Okay, Well, I have the feeling to write a Klaine MPREG. This story will be 30 chapters, hopefully around 45,000 words total. It's divided into 3 parts (one for each Trimester)

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::Part One::

Kurt and Blaine were on Kurts bed, they were both shirtless and Blaines pants were undone. They hadn't gone past blow jobs before, but the tension was bubbling. They were after all, teenage boys. Kurt went to slip his hand into Blaines pants, but was stopped by Blaine grabbing his wrist.

"K-Kurt. I want to talk about something." Kurt took his hand back, and sat up against the headboard. He looked at his boyfriend as he grabbed both of their shirts, handing Kurt his and putting his on. Then he zipped up his pants. Kurt put his shirt on and looked at the curly haired boy quizzically,

"Okay? What do you want to talk about?" Blaine took a deep breath and took one of Kurts hands in his own. He worried his bottom lip between his teeth, and looked at Kurt, into his big glaze eyes, lips pink and swollen from making out -for two hours straight-.

"I- I love you Kurt-"

"I love you too." Blaine smiled and continued,

"I know. And I want to express that love, in a more...physical..way." He paused searching for the right words. Because dapper him, wont just let him say 'I want to have sex with you, Kurt' nooo that would be undapper-like. "I want...to...go- go all the way, Kurt. I- I want to be your first, and I want you to be mine."

Kurt looked at him, his eyebrows arched and his lips parted. He closed his mouth and wet his lips. He thought for a few minutes, thinking about how he really does want to 'go all the way' with Blaine, but was nervous, because one: he'd never done it before, and two: because he felt like he'd be betraying his dads trust.

He looked at Blaine and smiled,

"I do too. But, I want us to take some time and think it over. Saturday, dad, Carole and Finn will be out, Finn's sleeping over at Pucks house, and dad and Carole wont be back until midnight. That gives us three days to think about it." Blaine smiled, Kurt was always the one who kept him in line, made sure he didn't do anything impulsive or stupid like the Gap-Attack.

"Good idea, Love." Kurt smiled and kissed his boyfriend.

"By the way, your curfew is in one hour, the drive back is an hour and a half." Blaine bolted up and ran out yelling 'I love you but my balls are in a vice if I don't get back on time' Kurt laughed and fixed his hair and went downstairs.

"Hey dad, where are Carole and Finn?" Burt looked up from his paper and looked at Kurt,

"They went to the movies. Why?"

"I actually wanted to talk to you about something..." Kurt avoided his fathers eyes -not something he did often- and Burt furrowed his brow. He put down his paper and gestured for Kurt to sit on the couch next to him,

"Whats up kid? What do you wanna talk about?" Kurt just blurted it out before he lost his nerve,

"Sex." Burts eyes widened, and he slumped back into the couch.

"Well, Kurt when we talked that time, I told you everything I can I-"

"I know. I don't need to know any of the mechanics or anything. I just... I want to take that step with Blaine, and we've talked about it. I just feel like I'm betraying your trust if I do." Burt nodded, and looked at his son,

"Are you asking my permission to have sex with your boyfriend?" Kurt shrugged,

"I guess I am." Burt smiled,

"When were you planning on it?" Kurt looked at his father, and decided to keep his promise of always being honest with him,

"This Saturday. While you guys were out." Burt nodded again,

"Do you need anything? Like, I'm not going to buy it for you, but I'll give you the money for it." Kurt smiled,

"Thanks dad. But I've got some money, and it's not like Blaine's short on cash." Burt smiled and patted his son on the back,

"Remember to use lots of lube, 'kay?" Kurt flushed deep crimson and nodded frantically,

"Dad, I-I-I Kn-Know...I know. Thank you." Burt chuckled and asked Kurt if he'd like to split a medium pizza,

"Sure. But keep your greasy meats on your side."