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Collin brushed an eyelash off his new daughters cheek, the newborn cooing happily and making a suckling noise.

"She's beautiful." Kurt said, reaching over and brushing some of her light hair away from her face. Collin smiles and pulls the baby closer into his chest.

"Thank you. Where did Dave and Blaine go?" Kurt placed Rian onto the bed on his back and tickled his toes, Rian flexing them out and scrunching them in. Kurt removes the sleeve of his shirt from his mouth for the millionth time that day, the baby boy likes to suckle on his clothing, a habit Kurt cant stand.

"They went grocery shopping with mom and dad."

"And Finn?"

"He's with Puck at the park. Why?" Collin placed Lilly's bottle in her mouth and sighed,

"How is your and Blaines sex life?" Kurt laughed and tickled Rians tummy, the baby making a face and drooling a little.

"Normal. It wasn't for a good four months though. Healing took some time."

"Yeah, but you pushed him out your money maker, thats understandable. I had a C-section."

"Collin, it's going to take some time to get the hang of things. You'll soon fall into a routine, give it time. Have you had sex at all since Lilly was born?" They really don't talk about what happened. Collin is in counseling to help deal with it, because Carole insists just ignoring it wont help, but they try their best to go about their normal lives.


"Well that's something."

"Its been a month!"

"Welcome to the sex life of most married couples."

"How many times a month do you and Blaine?" Kurt chuckles and wipes more drool off of Rians neck, making a face and poking his tongue out at the baby,

"You're messy. And about five or six times a month. Like I said, you'll fall into a routine."

"Isn't that boring?"

"You have to have chicken for every meal, no one said you had to have it the same way each time."

Blaine and Dave stood in the condom area of walgreens, looking at the different kinds,

"It's wierd to think we actually have to wear these to protect against pregnancy." Blaine laughes, picking up a box of ultra-lubed.

"What do you think the actual chances of one of them getting pregnant again are?"

"Patty said it should be about the same as a woman, didn't you get Kurt pregnant on your first time?" Blaine tossed the condoms into the shopping cart and grabbed a box for Dave, tossing it in as well.

"Yup. You?"

"I think around the fourth time." Just then Burt came around the corner with Carole and tossed some frozen pizzas on top of the other groceries,

"Ready boys?" The two nodded and made their way to the check out, they unloaded the groceries onto the belt and Blaine caught sight of the candy in the 'impulse purchase' stand,

"Mom! Can I have red vines?"

Quinn listened to the lawyer talk, going on about laws and the will and Shelbys final wishes, but all Quinn can focus on is Beth in the play pen in the corner of the room.

"So does that all sound reasonable to you?" Quinn just nodded, still watching her little girl play.

"When can we take her home?" Quinns mother asked the man in the suit,

"They're installing her car seat in Quinns car now."

Quinn drove to her new apartment in silence, Beth babbling away in the back seat. Shelby was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, and then died two weeks later after finalizing her will. She left Beth in the sole custody of Quinn. Quinn had gotten the news three days ago, she moved out of the apartment she shared with her divorced mother and got a two bedroom town house and furnished it with her trust fund.

Quinn was planning to go off to Yale to study law, but decided to stay close to home now and study online through Yales Online school. She works full time at a law office, pushing papers. She talked to Kurt and Collin the other day, they agreed to watch Beth while Quinn was at work.

Quinn pulls into the driveway and looks at the girl in the back,

"Okay, I'm gonna have to learn really fast how to be a mom. Just bare with me for a bit, I'll catch on. Lets go inside so I can start learning."

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