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To say that it was a long night would be an understatement. There were cuddles and kisses, smiles and laughter. Kurt got up around 5:30 to shut the door and the only reason Blaine knew was because he was so tangled up in Kurt that his body instantly missed the warmth and woke him up to find it. They slept in late and held each other even after they really did wake up. And despite that open door, it felt like nothing could interrupt them. They were so wrapped up in each other they didn't notice the blizzard raging just outside Kurt's window, or how every half hour or so Burt would come stand outside the door, just out of sight and sigh because despite the fact Blaine was a boy and Burt wasn't too keen on the whole thing, because he wanted Kurt protected, his son was happy and Blaine was the one making him that way and it was very apparent that Blaine was going to be there for quite a while.

The boys finally got out of bed around noon and strolled lazily into the kitchen, fingers twined loosely together, and Kurt's head resting on top of Blaine's. They made sandwiches together and sat down next to each other, hip to hip, stealing kisses in between bites.

The day had a slow feel to it. As though somehow the world had decided to slow down for a while, and give the two of them a little extra time to hold each other and be close. Carole watched from the entryway to the kitchen, leaning against the wall and smiling. They seemed to have grown in a few short hours. They looked older somehow, wiser maybe. Like they new the other inside and out. And perhaps, Carole thought to herself, perhaps they did.

Soon they were curled up on the couch, Blaine lying against Kurt's chest while some movie played in the background. Blaine was much more focused on Kurt's fingers, and the lithe lines of his torso pressed against his back. He traced the line's of Kurt's hand, pressing his palm against Kurt's smiling when the other boy curled the tips of his fingers over the tips of Blaine's who's hand was a little smaller. He felt the small callus on Kurt's right ring finger from where he wrote, and pressed the top of a sewing needle when he made or fixed a piece of clothing. The small scar on this side of his left wrist from being pushed into a locker sideways. Counted the freckles on the top of his hands. Kissed the sensitive skin on the inside of his wrist.

No one bothered them. For a whole day, the Hummel-Hudsons observed, but never interrupted. Even Finn, who went in to play Halo, stopped and smiled before turning around. He had never seen Kurt smile like that, and why would any person try to stop that?

The world span slowly for one whole day. One day out of all the days either boy had lived, for once there wasn't a rushed moment. The whole day just…happened. It was like…it was like each moment was a picture. Kurt bending his head to kiss the side of Blaine's neck and smiling when he giggled, Blaine leaning up to whisper that Kurt had exactly 15 freckles on the top of his left hand, Finn standing on the second step for a moment to try and memorize the picture in front of him the one of two perfectly happy people, Burt and Carole whispering in the kitchen over coffee that since the storm hadn't stopped Blaine couldn't go home, and tonight, tonight the door could be shut.

A/N: I know its super short, but I'm playing with his personalities, and its like writing from a different character's point of view every time I do. But its fun for us, because Blaine covers so well, no one in the story realizes he has multiple personalities because he's so good at covering them.

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