Luke shoved his hands in his pockets angrily. 'Damn it. Where are they?' He thought. Who was he talking about? Well. The only girl in the world that could get under her skin and dig around. The only girl who was left imprinted in his heart. The only one he wanted.

Cecily Cambell. Her.

He groaned and kept looking in the village trying to find her.

Why would he be looking for her so eagerly? Well… she was on a date. With a boy. Who wasn't him.

He was mad, jealous, upset, and was really wishing that he had asked her out before. "Cecily! Where are you?" He murmured under his breath.

His katana tapped his leg lightly as he walked.

Why hadn't he taken his chance when he had it? Now she was out with someone else.

"Hey! Luke!" He turned his head and saw Aria and Lisa. "There you two are. Do you know where-" He cut himself off. If he asked they would assume he was jealous and find out he liked her. That wouldn't happen. Yet…if they knew then he could stop the date and finally have her all to himself…

"What was that?" Lisa asked, walking up to him. "Nothing." He huffed, turning away. "Alright, well im almost done so I'll see you at home?" Lisa called out.

He raised his hand and nodded, continuing on his way.

'What the hell? Where did he take her?' Luke growled. He walked down the street when he heard her stupid annoying voice that he loved so much. "Wow! Im having such a great time with you!"

"There you are…" He smiled lightly as her voice made his heart flutter. "Gah!" He suppressed his smile and walked over. "Cecily! Dates over! I need you at the shop for… something!" He called as he approached.

Her head whipped around and her scarlet red eyes narrowed at him. "What? Why! I don't work there and you can't tell me what to do so im not leaving my date for the likes of you!" She huffed and turned back to her "date".

"Oh no you don't! Damn it! Cecily Cambell you're coming with me!" He growled and grabbed her hand. "What? Let me go!"

"Hell no! Never again am I letting you go! Especially on a stupid date with some stupid guy that isn't me! I love you and im not letting anyone else touch whats rightfully mine ever again!" He yelled pulling her into his chest and wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed her into his chest.

"L-Luke…" She whispered, staring up into his sapphire blue eyes.

"Please Cecily…Don't break my heart." He whispered, bowing his head.

"Luke…you stupid idiot…" She smiled.

He looked up. "Of course I love you. Why wouldn't I?" She tilted her head at him.

He smiled down at her. "Cecily…"

She blushed till her face was as red as her hair. "You're cute when you blush."

She stared at him. "DON'T LOOK AT ME!" She yelled and punched him in the face, running off. "Cecily! Get back here!" He yelled, chasing after her, clutching his now bruising face.

She huffed and ran faster.

Luke growled and ran as fast as he could, and tackled her to the ground. "Ah! Get off me!"

"Nu-uh! No way!" He responded, holding her on the ground as she struggled against him. "Damn it Cecily calm down!"

She growled. "Luke get off me!"

"Uhm…Let me think about it… No im good here." He said, looking down on her.

They stared at each other before she sighed. "Fine…"

He smirked and leaned down, tilting his head. "Luke?"

"Cecily…shut up." He whispered, pressing his mouth on hers gently.

Yea. That shut her up real good.