The life of the city Asmodin had taken a dim, subdued air. No one dared even go outside if it wasn't necessary. The highest sources of the depression was from the noble families.

Sasuke Uchiha had been forced to take up residence in his parent's estate once again because of his older brother's disappearance. Luckily his newly wed 'wife', Naruto, wasn't too upset by the situation.

However, listening to his mother sob on and on about the loss of her oldest son soon becoming grating to Sasuke's ears and heartbreaking to the young 'Duchess' of Foxes.

"Sasuke!" Naruto whispered to his husband as they were sitting through afternoon tea sponsored by one of the Uchiha's business associates.

"Naruto, what have I said about talking at these things?" Sasuke whispered back, "Just sit there and look pretty." Naruto pouted a bit at that, taking a nibble from his cookie plate. He knew that Sasuke loved him, he just wished that 'business Sasuke' and 'private Sasuke' could mingle together in a nice bar from time to time.

"Just answer me this then," Naruto whispered again, hiding his lips behind a cup of tea, "Have you decided to just abandon the search for your brother?"

"Not this again!" Sasuke nearly choked, gathering some unwanted stares that he had to dismiss. "Naruto, Itachi will be fine! I told you not to fall into all this hype about the missing people and that moor Duke."

"But what if he is being trapped by Duke Hoshigaki?" The blonde really was not backing down on this, "We have to help him!"

"Naruto!" Sasuke gritted out, "I forbid you to talk of this matter any further!" Both of them were silent for a moment afterwards before Naruto grabbed his wallet and gently excused himself, saying that he was feeling a bit faint. "Where are you going?" Sasuke asked, about to follow. But Naruto simply replied,

"I'm taking a carriage home, Sasuke. I'll see you when you get back to the Estate.", before walking out down the hall.

Asmodin was such a big city. The houses were no exception as it took Naruto 10 minutes just to get to the outer gate of the house he was at. Blue eyes carefully looked around before hailing a carriage to stop.

"Where to?" The driver asked as Naruto carefully stepped inside. The blonde took one last glance towards the house he had just left before stating,

"Hoshigaki Manor."

Naruto's family bred foxes, you see, so he knew that the way to make peace with someone was to simply be kind and sociable to them. And he would not let the notion of Itachi and Tobi being in this dark mansion go to waste.

He had so many friends who had disappeared recently: Sakura, Ino, and Hinata… He knew they were here, they had to be. And he was going to convince Duke Hoshigaki to release them.

A trail of red, sticky juices slowly trailed down a moonlight pale chest as a halved strawberry moved across it. In the Recreation Room, Itachi whimpered and shivered as Kisame drenched him in the cool, sweet liquids before leaning down to drink them off.

"God, how can you allow this?" Itachi whispered in his mind, even though he knew that with every lick and sip he was becoming more and more accepting of his position. When he felt a tongue at his nipple, his eyes rolled back for a second, allowing him a glimpse of the devil in the room; Luci's eyes burning with more than hellfire.

"Heh…" Itachi couldn't believe that he could have a sliver of laughter in this hell, but he could not believe it, "Heh heh… Is he jealous? Of me? I'm so beautiful that it makes Lucifer himself cringe into himself from experiencing the green-eyed monster?"

"Quiet your filthy mouth!" Luci hissed inside the brunette's mind, "He'll soon tire of you, like all the others, and then he'll come back to be embraced by my arms…"

"You keep thinking that," Itachi sighed, "Old fool." Luci stood up from his chair, about to go over and singe the hairs right from Itachi's head when there was a knock at the door.

"My lord?" It was Amado. Kisame growled out as he was interrupted from his activity,


"There is a guest for you at the door: The Duchess of Foxes is asking for an audience with you."

"Naruto?" Itachi asked, unheard of course, but Kisame simply smiled; licking a bit of strawberry juice from his lip.

"Alright then," The bluenette sighed, snapping his fingers. A young teenager with lavender-shaded hair walked up and handed him a robe. "Let's see what the young Duchess wants, shall we?"

Despite his mission for coming here, Naruto did find himself intrigued by the décor of the mansion. He was looking at a statue of a hydra, the intricate gem-scales shining in the dim lighting, when…

"Are you a fan of the arts, Duchess of Foxes," Naruto turned and saw Kisame walking towards the center of the parlor, "Or does mythology suit your taste better?" The young blonde gulped a bit. Even though the other man looked at ease, unthreatening, there was still something unsettling about his presence.

"I'm not here to really talk about either." Naruto explained before adding, "I have come to ask if you know of the whereabouts of the missing Asmodians." Kisame merely sat down on the sofa, pouring himself a glass of wine.

"Would you like a seat?"

"Yes, thank you." Naruto nodded, taking a seat next to the Duke. Kisame took another glass from the table and was about to offer a glass when Naruto asked,

"Where are Itachi and Tobi Uchiha?"

"This wine is truly delectable…" Kisame hummed, holding a glass up and admiring its color in the light. Naruto had had enough of being ignored; he stood up and planted his feet upon the floor.

"I demand you release Itachi and Tobi this instant!"

The room was silent. Silence, that rare luxury that only the rich and wealthy can afford –

"Let go of me! My husband will see you hanged for this!" Naruto screamed as Kisame used his body weight to keep them both pressed to the couch. The blue-haired Duke merely chuckled before he, quietly, moved his thumb to the young blonde's lips: wiping away the make-up that had been applied.

"If you are married, then who made you up as a whore?" Kisame spoke silently as he wiped away the majority of Naruto's make-up, speaking nonchalantly as he did, "I prefer those in my company to be as natural as can be allowed. All those creams, masks, and dyes disgust me so; just man's further ploys to be fake."

"I'll kill you, I swear to God, I'll kill you!"

"'God'?" Kisame asked. Naruto watched as Kisame's shoulders trembled a bit before he threw his head back in a grand peal of laughter. Naruto could only watch on, his eyes wide in horror, as Kisame leaned in and smiled, "This is my Domain, Duchess, there is no God here but me!" He then cackled out the word that Luci taught him, devouring the sight as Naruto's blue eyes clouded over. "There. You're much better quiet."

"Oh God…" Naruto whimpered in his mind as he felt the bottom of his dress being pushed up to his waist, "What is he doing?" His body shivered in unfamiliar sensations as he felt the blue-haired duke rubbing his hands against the skin of his legs before he found his legs quickly spread apart and a body pressing up against his backside. "No… Please, God, no!"

"Damn that wife of mine…" Sasuke whispered to himself as he was being driven back to Uchiha Estate. "But I suppose that as long as he went home early, he should have no qualms of staying up a bit late."

Sasuke loved his wife more than anything else. He thanked God every day that Naruto was given the title 'Duchess of Foxes', that way his parents couldn't complain in the least about the young blonde's blood not being 'blue' enough.

Not soon enough for his liking, Sasuke found himself stepping through the main doors of Uchiha Estate. "Naruto…" He called out, listening for the voice or footsteps of his beloved. "I'm home! And you have some explaining to do for leaving me at that God-forsaken tea-party!"

There was no response.

"Naruto?" Sasuke asked, walking through the hallway. He gasped in relief when he heard footsteps from ahead and quickened his step. "You have a lot to answer to for ignoring me, Naru—"

The only person in the hallway was a young maid who was cleaning the curtains, but that didn't deter Sasuke from running forward and seizing the girl's arm, yelling,

"Where's my wife?"

"The Duchess of Foxes?" The girl whimpered, eyes wide from shock and pain, "No one knows, he hasn't been home since he left with you this morning!"

Sasuke felt that, in that moment, his heart sank to the marble floor beneath his feet.

Against his parents' wishes, Sasuke had hired ten detectives to find the location of his beloved. However, each and every one came back with the same lead. So that's why fate found Sasuke trudging through the seedier parts of Asmodin as he tried to locate a certain building. Looking to the paper in his hands, he double-checked the information on the slip and narrowed his eyes at the sight of a tavern hidden in the back-alley.

Sasuke strolled in, his eyes having to shift to the darkness of this place. He could sense other figures here, but he paid them no heed as he went straight for the counter.

"I was told that I could learn more about the disappearances of Asmodin here," Sasuke asked the bartender, "But all that I'm seeing are a bunch of sad drunks."

"Ay," The bartender replied, "But in these drunks, you will find what you are looking for."

"What are you spouting?"

"For you see," The old man flipped a switch that caused more oil to flow to the lamps around the room. Sasuke's eyes went wide as he saw the inhabitants of the tavern. They were from all walks of life, royalty, peasants, nobles, soldiers, merchants, and more, and they had all had the life sucked right out of them. Sasuke's horror intensified when he began to recognize some of the faces.

"The crown prince of Germany! Officer Lee of the Royal Army! The second prince of Spain! Dukes Hyuuga, Momochi, and Kurosuki?" The navy-haired Uchiha rushed to the table that had the last three nobles sitting around it, the eldest half-heartedly nursing a mug of ale. "What the hell is going on here?"

"You still don't know?" Zabuza laughed without mirth, turning to Raiga who looked as if he had been sobbing for three weeks straight. "I would ask him to tell you, but he's practically lost his mind in grief."

"Ranmaru…" Raiga rocked himself back in forth, "Please come back to me…" Sasuke deftly took a step towards Neji, who explained,

"The devil has set up house in Asmodin, Sasuke…" His pale eyes looked up at the navy-haired noble, "And apparently he has taken the guise of that bastard moor Hoshigaki!"

"The textile merchant?" Sasuke asked, confused, "But what do the disappearances have to do with—"

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside the tavern, Neji gritting out, "That damned dog-breeder is at it again!", before rushing out the door. Sasuke, along with many others, followed him and saw a small army of men marching towards Hoshigaki Manor: led by a young man with scruffy, dog-like hair.

Sasuke could only follow close behind as everyone marched along the road until they arrived at the outer gate of Duke Hoshigaki's mansion. "Kiba!" Neji called out, "Get back here or you're going to get yourself killed!" But Kiba wasn't paying any attention; his mind had been filled with rage and the determination to get his sweetheart Hinata back home safely.

"HOSHIGAKI!" He yelled out, rushing forward and seizing two of the gate bars in his hands: shaking them as he shouted, "Get out here you devil-moor! Come and relinquish control of your captives or face your death!"

The rage of the dog-breeder was filling the others and soon, dozens were surging forward, trying to pull the gate down. Sasuke faltered back a bit at the scene; all of these furious, distressed men charging these gates like animals. He flinched when the sky rumbled, clouds bringing a heavy storm.

The rioting continued before the doors of the mansion creaked open, the sound echoing throughout the city. "What is all this raucous noise?" That call came from the man of the hour, Kisame Hoshigaki. The dark-skinned man was currently shirtless with only a loose pair of evening pants on his legs, two fair figures on either side of him: two figures that Sasuke knew all too well.

"Itachi! Naruto!"

Sasuke was ignored as Itachi smiled and pressed a kiss to Kisame's cheek, Naruto rubbing a hand across the Duke's bare chest.

"Naruto!" Sasuke screamed, trying to get closer to the fence but not being able to get through the swarm of bodies.

"I suppose that I could ask you all to get away from my property…" Kisame hummed, completely unaffected by the sight of the growing mob. "But I don't think that would work, people are so simple, are they not?"

"Yes my lord…" Itachi and Naruto sighed, the blonde kissing and sucking at Kisame's chest. Then, every window and door of the mansion opened, revealing all the missing persons of Asmodin all trapped in some sort of daze: eyes glossy, pleasured smiles on their faces.

Various cries of names erupted from the mob as each man saw their beloveds, their sweet-hearts, their brides, all so close but out of reach.

The sky rumbled and suddenly, there was a general hush amongst the crowd as all attention went to the statue of Aphrodite that stood in the courtyard. The beautiful statue made of the whitest marble… From between her legs, as if she had just been brutishly deflowered, blood began streaming forth.

At the sight of the bleeding statue, Kisame could only smile in glee before calling out, "My night of madness shall last as long as I see fit!" Kisame laughed out, "To this Godless night, may it last forever!"

"He's insane…" Neji whispered, the sky growing darker.

"Well, this was fun… Not really," Kisame hummed as he pulled Naruto away from himself and pulled Itachi close to him, "I hope that you all will stay and see the lights! Have a good eve, gentlemen."

"Lights?" Sasuke asked, then looking up into the sky that was rumbling and flashing as it sent sheets of water to drench the ground. "Oh God…" He whispered, pulling at Neji's arm, "We have to go!"

"What do you-!"

Suddenly, with the roar ripped from a lion's throat, a massive bolt of lightning struck down from the sky and connected with the fence; electrocuting everyone who was still near the fence, leaving their lifeless bodies still smoking on the floor.

All except for those still at the tavern, Neji, and of course Sasuke. The navy-haired noble fell to his knees.

Had God abandoned him?

What was he supposed to do?

Why Naruto?


At that moment, like shattering glass, something broke in the young man.

Sasuke's mindless screams filled the air as he pounded his fists against the floor, tears drenching his face like the rains soaked his body.

Inside that same tavern as before, the bartender added a new addition to his missing poster:

Serial disappearances in the area of Asmodin – Missing Persons List, Vol. 2

Itachi Uchiha: Oldest son of the Uchiha Household
Tobi Uchiha: Scholar
Tsunade Godaime: Apothecary
Kabuto Yakushi: Nurse
Konan Ame: Bookkeeper
TenTen: Dancer
Haku Momochi: Housewife

Iruka Umino: School teacher

Temari Sabaku: Dancer

Ranmaru Kurosuki: Footboy
Naruto Uchiha: Bride to Sasuke Uchiha

Morning a few weeks later found Kisame watching some of his flowers tend to his garden in the nude, Itachi kneeling by his knees as the Duke watched the display. Gentle footsteps upon the grass signaled Luci's presence. "My precious Duke?" Kisame turned and saw his main companion through all of this… Looking quite different.

"Luci?" Kisame blinked, "Did you do something to your hair?" The devil smiled a bit, tucking some of his now black hair behind his ear,

"You could say that."

"This is sad…" Itachi mentally smirked, relishing in the growl that the devil sent his way.

"But more importantly," Luci whispered, sitting on the left arm of the chair, "Do you like it?" Kisame had become distracted by Itachi's fair skin shining in the sunlight, so he hummed back,

"You looked better in red…" Luci clenched his teeth, growling as his hair shifted color.

"Fine…" The devil frowned before storming off, "I will be back next month."

Kisame didn't even acknowledge when he left.

"The garden of Eden had the apple, so sweet and tender…" In the library of the mansion, a month after the incident at the gates, Kisame was reciting out the words he was currently scribbling onto a scroll of paper. "Power… The narcotic of the gods now runs through my veins… I relish the drops of maiden's-blood on my lips as I see the woman force the saber into her sex…" Kisame was in a state… of Nirvana, it seemed. He had his choice of gorgeous flowers to keep his time and more than enough money to keep his kingdom, his paradise for as long as he wished due to his textiles still selling out everything in the market.

"The cake of tears falls apart as I bring it to my mouth, the meat of joy glistens in the candle-light… In Lust and debauchery, I have found my salvation! The meek may inhabit the earth," He held up his glass, watching the lighting dance in the darkened liquid, "But I own the souls of men. For within these gilded walls, I am GOD!" ( 1 )

His ridiculous laughter filled the room, echoed through the hall, and even reached so far as the Recreation hall before Kisame calmed himself and finished the last of his wine. As soon as he set the glass down, Amado quietly let himself into the room and announced,

"You have a visitor, my lord."

"Hm?" Kisame smiled, "Who would visit me? After that façade a month ago, no one has even written me!"

"Her Ladyship, the Second Daughter of the House of Moons." Kisame blinked in confusion.

"The House of Moons? The name is unfamiliar…"

"She has just finished a long voyage from the Orient, sir."

"Ah!" Kisame snapped his fingers, "That explains it. A nice, Asian lily has come to have her petals plucked by me?" The blue-haired Duke stood and dusted off his clothes before dismissing Amado to the servants' quarters and beginning his walk to the parlor.

Today again a beautiful figure comes here to visit me…

"Good evening, my lady." Kisame greeted as he walked into the parlor and saw a young woman standing in front of the fireplace. Her spider's-silk hair was held up with golden baubles and pins, while she was dressed in a flowing gown of silver. Her skin was exquisitely pale and her eyes, well-decorated, were dark as the night sky; she giggled as she hid the bottom of her face behind a dainty fan and spoke,

"And a good evening to you as well, kind Duke."

"What do I owe…" Kisame began, his eyes drinking in the woman's appearance, "This surprising visit?" She sighed,

"I've traveled this world, looking for a man who will fit my tastes in a bed-partner. However, despite all my efforts and all the treasures at my disposal, I have yet to find someone who I think is worthy of teaching me the ways of the bedroom arts. That's why…" She turned her smoldering gaze towards Kisame, "I have come here."

"And quite the choice you have made, my dear." Kisame smirked, holding his arms out so that the young woman could fall into his arms. "Come into my embrace, let's dance in this harem…"

"My lord…" She whispered, nuzzling herself further into Kisame's hold. Kisame was smitten, he would have so much to enjoy with this one.

After you approach me, I hold you close, grinning…

The mansion was quiet.

Abruptly, Kisame's screams echoed through the residence. Back in the library, he shoved the woman away and looked at himself. On his chest, right above his heart, scarlet was seeping through his expensive clothing.

Suddenly there is a sharp pain and blood, it dyes my chest

Kisame had never felt such pain! Sure, he had been cut a few times, but it was as it this single stab had afflicted his whole body; he was burning alive!

"You…" The young woman breathed out, her voice haggard and rough as they spoke in ever increasing madness and glee, "You took the only thing that ever mattered to me… You made me lose my mind…" Kisame choked up more blood in agony, but he managed to force himself to look up just as the figure reached up towards her head…

And pulled their hair away.

"A young man that searched for his lost love…" They smiled before their voice deepened, "He found out her whereabouts: the mansion where the devil dwelled…" The voice went high again, "The young man disguised as a woman approach the devil…" Finally, now completely unveiled, Sasuke Uchiha, with eyes filled with psychotic glee and holding a bloodied saber, yelled out, "And stabbed him in the chest with a holy blade!" Kisame screamed as he curled up into himself again, Sasuke laughing,

"Taste it, demon! This knife was bathed in the holy waters of the Vatican!" Kisame roared in agony when Sasuke said Vatican, he knew not the reason however…

The bluenette coughed out another splotch of blood onto the floor, trying to get control of this situation. He couldn't be subjected to this! He had the power that rivaled God's now!


He screamed again, collapsing to the floor, but this time however, something odd happened. The mansion began to shift and tremor, like an earthquake was happening right underneath it. Sasuke flinched and gasped as he tried to regain his balance but then the walls began to crack and splinter, a thick, goopy substance that looked like blood seeping through.

Pierced by the blade that hid my poison…
I collapsed in that place…

Sasuke decided to simply leave the dying Duke, his work done, and he ran out of the room to try and find Naruto and Itachi.

The residents of Recreation Hall were laying about, doing nothing unless it entailed playing with themselves.

Amongst all of them, in the center, Hidan was just trying to sleep and rest his exhausted body. However, his hair was itching against the back of his ear so much to the point that he simply reached up and pulled it away. "Fucking piece of…" The albino stopped in his tracks.

He had just moved his hand…

And adjusted his hair…

On his own volition.

"…" He was completely quiet, his eyes wide as he held his hands up to his face and slowly moved his fingers. "Oh Dear God…" He whispered before he stood up and immediately ran towards the door. The others saw Hidan moving and, at first, thought he was being called. But soon, they all felt their supernatural shackles being released and, feeling control of their bodies again after the longest time of being puppets in this nightmare, they screamed and cried as they rushed towards the door.

It had been well-crafted to keep them in, but their sheer numbers helped them break through the barrier and began to rush out of the mansion like bats out of hell. The effort increased tenfold when the building shook and the walls began to bleed.

"Naruto!" Sasuke shouted as he saw the crowd of frightened individuals struggling to escape the crumbling household. "Naruto, where are you?"

"Sasuke!" The young blonde cried out as he fought through the mob-scene, following Sasuke's voice. Finally, he could see his husband and ran over into his arms. "Sasuke! Oh thank God! Sasuke, please!" The younger male was crying, his speech almost going into hysterics, "Get me out of here, I beg you! Please, let's go!"

"Naruto, calm yourself!" Sasuke seized the blonde's shoulders. He looked out into the crowd and sighed in a bit of relief when he saw Tobi amongst the escaping crowds. He calmly spoke, "Where's my brother?"

Blood and sweat mixed together, are turning into slivers of crimson…
My spell broken, they all came to their senses and fled my mansion…

Calm, collected footfalls echoed through the dark, trembling halls outside of the parlor. The door to the room creaked open, causing Kisame's labored breathing to hitch as he struggled to move his line of sight so he could see…

"I… Ta… Chi…" He coughed out as the brunette slowly made his way over. The young man's eyes were filled with fury and rage that befitted a dragon of old, you would almost think that he would finish what Sasuke had started.

But no.

Kisame reached out a blood-stained hand towards Itachi and whispered, "Please… Help me…" Itachi stepped forward and looked at Kisame, a look of sheer disgust and anger.

The last one that left the mansion looked at me for just a second…

Itachi grimaced before he swiftly kicked Kisame's jaw, forcing the man onto his side with an exclamation of pain.

"See you in hell…" Itachi hissed, stomping away before he added, "You vile moor."

It was my childhood friend...

"Wait!" Kisame cried, stretching his arm after the brunette as much as his pain would allow, "I have yet to say 'I love you'..!"

But Itachi was already gone, and Kisame could sense that everyone else had left too. He was all alone, no one to console him through his agonizing death.

So alone.

Nobody around to even insult him…

"That little bastard!" Kisame had almost lost consciousness when he heard a hiss and felt a warm hand on his forehead. His eyes slowly cracked open and he saw Luci's face gently smiling down on him. However, he also saw that his mansion was falling apart at the seams. "Are you alright, my precious Duke?"

"Please…" Kisame wheezed, his lips caked in his own blood, "Please, heal me…" Luci frowned for a second before he chuckled,

"Now why would I do that?" Kisame cringed and slowly shook his head in confusion. "This works out for both of us, Kisame, don't you see?" When Luci said those words, the fireplace surged to life with great, roaring flames that seemed to originate…

From the pits of hell.

"Ever since we made that bargain, my precious Duke, I have been silently waiting. For you see…" Luci leaned down and let his long, forked tongue lap at Kisame's lips. "I am so smitten by you. I want you as my lover and mine alone. Forever and ever." Kisame felt as if, despite all his pain and exhaustion, he was going to vomit.

"So," Luci began as he gently lay Kisame's head on the ground and moved closer to the fireplace. "Shall we leave this disgusting world behind, my pr—" He stopped himself and smiled, "My beloved?"

"No!" Kisame gritted out, trying to roll his body away from the scalding flames. Luci giggled upon seeing the sight of his adorable new lover trying to escape from him.

"Silly boy…" He whispered as he walked into the flames. For a moment, Kisame thought he had been spared.

All of a sudden, the flames of the fireplace took the shape of a large hand that picked up the dark-skinned man and began pulling him towards the fireplace. But Kisame screamed the whole way, even grabbing onto the edges of the fireplace in a desperate attempt to save himself.

But it was of no use. Luci cackled as he materialized behind Kisame and pressed a hot kiss to his temple. The shiver that rushed through Kisame's body, caused his grip to loosen the smallest bit… And allowed the fiery hand to pull him into the hellfire before flames began to race along the walls and furniture.

All that remained of Duke Hoshigaki and his madness were his screams and his mansion slowly burning into a pile of ashes.


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