Chapter 1-Ties Cut and Lost

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The Continent of the Elemental Countries is larger then most people realized, as it was once a much larger base of land then the maps today would show, and the part that was not shown was in a whole different league in every way. You see, all of the Elemental Countries are on eastern side of the continent as a whole, and that just past Earth Country to the West...was a massive wall with an even more massive territory. This wall that held back the violence of the west, its people, weaponry, and power that made anything in the East look pale in comparison. No one from the Kages of the Shinobi village to the very Daimyos ruling over their domains, even Uchiha Madara himself dared not go over to the West, and draw the attention of even one of the war hardened factions there.

Beyond this massive wall, a wall that was forged during the time of the Sage of Six Paths by the Sage himself, were warlords, rogue samurai, Shinobi. Shinobi Clans, assassins, and even demons that all fought to protect their own individual territories from rivals. It had been the reason the Sage of Six Paths had made the wall in the first place, as he knew that eventually the East would be consumed by the powers of the West without the wall, and years later the Uzumaki Clan in Whirlpool was commissioned by all of the many Feudal Lords in the East to use their mastery in the Sealing Arts to cover the wall with seals to prevent its deterioration. Before his death, the Sage of Six Paths had made it known that even if the powerful beings in the West divided, they could easily spill their conflict into the East, and wiping out half of Elemental Countries before a plan to counter them could even be thought up.

Of course memories of such warnings fade away through the passage of time, arrogance clouds the judgment of those in charge, and the leaders in the East become consumed in the ways of stupidity in the belief they are invincible. Along with the fading of warnings, is the evolution of the world itself, shaking it to the very foundation, and a single incident that would bring about the very catalyst for such evolution to happen.

And that single incident came on a day when Uchiha Sasuke defected from Konoha to join Orochimaru, but failed to accomplish his goal thanks to one Uzumaki Naruto, and was brought back to Konoha. The two had fought each other in a brutal battle in a fight to the end, as Naruto was on a mission to bring Sasuke back to the Leaf, and the Uchiha's own was to slay his pursuer for greater power. Naruto had suffered two Chidoris to his chest, but endured the lethality of the Jutsu, and the pure agony that came along with the rest of his injuries from the battle to return Sasuke to Konoha. The blonde Uzumaki had hoped his actions would prove to the village he wasn't a monster, that he wasn't the Kyuubi, and prove himself worthy of their recognition.

He was sadly mistaken.


"Uzumaki Naruto. It is the decision of the Hokage, the Councils, and the Clan Heads of Konoha that you are to be banished immediately from the village," said Tsunade while she scowled at Naruto, who had barely had a chance to even heal from his injuries, and still had bandages covering parts of his body to further prove it.

"What? Why?" said Naruto seeing the female Hokage scowl more at him.

"Why? Why? You injured the Uchiha you little demon shit!" said Homura spoke this time while Naruto got angry himself.

"And what about what he did to me? I took two Chidoris to the chest. Not one, but two of them, and all with the intent to kill from that prick so he could go to Orochimaru. At least with my attacks, they were to disable, and I carried that asshole back to the village in my condition!" said Naruto before Tsunade slammed her fist down onto the table.

"Silence! I've had it up to hear with your annoying voice brat. I'm tired of your whining and your excuses for what happened in this mission. You have until the rest of the day to get out of the Leaf village and if you ever return to will be killed on sight. No excuses!" said Tsunade coldly while Naruto looked betrayed at her words while the Councils and the Clan Heads smirked in victory.

"So that's how it is, huh? I bust my ass for you, these pricks, and the rest of the temes in this village in the hope of getting the respect I deserve. Instead, you blame me for doing my job, and banish me? Fine! Go ahead. I hope you all choke on this little victory of yours and when you do...don't expect me to save your ass," said Naruto before taking off his Shinobi headband and chucking it at Tsunade with it barely missing her head.

And smashing into the Yondaime's picture behind her before they both fell to the floor with the glass on the picture shattering.

"You demon brat! Arrest him!" said Koharu before being forced back into her chair by a wave of killer intent.

"Just try it. I dare you. Before I get arrested, I promise every single Shinobi sent after me will be maimed, and scarred for life," said Naruto before walking towards the door.

"Naruto! One last thing. Hand me back my necklace," said Tsunade seeing Naruto stop at the door and glaring at her.

"This isn't yours anymore Hokage-sama. As I recall, this was lost to you in a fair bet, and it will be a cold day in Hell before this become yours again," said Naruto before walking out of the office with Tsunade narrowing her eyes at him while he left.

(End Flashback)

Naruto made it back to his apartment without hassle. Probably because the boy had used the more discreet alleys, stayed in the shadows, and avoided every person in Konoha all together. Of course, his apartment had been trashed by the looks of things, which wasn't really new in his mind, as it happened from time to time, and moved to the hidden panel underneath his destroyed bed to remove his few valuables the villagers couldn't take from him. Some spare clothing that wasn't orange, knowing it wasn't healthy to wear it at this point, and Hinata's spare medical cream he hadn't used.

Applying some of the medical cream to his body, Naruto had taken away the pain of his more annoying injuries the Kyuubi had yet to handle himself. Bagging everything, the Uzumaki turned to walk out of the apartment, and out of Konoha for good. The Jinchuriki was not even out the door when Naruto bumped into the one person even he didn't expect to see before leaving.

Hyuuga Hinata.

"Is it true?" said Hinata while staring into Naruto's eyes I the hopes it wasn't.

"Yeah. I beat the crap out of the Uchiha. Let it all out. Insult me. Slug me. Get it over with, but hurry up, and be done with it," said Naruto before seeing Hinata begin to cry, then surprisingly run up, and hug him while sobbing into his chest.

"I don't care about the Uchiha. I care about you! Is it true that you're being banished from the Leaf? Forever? Under the pain of death upon returning?" said Hinata while she once again looked into Naruto's eyes and saw how shocked he was that someone actually cared about him instead of Sasuke.

"Yeah. Its true. I've got until the end of today to leave before they send out their Shinobi to kill me. Though I suspect they'll do it before then out of spite for me. For what I am," said Naruto before shutting up and Hinata knew why.

"You mean the vessel of Kyuubi?" said Hinata while Naruto stiffened and then looked her dead in the eyes with an intense seriousness that made the Hyuuga girl shiver.

"Who told you that?" said Naruto knowing the law while never really enforced could be used against her for the kind nature Hinata was known for.

Hiashi would probably perform the execution himself.

"I've always known Naruto-kun. My Father told me at a very young age in the hopes of removing my feelings for you. I admit after hearing you were the Kyuubi Jinchuriki was scared at first because he told me stories of the Kyuubi being a ruthless demon, but my Mother took me away to talk in private, and called my Father an idiot. She said you weren't the demon. Just the container. She said a Jinchuriki is like a cup being filled with water. The cup only holds water, but isn't water itself. So, I watched you for awhile, and wished to see who you really were," said Hinata while smiling slightly at him with Naruto being shocked at her words.

"And?" said Naruto seeing Hinata smile more gently hugged him this time.

"You are just the cup that holds the water that is Kyuubi. You have done so much and been given so little in return for everything you've done for this village. I just wish I had told you sooner how I felt about you. How much I care. How much I wanted to be by your side to help you endure everything. And how much I love you," said Hinata while Naruto slowly wrapped his arms and for the first time in his life...the young Uzumaki felt joy fill his soul.

"I wish I had known sooner too. It wasn't your fault Hinata-chan. I've been too stupid and blind to notice your feelings and for that I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?" said Naruto with the Hyuuga nodding her head while feeling his whiskered face rub against hers and loved it.

"Only if you forgive me," said Hinata and then kissed him on the lips knowing it would probably be for the first and last time.

"I can do that. Though you better get out of here before someone else less friendly arrives to find you here," said Naruto seeing the Hyuuga girl nod.

"Be safe wherever you go Naruto-kun and know that no matter what heart will always belong to you," said Hinata before she quietly left the room.

"Better to love and lost then never love at all," said Kyuubi at last within Naruto's mind.

'I was wondering when you'd talk to me again fur ball. So what do you want? Come to gloat at being weak? Come to gloat at how I didn't finish off my enemy like you would have in my place?' thought Naruto while physically moving to get out of the village before anyone else knew he was gone.

"No kit. I am here to talk about...your future. Our future," said Kyuubi seeing the boy was so shocked that he physically stopped in the deserted alley.

'What about it? Considering how things are right now, mostly because of you I might add...I have no future!' thought Naruto with the Kyuubi sighing.

"I know kit. At first, I hated you like I did everyone else, but then I saw your heart, and your soul for what it truly was before I realized my foolishness. I didn't want to be in a vessel, who used my power, and called it his own. You are nothing like those fools in Konoha and only used my power for a cause greater then yourself. I never had access to my previous vessels like I did you, but I knew enough that they never called on my power, and I respected them for that fact. When you first demanded my power in order to save yourself from that ravine, I was impressed by your boldness, and yet disgusted by the order given. It wasn't until later when you used my powers. only as a last resort against your opponents did I realize you weren't going to abuse what was given, and it was at that point...I knew you were worthy," said Kyuubi while sensing Naruto was once again surprised.

'Wow! I guess I should be honored by this Kyuubi, but...what does this have to do with our future, and living without a home?' thought Naruto with the Kyuubi smirking.

"There is always a home kit. We just have to find it first. Given the nature of things as they are today, its clear such a place is not on this side of the world, and therefore...we must look on other side," said Kyuubi drawing more confusion from Naruto.

'What do you mean?' thought Naruto while Kyuubi shook his head.

"I'll tell you another time kit. Right now, we must move, and move silently before the Leaf decides to move ahead of schedule in letting you leave," said Kyuubi with Naruto nodding in agreement and moved to get out of the village before stopping again to see the other Rookies talking to each other with Gai's team.

"I knew it? Naruto is the Kyuubi! I knew there was something off about him and this is the proof in the pudding," said Kiba with the others nodding in agreement.

"To think I believed him in defying Fate. Now I feel like a fool for believing the Kyuubi and his trickery," said Neji scowling with anger.

"If I see him, he's going to be used for target practice, and I'm going to make him suffer," said Tenten with her scroll filled with weapons at the ready.

"Such an unyouthful creature the Kyuubi was back then and now to deceive us all for so long. It will bring me great honor to defeat him in battle," said Lee being his usual self.

"I knew that baka was unnatural. Now I see he's really the Kyuubi. The next time I see him, I'm going to punch his tiny brain out of his skull, and rip out his guts for what he did to Sasuke-kun," said Sakura with Ino agreeing to help.

"The Hokage says he's been officially banished from Konoha. We just have to be patient in the hopes the demon is dumb enough to return or hide out in a nearby country so we can have a shot at him," said Shikamaru while seeing the others nod in agreement.

"You sicken me Shikamaru. All of you do," said Temari appearing behind Shikamaru and glaring daggers at them all.

"What are you talking about?" said Shikamaru before being punched harshly in the face by Temari and soon saw her siblings flanking her position.

"You heard me you baka. For someone with a genius brain, you sure are stupid, and lack the perception to see the truth. My own brother here is like Naruto. My youngest brother Gaara was as bad as they come, caring for nothing, but himself growing up, and yet this very same person you now condemn to be a demon saved this village from annihilation!" said Temari while her siblings glared daggers at them all.

"It just proves Naruto is a monster if Gaara is just like him," said Sakura before killer intent from Gaara shut her up.

"Foolish girl. Who was it that saved you from my deathly grip? Who was it that defeated me in combat during the invasion of your village? It was Naruto. For that act alone and for siding with the Uchiha after the fool nearly killed my first real friend ...the alliance between our two villages is hereby terminated. Temari. Kankuro. We are leaving," said Gaara coldly while his eyes glared daggers at them all before the siblings left.

'Thanks Gaara. I'll pay you back someday my friend. I promise,' thought Naruto before he took off and managed to get over the village walls.

Never to be seen again for many years.

As the Emperor of the Western Elemental Empire!

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