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The sky was a murky canopy that overshadowed everything beneath it. The buildings if the city below, Asmodin, which were usually vibrant and whimsical due to their Italian and Spanish influence, were unusually solemn.

One of these buildings was a school. A private institution for the children of the elite and well-fortuned. In the courtyard of this school, a young boy walked out to get some fresh air from his studies. His long midnight hair was tied back with a small red ribbon that matched his dress shirt. He reached a small bench that sat underneath an old, gnarled tree.

The winds started to slowly pick up, causing the branches to shiver and tremble above the young boy's head. The brunette sighed as he took in the calm scene, enjoying the solitude until the peace was disrupted.

"Um… Excuse me?" The pale brunette frowned as he looked over and saw a boy who was a bit older than him. He had a rich complexion of very deep brown, and dark shimmering eyes. His navy-blue hair was a tad messy compared to his ruffled, old school clothing. And, in his shaking hands, he was presenting a rose to the brunette.

"I… I…" The dark-skinned boy stuttered a bit before he gulped and slowly presented the flower again, "I saw this rose at my master's house. I was reminded of you, so I… Picked it. For you. As a gift." The paler boy raised an eyebrow as he looked the vibrant red flower. He slowly took it from the other's hand before he went back to looking at the pond in front of them. The older boy silently shuffled on his feet before he decided for a ploy of bravery and asked, "Could I… Have a seat?" The brunette gave a disgusted frown,


"Okay." It was silent before the bluenette asked, "How about if I were to sit on the ground by the bench?" The paler boy snapped,

"How about if you were to just go away? You filthy moor!" After that outburst, the young boy turned back towards the pond, leaving the older with a look of confusion as he questioned,

"But… I don't understand. I…" Just as he was about to speak again, a group of boys from their academy slowly walked over; the one who seemed most like a leader calling out,

"Oy! You there!" The bluenette looked over before giving a silent gesture with his finger: 'Him or Me'? "You, the ugly moor!" The dark-skinned boy turned and was about to ask the new boys to stop their insults, but was quieted when he found himself being pelted by rocks and dirt-clumps.

"Hey, cut it ou—AH!" He screamed as he was thrown to the floor and forced to endure punches, kicks, and slurs that weren't even suited for an animal, let alone a human being. This torment lasted an hour before the boys got bored and decided to go to the school's cafeteria for something sweet, leaving the dark-skinned boy on the floor.

The poor boy coughed out in pain, his whole body sore as he tried to get his bearings straight. Soft footsteps caused him to lift his head up just a little bit to meet the eyes of the brunette he had been trying to befriend earlier. At first, it seemed as though he was going to actually give a word of pity. But, instead, his soft lips twisted up in a smile before he held out the rose. The bluenette gasped softly, trying to reach out a broken arm to retrieve what he thought was a small show of mercy.

The rose fell to the ground, a second not even passing completely before one of the brunette's shoes came down and crushed the flower; grinding it into the dust for good measure. "W-Why?" The bluenette coughed out. But the brunette huffed, smirking as he walked off,

"Disgusting moor." As the bluenette was left there on the ground, the skies finally decided to release the rain that they had brewing the whole morning. He narrowed his eyes, one of them beginning to swell into a black eye; his body beginning to shiver.

As the frigid sheets of rain pelted down on his young frame, the ten year-old known as Kisame of the Hoshigaki family made a discovery. "I hate them…" His bleeding fingers clutched at the ground, "All of them. I can't stand any of them."

Kisame had come from a poor family in a land on the northernmost part of the African continent. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you were) his mother had friends in Europe and she had decided to take the opportunity to call in a favor. In her mind, having her older sister take Kisame in and pay for his education so that he could become something life was a pretty good idea…

She, of course, had forgotten the small factor of her older sister hating the child (on account of his father).

But Kisame was sent to Europe, and he was well-provided for. Yet, only in the instances where 'well' meant 'the bare minimum'. But Kisame focused on his studies, not only intent on making his mother proud of him… But a dark part of the young boy's mind was filled only with the aspect of getting revenge.

It paid off when Kisame had grown from poor, undernourished child to a young man who was standing in the office of his uncle's accountant, along with his younger cousin: a sweet girl, if she hadn't joined the bandwagon of tormenting Kisame when he was younger. His older cousin had been touring the countryside, so he couldn't make it back in time. "Let's see here…" The accountant hummed, going through his drawers of paperwork. Kisame's cousin snapped and cried out,

"You feeble old fool! Just tell us what my father is leaving and to whom already!" Yes, Kisame's uncle had become ill and was due to die in a few more days. A tragic event which would have been even more tragic if the poison that Kisame had given the old bastard hadn't worked. But he could celebrate later, this was a time for cold, stony indifference.

"I see…" The accountant readjusted his glasses and picked up a single sheet of paper, reading, "'Upon my death, untimely or not, these are the whims that I demand be carried out. Out of all the children who have stayed in my house, who I have seen on a day to day basis, only one of them has shown a predatory promise unlike any other. This child, I believe, truly has the potential to crush all in his way and rule those underneath him with an animal-type cruelty." The room was quiet before the accountant read, "That is why I leave my entire estate to my nephew, Kisame."

"I am honored –" Before the bluenette could speak up anymore, his cousin shrieked,

"This is an outrage! Give me that paper!" She snatched the document away from the old man and frantically read them over and over before she sank to the floor, whispering, "This can't be."

Kisame merely smirked in silence.

"What are you doing?" Kisame's aunt screamed as she and her daughter were forced out of their mansion by the servants that they once controlled.

"Sorry m'lady…" One of the maids whispered as she brought their bags of most important belongings. Kisame's aunt seethed before she rushed up to the gate, reaching it just as it closed and yelling,

"Kisame! You ungrateful brat! Open this gate! Open this gate this instant!" Kisame strolled over to the barred entryway and smiled,

"But auntie… I'm only implementing what you and my uncle taught me."

"Little Bastard!" His aunt cried out, forcing her hand through the gate to claw at Kisame. The bluenette stepped back, avoiding his aunt's fury.

"I'm sorry, I can't… Quite hear you over the splendor of my house. Oh well, I'm sure once you get to the country, Zabuza will be able to aid you in whatever it is you're complaining about." Kisame then turned and walked away, giving a brisk wave as his servants closed the doors behind him.

The young man stood at the center of the main hall of his mansion, the room looking elegant and gorgeous as the rest of the house did. "My lord," One of the maids asked, a sheepish tone in her voice, "Is there anything that I could get for you?" Kisame shook his head,

"Not at the moment, no. If you could all leave me to my thoughts." The maid nodded, thinking that he wanted some time to himself to mourn, and left the room. The bluenette stood at the base of the grand staircase that stood right in front of the heavy oak doors. All by himself at last, he allowed a smile to grow across his features.

It was all his.

Finally, after all his hard work…

"It's all mine! Ah ha ha ha!" Kisame seldom ever laughed, but thinking about what a quick trip to an apothecary and a mastery of forging signatures had gotten him. "Oh, and people take me for a fool." He sighed, letting the high of success dwindle down before he snapped his fingers, the sound echoing enough to beckon a servant over. "Wine and a chilled glass if you please. I will be in the office, trying to organize my uncle's estate."

"But of course." The man bowed and went off to the kitchen, leaving Kisame to silently chuckle as he observed his new treasure of a home.

Kisame's uncle was in charge of the highest quality textile and fabric company in Europe at the time of his death, and the bluenette decided to make sure to use all of his power to keep the company in the highest standing. Piercing black eyes surveyed a notepad filled with sales reports. Sales reports that almost made Kisame lose the calm demeanor he had worked so hard on these past twelve years.

"I see that our sales have been dwindling in the few months following my uncle's death."

"Yes sir – I mean, my lord." The old servant had to make sure to correct himself. The wealth and estate that Kisame had inherited qualified him, in the King's eyes, as a Duke, so he was to be referred to as such. "The people have seemed to grow less enthused about our products seeing as how…"

Kisame held up his hand, signaling that the man needn't say anymore.

So even now, after all these years, people were still trying to push him into the ground like a common insect? He could almost laugh, as if he would let them.

"Maybe a type of event for advertisement would help our sales. Perhaps a gala!" The bluenette stood up, smiling as he reached for his coat that was resting on his arm-chair. "It's an excellent proposition. Tell the staff to begin making preparations for a summer gala to promote Persimmon Palate's new wares!" The servant gave a curt bow,

"Yes my lord. But where are you heading to now?" Kisame smirked, brushing a hand through his unruly blue locks,

"For a quick visit to the company to drop off plans for gala costumes. But…" He made sure that he looked ready to hit the town before he added, "Prepare an evening guest for me, would you?" After all, this was a lot of work that was going to have to be done, Kisame would need a means of winding down later.

"No, no, NO!" The Persimmon Palate building was a grand structure situated in the center of the city. It had a well-sized staff that sometimes worked around the clock to get orders of their merchandise out as soon as possible. And if they thought that their former boss was strict, they had witnessed something else entirely when Kisame came into control of the company.

"Idiots!" The bluenette growled out, throwing his employees' hard work to the floor and asking them, "How is that supposed to be impressive? We're making merchandise to sell, not to grow old on shelves, which is exactly what this shit will do!" The weavers and seamstresses looked at each other, some in fear, and some in annoyance. However, Kisame frowned before he grabbed a chair and spoke, "Get me some of our silk and Egyptian Cotton, our dyes, and a sewing-loom."

When the called upon items were delivered to him, Kisame sat down and immediately went to work: he placed the fabrics in the machine and began to cut and sew them together as ideas went through his mind. After a while, he began to add only the most vibrant, decadent dyes to the fabric as he kept on weaving and cutting.

Finally, after five hours, he seemed to be satisfied with his work. "There!" Kisame huffed, tossing the newly created fabric onto the table for all to see, "Study it, imitate it, and multiply it by five-thousand fold by the end of next week!"

"But my lord!" One of the seamstresses cried out, Kisame immediately snapping back,

"Ah ah ah… The time you used to say those three words could have easily been used to start working." Kisame frowned as he snapped his fingers for someone to get him his coat. He buttoned it over his shoulders, announcing, "I will be hosting a gala and those attending will be seeing Persimmon Palate's new line of wares or else it will be all of your jobs. Do you understand?"

"Yes my lord." They all replied in unison. Kisame looked around at them to make sure they got to work, before he silently made his exit.

By the time that Kisame had made it back to his home, it was late in the evening. He briefly told one of the servants that he would be in his office, also asking if they had found someone to entertain the young Duke for the evening.

"Well, yes my lord," The older man frowned, "But you see…"

"Yes?" Kisame sighed, already having an inkling of where this was going.

"She's only agreeing to go as far as, ahem," The old man had to clear his throat as his face grew red, "Hand and mouth contact." Kisame's eyes narrowed as he quickly tore off his coat and tossed it to the ground, clipping out,

"Just send her to my office!", as he stormed off.

Like his servant had warned him, this girl was finicky. Kisame was hardly in the mood by the time that all the terms and restrictions had been settled out.

Kisame was the type of man who liked sex, not for the pleasure (if he wanted that, he could better yet please himself) but for the power, the rush that one could get from having someone submit themselves to you in a desperate ploy to satisfy you. Thus, it was no wonder that at least three times a week, he had one of his servants find a lovely young thing to tend to him for an evening.

But, he realized with a grimace as this young prostitute gingerly moved her mouth around his erection, the people of this country were a prejudiced bunch of hypocritical fools. Did this girl think that she was above him just for a matter of skin color? For God's sake, the girl was a whore! And not a very good one either…

"Oh, enough!" Kisame gritted out, shoving the girl away and tossing a few coins her way before readjusting his pants and saying, "It's a wonder that you can make enough money to eat with that as your expertise."

The girl wanted to say something but simply picked the coins up from the ground and left the room with a huff, whispering, "Damned moors…" When he was sure that he was alone, Kisame went to his desk and brought out a quill and jar of ink, beginning to write down on a piece of parchment,

"'You are invited to a masquerade gala to be held at the mansion of Duke Hoshigaki the Second, of the House of Persimmon. Be prepared to witness the new era of Persimmon Palate's wardrobe and to be amazed. Your humble host,

Duke Kisame Hoshigaki the Second of the House of Persimmon'."

"There," Kisame smiled as he filled out the invitation parchment and called for his oldest servant.

"Yes, my lord?"

"Send a messenger boy to all the richest homes in the city limits. I want them to see my genius and cry out in awe as they peel open their wallets for my wares."

"Yes my lord." The servant bowed, taking the paper. He was about to leave when Kisame called out,

"Hurry back. There is a special preparation that must be made for this affair."

The night of the masquerade gala quickly arrived, and the staff of Kisame's mansion were working full-time to make sure that everyone who attended was comfortably situated. Colorful costumes and strange masks filled the rooms of the mansion as more and more guests arrived until, finally, the fanfare announced the beginning of the party.

Everyone looked towards the head of the staircase, expecting to see their host but only seeing a man in a blue mask. "Greetings to all of you gracious nobles! I give you all my sincerest thanks for joining us for this grand affair, sponsored by the Persimmon Palate." At that moment, he moved his arm towards a group of people dressed in the new fabric that had just come out from the textile company. "I invite you to eat, drink, and be merry with us tonight. But, alas, I have some unfortunate news…"

Everyone was quiet as they waited for the man to speak.

"The host of this grand affair, Duke Hoshigaki, had to run to remedy a most grave matter out of the country. He pleads for your understanding of why he would be absent for his own party…"

Suddenly, like a wave, a peal of laughter grew amongst the party-goers. Before long, it filled all of them until, finally, one person spoke up, "Thank God!"

"Who would want to see that hideous moor's face anyhow?"

"Just thinking of him ruins my appetite!"

However, unknown to all of them, behind the blue mask Kisame was viciously gritting his teeth as he heard all these callous bastards try to disgrace him behind his back.

As the party wore on, the hidden Duke's mood didn't get any better. He tried to go around, to socialize and make sure that everyone was enjoying themselves. But every time he did, he was greeted by another insult to his usual person. It all peaked, however, when he went to talk to a young figure who was dressed in red with a weasel-mask hiding his face.

"How does this gala find you, kind sir?" Kisame asked. The weasel turned and hummed,

"Quite better than I expected, actually, thanks to that disgusting moor being out of the country."

"Really?" Kisame hid his emotions, just for the other to continue,

"Just thinking of purchasing anything from him makes me sick. But I suppose since it's the king's favorite fashion…" Luckily, he didn't notice the larger man's trembling, so he went on, "He wouldn't even need to buy a mask; if he came here everyone would be in shock from his grotesque face!"

"Yes…" Kisame pursed his lips behind his mask, "Such a rapier wit you have…"

The next morning, after all from the gala had been removed and cleaned and after he had counted the revenue from the sales, Kisame was slouched in his chair; nursing a bottle of wine as his mind, soul, heart, and body were being clouded over by hate.

People sickened him. They had ever since that fateful day in the school-yard.

"Disgusting moor."

Kisame growled in fury, sending the bottle to the ground and holding his head in his hands.

They all needed to pay, he chanted to himself, for their lies, hatred, and ignorance, they would all pay!

"My lord." An old servant spoke up as he entered the library of the mansion where Kisame was reading a book one stormy evening a few more months into the year.


"You have a guest, my lord," The servant began, "The one who you..?"

"Ah, yes!" The young duke smiled, getting up from his embroidered chair to stand; his silhouette being outlined by the roaring flames of the library fireplace. "Show him in." The old servant bowed and left the room. Kisame had tried everything, it seemed: kindness, education, money, both political and commercial power…

Maybe he was going mad.

But this had to work. He had two scholars scouring all the texts that they could about supernatural bargains with that king of darkness, that ultimate deceiver… He had eventually been led to someone who said that they could grant the Duke a meeting with the trickster. But Kisame was smart, he could very well out-wit some brutish specter.

"My lord…"

The soft call made Kisame frown and turn around, snapping, "What are you doing here, I told you to welcome our guest!" What looked like a young servant quickly transformed into a beautiful figure. He had the slender figure of a woman, his hair was the color of blood, long, and fair, his skin was pearl-pale. The figure gazed upon Kisame with crimson eyes surrounded by charcoal and Kisame couldn't help but look at the figure encased in black silk.

"Lucifer." Kisame smirked, the other smiling,

"Call me Luci," before he strolled into the room and asked, "What business do you have with me?" That made Kisame chuckle,

"Are you not supposed to be all-knowing?", Luci giggling back,

"Aye, but it's more fun to see people begging me. Though I know that you would never do that, my precious Duke." After that, he walked over until he slipped behind Kisame, speaking into his ear, "You want power…" Luci smiled, letting his hands run gently down Kisame's shoulders like soothing, warm waters, "Let me give it to you."

"What would I have to do?" Kisame smiled, "I know damn well that you don't work for free."

"My precious Duke…" Luci cooed, twirling around the blue-haired duke as he spoke, "What is your happiness worth? Surely a few bad memories would be enough."


"Yes," Luci pressed his body against Kisame's sturdy frame, crimson eyes boring into black as he explained, "I will come back every month to check on you. At every instance, I will require you to give me a sacrifice of an item that is precious to you."

Kisame thought for a moment. Possessions weren't really worth all the much, and if he made this deal, he would have more than enough to give to this creature. "How would we go about this?" Luci smirked, a single fang peeking through his teeth, before he pushed Kisame down into the sitting chair. He pressed their bodies together, whispering a word; an archaic phrase that probably hadn't seen the light of day in millennia. Just hearing it sent a wave of fire through him.

"You would allow me to partake of your body, my precious Duke?" Luci began, carefully undoing Kisame's trousers and releasing the hard erection. "Oh my… Are you sure that you aren't one of mine?" Kisame blushed a bit; he had always been big, but hearing Luci state such was a completely different experience. All of a sudden, he choked as he felt the devil place the lightest of kisses on his cock; licking his lips and quickly going in for more.

"That word I whispered to you has very powerful magic…Upon merely a whisper of that word, you can have anyone your heart and loins desire." Luci lapped a long, sensual line up Kisame's hard member: enjoying the taste and making sure to infuse the man below with some of his power, "With everyone who submits to your whim, your power shall only grow… With people and in commerce…"

Kisame was sure that his mind was spinning. Yes, feeling the mouth, lips, and tongue of the devil on his flesh made his hormones surge in and out of control, but it was also the promises that the red-haired being made to him: those promises of such power.

"All you need do," Luci said as he ran his tongue around the crown of Kisame's penis, "Is agree to my little bargain." Kisame wanted more time to think about this, but all rational thought was incinerate when Luci pressed Kisame into his mouth and moved his head down, pushing Kisame's nether regions into a blissful heat and tightness like no other. He couldn't even think to refuse any longer.

"Yes!" He roared out, completion surging through him as he emptied his seed down the devil's throat, sealing their covenant. Luci allowed Kisame to ride out his orgasm, bucking into the red-head's throat until, after nothing was left, Luci pulled away; licking his lips and shuddering in pleasure as he swallowed all remnants of Kisame's cum.

He hadn't felt this in such a long time: Kisame was well-equipped, had the stamina of a demon (usually people would let themselves go with just a touch), and his cum was delicious! Luci was smitten, he couldn't deny this man. He walked over to the still-shivering bluenette and placed a small kiss on his temple before whispering, "Sleep my precious Duke. And let my power make way for your new tomorrow…"

"Mrm…" Kisame groaned, trying to open his eyes before he abruptly sat upright and looked at his body, trying to see if anything was missing. No, it just seemed to be its normal, 'just getting out of bed' look.

"That's strange," The bluenette whispered, getting out of his bed and ringing the bell that sat on the nightstand for assistance.

"Was it all a dream?" He asked himself as a trio of butlers walked in and slowly prepared for his morning necessities.

"Maybe a truly vivid wet-dream…" Kisame hummed as he bathed in his porcelain, golden claw-footed tub.

"But it felt so real." The young Duke sighed as his cloak of the day was draped over his shoulders and he began to walk downstairs for breakfast.

"Good morning m'lord." A young girl, a new servant from England, bowed as Kisame sat at the head of the table. "We have a new menu for breakfast today. Would you care to try it or just stick to your regulars?"

"Surprise me." Kisame yawned, holding out a tea-cup.

"Oh, silly me!" The young girl laughed, quickly going over to pour the Duke a cup of freshly brewed tea. As she worked at adding the right ratio of cream to sugar, Kisame found his eyes glued to different features of the girl's body: her bright eyes, soft-looking skin, pink lips, and her breasts that tantalizingly held up her uniform. Just as she reached for one last teaspoon of sugar, Kisame softly spoke,


"Yes m'lord?"

" -."

As soon as Kisame had muttered the word that he remembered from the previous night, the teaspoon fell, with a clatter, to the ground. "Hm?" He looked up and saw what had caused the commotion.

A smile slowly grew on his lips.

It seemed that if you were wealthy, you found the most random things to do with your free time. That would explain the sounds of clanging swords echoes through the home of one Kakuzu Hoku. He was a retired captain for the Royal Army and spent his days teaching the next generation of soldiers and giving casual swordplay lessons to the noble and rich.

Which explained what Kisame was doing clashing swords with the heavily scarred brunette. The Duke's own blade was forcing Kakuzu back and, after a moment or two of struggle, the brunette had to fall back and call the match.

"You've been getting better," Kakuzu offered, removing his fencing-mask. Kisame nodded as he uncovered his own face,

"Thank you. I suppose that I've had nothing but free time and energy on my hands lately."

"Now Kisame, you shouldn't waste your youth," Kakuzu shook his head, adding, "I myself have almost come to regret my time in the military. But I have my estate, home, and other pleasures to show for it. Speaking of which," He turned towards the doorway and called, "Hidan!"

A few minutes passed before footsteps signaled a new arrival in the room. Kisame looked over to the doorway and saw a young man. His short hair was snow-white and his skin matched it perfectly as did his magenta eyes that had a glint of defiance in them as he spoke up, "Yeah bastard?"

"Watch your tongue boy." Kakuzu grumbled before he turned to Kisame and said, "Allow me to get us some drinks. I would send the boy but he has the balance of a drunken weathervane."

"Go to hell!" Hidan huffed as he walked into the room when Kakuzu walked out. The albino immediately went to clear up anything that had been broken during the spar. While the young man worked, Kisame couldn't tear his eyes away from Hidan's skin, eyes, hair, and body…

"So, you're Kakuzu's latest apprentice?" Kisame asked, smiling as he rested his sword against the wall.

"Yeah," Hidan huffed, "What's it to you?"

"Nothing, nothing." The bluenette sighed, his mind already cranking away about all the different shades of pink that his face would turn, all the ways that his lithe body could twist and turn… He licked his lips and, just as Hidan turned to say something (his body language raring for a stream of insults), Kisame smiled and whispered,


All of a sudden, the pieces of glass that Hidan held fell to the floor, shattering even further. The young albino's breathing was ragged as he slowly felt his body go numb, still standing on his feet.

"What the hell?" He screamed in his mind, "What the fuck is going on here? I can't move!"

"Hello beautiful." Kisame smirked, sitting down on the lounge-chair that completed the room's decorative-theme. "Could you come over here, please?"

"Fuck off you moor-bastard and tell me what's wrong with my body!" Hidan's mind screamed, and when he looked at the room, he yelled again, "What the hell did you do to my eyes?" In Hidan's point of view, the world had taken on a grey hue; the only thing in color being Kisame's body. He was about to run and find Kakuzu but to his horror his body was walking towards the dark-skinned bluenette, his lips speaking out, "Yes, my lord…"

"Chianti, pleasantly aged…" Kakuzu said as he carried the verdant-green bottle back to the sparring chamber, "You're in luck my friend, I—"

The bottle fell, glass and red flying everywhere as Kakuzu's face twisted in rage and disgust before he bellowed out, "What in God's name is going on here?"

Kisame, who hadn't appeared to have heard him, was too busy holding Hidan on his waist; effectively keeping their bodies together as he plundered the albino's mouth with hot lips and tongue, Hidan enthusiastically returning the actions. "Kisame!"

"Hm?" Said Duke's eyes looked over and saw Kakuzu standing in the doorway, trembling in fury. He pulled away from the kiss, Hidan whining before he muttered, "My neck."

"Yes my lord." Hidan nodded, his eyes hazy, before leaning down and pressing a light kiss to the Duke's neck before lapping at the dark skin; like a kitten.

"What the fuck am I doing?" Hidan sobbed in his head, "Why can't I control my fucking body? Stop, damn it!"

"Oh Kakuzu." Kisame smiled, "Why did you waste such a wonderful drink?"

"Why are your hands on my property?" Kakuzu snapped back, the other humming,

"Oh, you would have to ask this little kitten that of your own volition. You see, the second you left, he took one glance at me and practically submitted himself to me, begging for touch. You should really tend to this kitten more often…" Kisame took Hidan's chin and held him so that he could press a light kiss to the young man's rose lips, before looking back to the brunette in the room, "Kakuzu."

"HIDAN!" Kakuzu roared, stomping his foot to the ground, "Get over here this instant before I beat you to the point that you would wish for death, you whorish little bastard!" Usually a call of that caliber would immediately cause the albino to slink over to him.

But he didn't move. He merely rolled his hips against the Duke's and whispered, "Please, my lord, take me…"

"No… I didn't mean that!" Hidan choked out, trying his hardest to make his body turn towards Kakuzu. How he internally begged, "Please, you bastard… Hurry over here and save me!"

"Ungrateful little bastard…" Kakuzu seethed as he watched the albino writhe and moan against Kisame like a bitch in heat.

"Please… God, please help me…"

"Get out of my home, Kisame…" Kakuzu narrowed his emerald eyes in Kisame's general direction before Kisame smiled and said,

"Fine.", pushing Hidan off of him and walking out of the room. Once he was gone, Kakuzu stormed towards Hidan and seized the boy's arms, screaming,

"What ails you? Why in God's name were you acting like that?" Hidan only looked towards the door, a dazed look in his eyes, before he heard the main doors of the mansion open.

"My lord!" Hidan screamed, bolting after him and completely passing Kakuzu over, "Please! Don't leave me!"

"Stop! Where are you going?" Hidan yelled to himself and screamed in horror as he saw his body rush after Kisame, leaving Kakuzu's home (and a broken man) behind.

"You are sure that you will be able to perform what I ask of you?" Kisame spoke as he led two individuals through his manor.

"But of course Duke Hoshigaki," One of the individuals, a red-haired artist named Sasori, reassured the blue-haired Duke, "I can see it now: your grand statue of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty standing in all her glory over your fountain for all to see!"

"Intriguing." Kisame replied, "Then I shall leave you to it." He was about to leave when his eyes looked over to the individual standing behind Sasori. His blonde hair was long, and shined with the brilliance of the sun, his eyes were the hue of periwinkle and he was looking at the mansion in such awe; as if he had never seen such an estate before.

Today again, a beautiful figure comes here to visit me…

"Oh, forgive him!" Sasori chuckled nervously, rushing over to the blonde and laughing, "He's just my fool of an apprentice, Deidara. Deidara, apologize to the Duke for your foolishness!"

"My apologies, un." The blonde muttered, keeping his eyes averted by the dark-skinned Duke's face. How marvelous it would be, Kisame's mind pondered, to have those periwinkle eyes lost in pleasure. To grip his fingers into those sunshine locks.

"Not a problem at all, Sasori," Kisame smiled, "In fact, if he would like, your apprentice can help me decide on if I should have another sculpture inside the mansion." Deidara's eyes widened before he turned and asked,

"Danna, could I? Please?" Sasori bit his lip, something in his mind telling him to keep Deidara with him… But they hadn't made a sale for months. And with the Duke offering to buy two high-quality statues…

"Go on then," Sasori smiled, "And don't make a fool of yourself." Deidara beamed in joy before Kisame led the way into the mansion's dark halls, leaving Sasori to his estimating.

"Oh wow!" Deidara's eyes were wide as Kisame gave him a small tour of his home; the blonde had never seen such a large house (Sasori having taken him as an apprentice from a poor family), so he was in plenty of awe.

"You are quite easily amused." Kisame smiled as he walked behind the young blonde. The light was catching on the strands of yellow, beckoning for Kisame to touch.

"So, what were you thinking of for your statue?" Deidara asked. He had an idea for a bust of Poseidon to sit on a pillar in the hall. Abruptly yelped as he felt his hair combed through by large fingers. "Um, excuse me!" He quickly moved down the hall, his hair slipping through Kisame's fingers.

"Hm." The Duke wanted to play a bit, so he let the nervous blonde walk down the hall for a bit before he quickly caught up before using his strength to press the younger up against the nearest wall.

"What the hell are you doing, un?" Deidara screamed, trying his best to thrash against the older male. Kisame could only smile. The fight was always the best part, he was quickly finding out; to feel a body give up all its power trying in to escape from you, but just to have it fall in the end.

Like Hidan. He put up an excellent fight, but he was now slowly beginning to accept his fate.

Which was why Kisame leaned forward and pressed a hot kiss to Deidara's neck before whispering, "-."

"Huh?" Deidara gulped, the words only being said in his mind and not out loud, as his vision turned gray. He felt his body turn around when Kisame let go, his mental breathing growing fast as he wondered what was going on; why he couldn't seem to get control of his body. "He let us go! Run! Move your legs, un!" Kisame held out his hand upon seeing the hazy look in the blonde's eyes. Deidara took it, curtseying,

"My lord…"

"So, Duke Hoshigaki?" Sasori walked into the mansion, dusting his hands from surveying the land for the statue, and was trying to see if his apprentice was giving his current cash-cow any trouble. "I've finished drawing up plans for the statue and I have to say…" He walked into the hall and his copper eyes went wide in disgust before he screamed out his horror.

Kisame was leaning up against the wall, his trousers undone and his hand in Deidara's hair, while his hips gently thrusted his cock into the drooling, hungrily-sucking mouth of Deidara.

The blonde's eyes were lidded and hazy, his face burning rose, as he tried to push Kisame down into his throat further, stroking what he couldn't get in with his sticky fingers.

"Sculptor?" Kisame gritted out, as he made sure that Deidara kept up his actions, "Surely you can't be finished already?"

"Deidara! Have you become no better than a common whore?" Sasori called out, his eyes were tearing up he was so angry, "Stop this madness at once!"

"I love that word!" Kisame laughed out, his movements becoming shaky as he felt himself getting close to a release.

"Danna!" Deidara screamed in his mind, "Sasori, please, help me!" He groaned when Kisame held his head steady and called out,


Sasori flinched when he heard two heavily armored guards came up and grabbed him from behind. "Let go of me! Damn it, unhand me at once!" The redhead screamed as he was being dragged out of the mansion, the last thing that Deidara heard from him being a scream of his name.

"My lord wishes to purchase some of your best rose bushes." Kisame's old servant was currently speaking to the keepers of the Yamanaka Flower Shop. He found it… odd, that Kisame told him to go into the store while he waited in the carriage.

"Of course," The blonde man at the counter nodded before speaking with his wife, "Go tell Ino to bring out the Centifolias that we just cultivated." The woman nodded before she turned around and called out,

"Ino! Come down here!" There was no response. "Ino! Where could that girl be, it's not like her to be lazy… Ino!"

"Never mind with that," The blonde man stated before he went to get the specified bushes. It took longer than expected to get them out to the carriage (because he didn't have the help of his daughter) but he got them there. "I would love to see the look on your lord's face when he sees…"

A feminine squeal of pleasure cut his line of thought.

"Ino!" The blonde man called out, "I swear if you're with that butcher Choji again!" The sound seemed to come from inside that carriage, so he instantly whipped the door open despite the old man's protests. He nearly fainted from the shock of seeing Ino, his only daughter, a young blonde woman, on the lap of Duke Hoshigaki: her legs spread wide, his hands holding her steady as his fingers playing with her open and dripping sex.

Look at your smile, your beautiful features. You will become my new wife…

"Please…" She panted out as she writhed herself on Kisame's fingers, trying to press them in further. Her face was sweaty and pink as she cried out, "Please, my lord, take me!"

"Oh God…" Ino screamed in her mind, "What's wrong with me? I'm acting no better than a common whore!"

"Oh, hello there." Kisame smirked, pulling his working fingers away, sagging with the girl's juices. He stuck one into his mouth and sucked for a moment before commenting, "You even taste like flowers. How is that possible? And you!" His eyes narrowed as he barked out, "Who gave you permission to bother me? Oh, forget it. Amado!"

"Yes sir?" The old servant replied, Kisame tightening his hold on Ino before he spoke,

"Get back to the carriage. We will be taking our business elsewhere." Amado nodded and quickly went to gather the reigns.

"Give me back my daughter!" The shop-owner yelled out, but was left behind as the carriage rushed off.


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