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Author's note: Hi, I'm Molly and I'll be your author for this fic. It is a serial killer Blaine fic, so there will be deaths, though Kurt and Blaine will be kept alive, promise. If you're opposed to gore and/or don't like serial killers, I suggest you stop reading now. And I need to give a boat load of credit to my wonderful beta RuiQiMa with out whom, this wouldn't be nearly as good, and probably wouldn't be up. I hope you enjoy! - Molly

Blaine should really pay attention in class, he was well aware of that, but it was Government and that meant Kurt was there. He smiled dreamily in the other boy's direction, lost in thought and wondered if it were even possible to pay attention to anything else when Kurt Hummel was in the room. Blaine couldn't help it, not that he wanted to of course, and would happily spend the rest of his life doing nothing but staring at Kurt if asked. He just had this effortless beauty about him, something small that made all the difference and Blaine knew that if that tiny detail, whatever it was, wasn't there, he'd be able to pay attention to his Government class. But it was there so he didn't pay attention to Government class. He paid attention to Kurt.

He knew it was maybe a little creepy to be outright ogling another student like this and a part of him felt that maybe he should look away. This thought failed to stop him though and he continued staring until finally Kurt whirled around to look him dead in the eye; his expression both bewildered and intrigued. At this, Blaine jumped a little but instead of giving in to his instantaneous desire to turn away and save himself the embarrassment, he mustered all the courage he possessed and waved, winking when Kurt blushed in response. After all, he was Blaine Everett Anderson, in every situation calm and collected. Blushing a little darker and with a small smile playing at his lips, Kurt shifted around in his seat to look back at the board where their Government teacher, Mrs. Keller, stood rambling about the Order of Presidential Succession or something equally unimportant and Blaine sighed quietly. However, he then noticed the blush touching the tips of Kurt's ears and couldn't help but smile. His Kurt was just so pretty.

The bell rang and Blaine jumped, thoroughly startled. He moved slower than necessary when collecting his things so he could watch Kurt gather his own and found himself entranced by the way the boy moved, though he felt the spectacle would be improved if that damn uniform wasn't in the way so he could see Kurt's muscles shift as he bent and grabbed his books. But Blaine was still more than happy enough to watch Kurt pack up his things and walk out the door with that little spring in his step before picking up his own books off the floor, smiling widely. His head cleared somewhat now that the other boy had left, Blaine at last noticed the notebook still open on his desk and sighed heavily, resisting his urge to curse. He had meant to write down the list formulating in his head during Government but… Kurt had been there. One of the main purposes of that list had been to prevent him from staring at Kurt and he'd ended up staring anyway. Blaine mused that he really should have expected as much and stuffed the notebook in his backpack before making his way out of class.


Despite the relatively minimal amount of dancing that occurred when the Warblers met these days, Blaine always left rehearsal exhausted. He supposed it was from all the petty drama that had been happening lately and could have sworn that his heart beat in perfect time with the frantic banging of Wes' gavel. But, despite his exhaustion, Blaine was excited and pushed open the door to his dorm room eagerly, loosening his tie and shrugging off his jacket before tossing it unceremoniously over the chair next to his desk. He was about to lie down on his bed and start the list when he felt his phone vibrate in his pants pocket.

He pulled it out. A new text from Kurt, asking if Blaine was still on for coffee in the morning, greeted him and his face split into an adoring grin. He rushed to type one back telling Kurt that he wouldn't miss it for the world and he'd see him in the morning before losing himself in how cute it was that they'd been going out for coffee every morning for the past month and Kurt still sent him a text reminding him every night. Sure, the coffee was purely platonic but someday, when the time was right, Blaine would change that. He set his phone on his desk, reached into his backpack and pulled out the red notebook, along with a black pen he'd "borrowed" from Kurt and never given back.

The notebook was labeled "Thoughts" and each of the three subject dividers had a different title. Necessities, Order, and Wants. They were ambiguous enough for anyone to think it was a journal and therefore avoid reading the writing within out of politeness but, even if someone did, nothing in it would make sense to them. Blaine had bought the notebook and started planning this whole affair the day he'd met Kurt and now it was slowly starting to fall into motion. His body hummed with excitement as he opened to the first blank page in the second section. Down the side of the page he numbered the lines one through seven in neat, precise handwriting and made sure everything was in line and perfect. If there was one mistake he'd have to start all over again, a rule that applied to everything he did. Satisfied, he smoothed the page out, brought the pen to the first line and wrote, "David Anthony Karofsky".