted thing to say. Especially around Abby. "Leave it with me." Becker claps Matt on the shoulder, turning and calling to one of his soldiers.

"Abby, he has a point." you say, steering her away from the hole. As your heading over to the cabs there's a call and Connor ducks under the tape barrier.

"Hey, yo!"

"Nice of you to join up." Matt near sneers. You hadn't even realised he'd been following you.

"Where have you been? I was worried." you pray Connor doesn't answer Abby's question with a Philip related answer. Your prayer's ignored.

"I was just... just... with Philip." you mentally face-palm, glaring at Connor.

"Doing what, exactly?" Matt snaps and you raise your eyebrows. You'd have expected Abby to be the upset one. Not Matt.

"Yeah, that's the thing, it's kind of classified, but I'm going to need new comms and a new black box. I've left mine at the ARC." Abby runs her hands through her hair and you snort.

"That's really professional Connor." you sigh, dragging him to the cabs and relaying the information to Jess. You join Becker at the cars as your husband's eyebrows shoot upwards.

"What, a tank?" you laugh, patching your comm into his line.

No, no, I was obviously joking.

"What, really, a tank?"

"Sweetie, you can't have a tank." you smile patronisingly at him, laying a hand on his arm. Becker shoots you a scowl, turning and marching towards the others. You and Connor exchange grins before trotting after him. When you approach the others, Matt hands Connor a laptop with a series of multicoloured lines on it.

"Great! This..." Connor presses a few buttons and one line starts to flash red. "looks like its main tunnel."

"Right, well, its nest is going to be off that somewhere." Matt says, staring at the map scan, looking thoroughly bored.

"Why assume that?" Abby asks from beside you and you nod. Its a rather heavy guess to make seeing as the lives of over three thousand people are at risk if these creatures were to get out.

"Our best bet is to predict when it resurfaces and be ready." Matt sighs, bypassing Abby's question. The two of you exchange looks, eyebrows raised.

"If it resurfaces." Connor mutters earning a snappy response from Matt.

"It'll resurface. Now that it knows its got a food source above ground."

"There's no creature like this in the fossil records," you try to reason. "so it must be from the future."

"Brilliant." Connor sighs.

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