Do You Trust Me?

"C'mon, Rin! Don't you trust me?"

"Len... I love you and all, but THIS IS CRAZY. YOU HAVE GONE ABSOLUTELY NUTS."

I looked at my lovely sister, her teeth clenched, her short hair flying in an unruly way around her scrunched up face. I chuckled softly and looked down at the waterslide that extended in a practically straight line towards the ground after several dizzying turns. I gently nudged her forward and she yelped.

"I am NOT going down there. N-O-T."

"Dammit, Rin, it's too late to back out NOW." I sighed. "You'll just have to trust me that this will be VERY fun. I promise."

"Like your pathetic promises are ever reliable!"

"Ouch, that stung." I ignored the pissed off lifeguard and tilted her face towards mine, making her lean towards me in the tubes. "I promise if anything happens to you, it's my fault!"

"So? If I die it will be your fault and... and..." Rin glared down at the water as if it was insulting to look at. She fiddled with her orange bikini straps.

"The great Rin is scared of a waterslide." I yawned, and the lifeguard leaned forward.

"Hurry up you two!"

I smoldered Rin with my eyes, the same ones that Neru Akita had called hypnotizing an hour ago. She blushed.

"H-H-Hey! S-S-Stop d-d-doing those s-s-silly eyes at me!"

She stood up, her face adorably stubborn. "I am outta here." Suddenly, she slipped forward, and I grabbed her hand and pulled her down.

"Now!" I yelled at the lifeguard, who leaned down and pushed the tubes forward. We began our speedy descent.

"Rin, if you scream...I'll scream!"

"LEEEEEEEEN!" She screamed at the top of her tiny lungs. I laughed and screamed back.


"Len..." She laughed, breathless. "You have a really girly scream!"

I scowled, and then reached over to smooth down her flyaway strands before we were whipped into the twists. She scrambled over and grabbed me like a lifeline. I laughed, swiftly readjusting her.

"Say... what was that about dying? And not having fun? Silly chibi."

She looked at me, her face glowing as she screamed her head off. Then, I leaned towards her. Her breath hitched as she blushed. We sped downwards, our lips millimeters away from each other, then-


I gasped, my hair flattening as water spurted out my mouth. Rin burst out of the water, gasping as well. She looked at my grumpy fate-hates-me expression and laughed, flipping in the water. She leaned over and kissed me gently.

"That was fun, shota-boy."

I scowled again. "WHAT?" I turned to see the biggest, scariest, slide in the park.

"Shota. Shota Len!"

I took her wrist and yanked her towards the slide.

"C'mon, RinRin. We're gonna have a lot of fun today."