Chapter 7-Prophecy Fulfilled

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The Fire Daimyo was feeling uneasy at the moment, which he had every right to be, as he had several agents of the Western Elemental Empire before him, holding Uchiha Itachi prisoner, and waiting for their Emperor to arrive. The Feudal Lord knew with his own army of samurai here in the Capital of his lands, these agents would kill them easily, and himself should they even suspect there are thoughts about betraying the Emperor upon his arrival. Of course, the Fire Daimyo had no intention of doing that, as this was the Yondaime's son, and the former Kyuubi Jinchuriki had done a great deal for the East, and the West with the latter becoming an Empire of incredible power. Already, Earth, Rice, and Lightning Country had surrendered to the Empire's might. Iwa was a shadow of its former self after their failed invasion attempt in breeching The Wall and Orochimaru's forces were wiped out along with the Sannin himself with his chosen Right Hand sharing the same fate. Lightning Country also submitted with the new Lightning Daimyo, who had replaced his war hungry predecessor, had surrendered with Kumo following soon after with the Hachibi extracted from their Jinchuriki.

And now these Imperial agents watching for anything and everything just told him that the Akatsuki was no more.

'Its hard to imagine that things have gone so far out of hand and yet...things have been stabilized from this chaos. Maybe this is Kami's way of removing the poison from our lands. All this corruption, greed, chaos, and thirst for greater power without regard for the consequences of our actions has led to everything here today. The East has been poisoned by all these things and the Emperor's methods seem to be the only cure,' thought the Fire Daimyo, as he saw Naruto come in on horseback with his Generals, dismount, and walk over to where Itachi was currently sitting via his knees on the floor.

"Fire Daimyo-sama, its good to see you after all this time despite all the truly horrible circumstances with the chaos happening around us, and the evils behind them trying to spread their wickedness," said Naruto seeing the Feudal Lord nod, as visiting the man was one of the things the Namikaze had done at times in secret, and talk about the future of the world.

They discussed politics, philosophy, and general direction the world was heading without someone responsible making sure the world wasn't destroyed. They had secretly come to an agreement that in the event things progressed to this point, a plan of sorts had to be put into motion, and bring about the needed balance of the entire Continent. Not just one side of the landscape, but all of the lands needed to be calmed, and needed a strong leader to ensure it happened.

"Now Uchiha Itachi, you are going to tell the Fire Daimyo everything about your time in Konoha, the Akatsuki, and the true reason behind the Uchiha Massacre," said Naruto, as he put an iron clad grip on Itachi's shoulder, and the Uchiha whimpered slightly knowing what was about to happen.

"And afterwards?" said Itachi seeing the grin on Naruto's face.

"You get your long awaited wish Itachi. The wish of dying for your crimes," said Naruto before motioning for the Uchiha to tell the Fire Daimyo the truth.

"I understand Naruto and I just want to say...I'm glad it was you who did this," said Itachi while looking back at Naruto with a smile before turning his head to fully face the Fire Daimyo and tell the man everything.

(Konoha-Sometime Later)

"I can't believe this! That brat is taking over the East," said Tsunade, as she received word of Naruto's conquest, and how the defeated countries of the East along with their Shinobi villages had kneeled to their new Emperor.

"The prophecy," said Jiraiya more to himself then Tsunade.

"What? Not that nonsense again!" said Tsunade, as she had heard it all before from the man after Naruto's banishment, and told him not to rely on things from the Toads.

"It makes sense though. I did teach the gaki, if only for a short time, and just look what is happening around us? The man is taking control. The different Feudal Lords of the East know they can't defy him and have no intention of doing so with Naruto letting them stay the way they are in return for their cooperation. My contacts in the Wind Daimyo's Court has informed me that the Feudal Lord wish to become part of the Empire, offering up a sizeable tribute to prove it, but Naruto respectfully told the Feudal Lord that a tribute was not necessary, and just his loyalty was enough for him. Rice Country is the same way, as it was sacked easily by Naruto's force, and changed its status from temporarily annexed to permanently annexed into the Empire. The kid is devouring lands left and right without lifting a finger while his reputation in being a fair Emperor doing the work for him," said Jiraiya seeing Tsunade seething at this.

"My Grandfather was the same way with the Shinobi villages. He was respected to such a level that few dared challenge him. It seems he's inherited more from me then just some of my genetic traits from the Senju Clan," said Tsunade while Jiraiya shook his head at her.

"Is that so bad? Do you really want to fight him Tsunade? Over...whatever it is you find this need to fight him that I can't get my head around!" said Jiraiya while Tsunade just scowled deeply at him.

"Of course I do! I will fight him with everything I am Jiraiya. That boy is not worthy of the life given to him by that damn procedure my Grandfather used," said Tsunade seeing Jiraiya become saddened by her words.

"You do realize that if it wasn't for that very procedure used to get Kushina pregnant with Minato's child, you wouldn't even exist either since your Grandmother had the same thing done to herself, and brought your own Mother into this world," said Jiraiya while he got a death glare for his troubles.

"Never say that to me again or I will beat you literally to death Jiraiya," said Tsunade while Jiraiya sighed and nodded.

"I won't. It's the first and last time I'll say it to you Tsunade. Hell, I only said it because I was hoping to knock some sense into you, and let the truth snap your head out of this hate that's tainting your soul," said Jiraiya seeing the woman not looking him in the eyes.

"I know what I feel in my heart right now for that brat. I don't know if its hate, spite, or something else I can't put into words. What I do know, is that these feelings tell me to make sure Naruto does not win, and I will fight the gaki with everything in my body," said Tsunade while Jiraiya's face looked pained.

"You're going to regret this Tsunade. The village has seen its last days. The Fire Daimyo has ordered the liquidation of Konoha at Naruto's request with the Emperor coming here to do the job himself," said Jiraiya seeing Tsunade smirking slightly.

"Let him come. I'll fix the mistake I made when the Yondaime asked me to perform the procedure to assist in Kushina getting pregnant," said Tsunade while Jiraiya looked away from her.

"Kushina would be devastated to hear you say that," said Jiraiya while sensing Tsunade shooting him a dirty look.

"As she would be with you!" said Tsunade with Jiraiya nodding.

"I know that Tsunade. And I've regretted doing that every single day since the order was signed. Its only now that the weight of it has practically reached its zenith. It's a shame the guilt you should be feeling right now is lighter then air," said Jiraiya before leaving the room before Tsunade could shoot back a response.

(Konoha Streets)

Word reached the populous of the village of the Fire Daimyo ordering the Leaf's official liquidation, orders that the Fire Daimyo made to prove his allegiance to Naruto after his lands became annexed into the Empire without resistance, and would be performed by the Emperor himself. Many civilians were scrambling to their homes to get their families to hide in the shelters, believing the Shinobi of the Leaf would protect them, and defeat this vile Emperor they had once scorned when the former Jinchuriki lived here. Even now, the Shinobi were preparing a defense against the Emperor, his forces being brought against them, and hoped to at least go down fighting valiantly in a manner befitting the village's once great reputation. Even now, the people blamed Naruto not only for the Leaf's fall from power after his banishment, but the Fire Daimyo's decision to order the majority of them meet a soon to be demise, and at the hands of the former Jinchuriki no less.

Among the Shinobi working on defending their homes, yet not doing anything at the same time, were the Konohamaru Corps. currently leaning against the walls of an alley, and watching the people running around in a semi-panic. The three knew their Boss was coming here to Konoha, to do what needed to be done, and that it was the only way to purge the bad blood from this place. Agents of the Empire were already in Konoha, under disguise of foreign merchants, simple travelers, and holy Monks on a pilgrimage of sorts with the village being a place to stop before continuing further on their travels.

That was the official cover, but unofficially those agents never left, and had been in the shadows waiting for the order to strike. The Emperor was to attack from the outside of the Leaf while the agents inside struck from their assigned areas to weaken it further.

"Its finally happen," said Konohamaru seeing the others nod.

"Statistically it was bound to happen sooner or later," said Udon having done the math in his head.

"They brought it on themselves," said Moegi before looking deeper into the alley and a figure in white wearing a hood that covered his face in shadow.

"I bring word from the Emperor himself. He requires your assistance on bringing down the Northern Wall of the village where most of the Leaf Shinobi are moving to protect since they know he's heading towards Konoha from that general area," said the figure with the Konohamaru Corps. nodding.

"How big of an army is the Boss bringing?" said Konohamaru with the figure smirking at him.

"Do you really need to ask Sarutobi Konohamaru? The man IS and army unto himself," said the figure before walking backwards into the shadows while Konohamaru let out a chuckle.

"Of course he is," said Konohamaru before motioning for his teammates to follow him.

"Are they on the move?" said a figure with long red hair tied in a samurai ponytail and a X-shaped scar on his cheek.

"I just spoke to them. I can see they are loyal to the Emperor. The pair at the ramen stand were extracted using the secret underground base Danzo used for his Root Division," said the white robed figure from the Assassin's Guild.

"What about the other remaining Rookie Nine? Maito Gai's old Genin team? Spare or kill," said the red haired figure.

"Avoid them for now until further orders. Disable them if you fight, but do not kill until further ordered, and only by the Emperor," said the Assassin seeing the figure nod.

"Saito and his Shinsengumi are also in position," said the red haired swordsman with the Assassin nodding.

"Yes. Await the signal to begin. It will come in the form of a crimson flare I will launch from the Hokage Monument on top of the Yondaime Hokage's head," said the Assassin with the swordsman nodding.

"Understood," said the red haired swordsman.

"Stain the ground with the blood of the guilty Hitokiri Battōsai," said the Assassin before vanishing into the shadows once more.

"As is expected from a member of the Ishin Shishi Patriots," said the Battōsai simply.

(Outside Konoha)

"Are you ready for this Naruto-kun?" said Hinata seeing the spiky blonde Emperor nod.

"I am. Are you ready? What must be done is not something you can just wish to happen quickly and...," said Naruto, but he was silenced by Hinata putting a finger on his lips, and then that was replaced by her lips.

"You need to do this. We need to do this my love. Let us put our ghosts to rest and bring peace to this world," said Hinata, as she saw him nod, and caress her hands while one of his fingers touched her ring finger with a ring holding green jewel on it.

The green jewel that was once the Shodaime's Necklace had been altered to become the Empress's Ring.

"Then let us do this...together," said Naruto with Hinata nodding.

"Together," said Hinata before giving him another loving kiss and the two of them began their march towards Konoha.

Creating an army of Shadow Clones, Naruto sent them forward with Konoha's forces waiting for him, and Hinata with weapons at the ready. However, before a single kunai, shuriken, or Jutsu could be launched at the Imperial pair a massive explosion tore through the wall sensing Shinobi everywhere. The army of Narutos charged forward, a flare shot up from the Hokage Monument, exploding in the air, and generating a crimson glow that covered all of the village in its haunting light. Explosions rocked different areas, agents of the Empire struck surprised Konoha Shinobi in different defensive positions within the village, carving a path of death, and destruction like they had done hundreds of times before in their lives. Everywhere around the village, Imperial Swordsman, Shinobi, and Warrior Monks appeared fighting Leaf Shinobi.

As for Hinata, she was now being attacked by her so called Father, and a sizeable group of her clan. Hiashi had called her a failure, the Emperor's whore, and see to it that she was never allowed to have any children with him should she survive this. Hinata was not intimidated by her Father, as she had been training hard since coming to the Empire, and had become stronger under the teachers Naruto had assigned to her overall development.

Hiashi let his clansmen fight Hinata first, thinking they would be able to do the job for him, and thus keep his hands clean in destroying his daughter. She surprised him in a shocking display of skill, as Hinata used her own style of Gentle Fist, and decimated each Hyuuga her Father sent in his place. When the last one fell, only Hinata, and her Father remained to fight it out in many would consider a dispute a parent has with their grown up child.

"How could you do this to me? To me and the clan?" said Hiashi sharply at Hinata.

"How could I not? I love Naruto-kun. I always will. Even now, you would denounce our union, and hurt me to get to him. Why? Didn't you know what it means to love with my Mother?" said Hinata seeing Hiashi scoff at the mention of the sacred word.

"Love has nothing to do with the Hyuuga Clan. Its as foreign as the word 'freedom' is to the Branch family of our clan. We do not marry for love. Your Mother did so with such nativity, when the reason I did it was to appease the Elders since she once came from an influential noble house, and had the ears of the Fire Daimyo. They long since fell out of grace with him at that time, but by then I was already married, and she was carrying you so removing her was out of the question," said Hiashi, as he lashed out at Hinata with his version of Gentle Fist, and she blocked every single strike he tried to hit her with.

"And when she died? Was that because she found out the truth? Or did you do it on the orders of the Elders?" said Hinata, as she launched her own counter attack on him, and pushed Hiashi back several feet with the man coughing up blood.

"I don't know how you found out about that little secret, but I guarantee it will never be spoken from your lips again, and will go with you to your grave!" said Hiashi, as he once again charged towards Hinata, and found himself unable to land a strike against his more agile daughter.

"No. You will take it to yours," said Hinata, as she unleashed her fury on Hiashi for every match against her sister, her cousin, and "spars" he made her do knowing she would lose because of her hesitation in hurting family.

Hinata smashed in his ribs, shred his internal organs, and broke every single bone within Hiashi's body while unleashing all the frustration this man had built up inside of her. All the put downs, all the beating that were ignored by others simply because he called them spars, and disregarding her feelings in general all for the sake of a selfish clan that cared little to nothing about others. All the Hyuuga Clan cared about was the Hyuuga Clan, the archaic traditions, and the only reason they served Konoha was because it benefited them in keeping the clan in a secure position they could never have with any other village.

Hinata was tired of these traditions. She was tired of her clan in general.

It was time for a change.

"Damn hime. Remind me to never make you angry," said a Shadow Clone of Naruto in a joking manner while the real man himself was heading for the Hokage Tower to speak to his Godparents.

"You never could. Let's round up the other Rookies. Only when the smoke clears will we decide what to do with them," said Hinata seeing the Shadow Clone of Naruto give her a kiss then a mock salute.

"You got it. You heard her boys. Round them all up hogtie style. YEEEHHAAAAAW!" said the Shadow Clone while Hinata just blink before letting out a chuckle.

'Naruto-kun's Shadow Clones can be so weird sometimes,' thought Hinata knowing that they had their occasional...glitches.

(Hokage Tower)

An ANBU lay on the ground, his mask sliced in half from the slash of Naruto's sword after cutting him down, and the blonde Emperor made his way to the Hokage's Office. His blue eyes were colder then ice, harder then steel, and burning with fury hotter then the Sun itself. Shinobi came out of every corner trying to stop him, but lethal Taijutsu, or sword strikes made them fall down dead. Blood stained the hallways, bodies littered the floors, and all at Naruto's hands. His footsteps echoed throughout the tower, almost like a heartbeat at a steady pace with one foot moving in front of the other, and on the path that would take him to the Hokage's Office.

A room, which at one point, Naruto thought would one day call his own when becoming Hokage, and protector of this village. Only for that very dream to die on the day of his banishment, ordered by the Hokage herself, and face the penalty of death should he ever return. The latter being overridden of course by the Fire Daimyo in a short span of a few Months, but the man no longer cared about that, as Tsunade no long had the strength, or the right mind to backup any threat she wished to carry out against him. Her troops were losing the fight outside, the Fire Daimyo had ordered the village be liquidated with the survivors being left to rebuild as a way to make sure they remember this little lesson in humility, and the woman herself was tucked away in her cozy office with Jiraiya.

Without much restraint, he kicked the office doors down, and walked inside to see his two intended targets waiting for him. No ANBU were in the room, which meant either they had prepared a trap of some kind with seals, or they were confident in taking him down themselves.

"Its been awhile old hag. Still hiding your ugly face behind that Genjutsu of yours I see," said Naruto with a smirk on his face.

"You have some nerve coming back here Naruto. You were told what would happen if you did," said Tsunade rising from her seat.

"That you did. However, I do believe the Fire Daimyo removed that little stipulation of your regarding my banishment, and that I could do just about anything I wanted upon my return here to this shithole. Or has your brain forgotten that much?" said Naruto seeing Tsunade frown at him.

"Return Shizune and Anko back to the village," said Tsunade with Naruto shaking his head no.

"Why? So you can punish them? Why are you even asking me in the first place? Doesn't matter. What matters, is they are safe, and out of your reach. Don't you ever wonder, who sent those medical records to the Fire Daimyo, and raised red flags over the village in the first place?" said Naruto seeing Tsunade's eyes widen.

"I knew it! Only she could have gotten access to them. did it get sent to the Fire Daimyo?" said Tsunade while Naruto let out a chuckle.

"Its not hard to figure out. There is only one team that left the village with their sensei on a trip to the Capital of Fire Country during that time the file was taken. That same Genin team, recently graduated mind you, that has not abandoned me, and even now are helping in the fall of Konoha," said Naruto seeing Tsunade's eyes widen knowing who that team was since she sent them there after they graduated.

"The Konohamaru Corps. delivered it," said Tsunade to herself.

"They pushed themselves so hard afterwards and graduated early. The Fire Daimyo was so impressed with them, he wanted to see the Sandaime's Grandson for himself, and see if the boy was indeed just like sensei," said Jiraiya remembering how the entire village was talking about it.

"They didn't take my banishment very well. Shizune approached them before leaving and secretly handed Konohamaru the files. Told him to hand it only to the Fire Daimyo," said Naruto seeing the woman before him fuming in anger.

"That bitch! After all I've done for her," said Tsunade with Naruto scoffing.

"All you've done for her? Please! How many times has she had to cover the exit when you ran away from your debts? How many times has she had to be your eyes when you went out drinking? Who was it that put up with all your vices day in and day out since leaving the village? If anything, you owe her, and its high time you paid all your debts to the people you cheated from," said Naruto seeing Tsunade's eyes narrow at him.

"I haven't cheated anyone," said Tsunade with Naruto raising an eyebrow.

"Really? Let's look back at that statement, shall we? You have cheated me out of a life. You have cheated Shizune out of a life. Hell, you even cheated Jiraiya here out of a life with you, and your narrow minded arrogance," said Naruto seeing Tsunade slam her fist through the desk, which signified to him that she had enough, and was ready to fight.

"Enough! I don't need a simple minded gaki, who has delusions of grandeur, telling me how to do things, and judging my actions in the aftermath of them all. You are not the Hokage of this village Naruto. I am! If I want to cheat you, Hinata, Jiraiya, Shizune, and even the Konohamaru Corps out of a life then I will!" said Tsunade while not caring that Jiraiya was in the room hearing this.

He had put up with it since they were Genin. The man could take one more hit to his male pride.

"I see. Then I'm going to do what I came here to do," said Naruto taking a step forward, but stopped when his instincts, honed from years of training, had screamed out for him to stop, and saw the look in his Godparents' eyes to dare him in taking the next step forward.

'One more step! Take one more step damn you!' thought Tsunade, as she saw Naruto was one step away from defeat, and the Leaf's survival.

However, Naruto was not about to give the woman what he wanted, as he drew upon his vast reserves of chakra, and in a surprising move had spread it over the entire room. The Hokage's Office glowed for a second showing the seal designs covering the entire room, which upon being activated from what the Emperor could see from the designs would bind his body, seal off his chakra, and basically leave Naruto at their mercy before they shattered in front trio in the room.

"Nice try. You almost had me. I was so sure the Shinobi I cut down throughout the tower was your only line of defense against me, but then you have Jiraiya do this, and explain the crudeness of your actions to lure me in. Not bad. However, you're facing someone, who had been in danger so many times in his life, developed a danger sense, and instincts enhanced from years of battle," said Naruto seeing the woman growl in anger.

"You still can't win," said Jiraiya finally though his eyes didn't have the conviction in them that Tsunade's did.

"Prove it. Fight me. Both of you. Right now," said Naruto seeing Jiraiya hesitate, but Tsunade charged forward, using the super strength in her legs to move faster then a normal person would, and closed the gap instantly before taking a swing.

She missed.

Tsunade moved furiously in an attempt to hit Naruto, but the Namikaze was too fast for her, as he had trained with those that made his Godmother's speed seem like she was a snail in a rabbits world, and caused the Hokage to stumble in the end of her latest punch. He easily tripped the female Hokage, which caused her to hit the wall, and made Tsunade look like a complete fool. Tsunade snarled at Naruto, her forehead bleeding above where the jewel was, and once more tried to decimate the spiky blonde with a super strength enhanced hit.

Yet she kept on missing.

Jiraiya tried his own hand in helping Tsunade while wishing he could go into Sage Mode to combat Naruto, but the Toads had long since cut him off, and even then the Sannin had doubts the form would make a difference in fighting Naruto. His one time student had gotten stronger from years of training and being knee deep in war in the West when it was divided. Meanwhile, Jiraiya had been spending his time peeping on women, and Tsunade had been stuck behind a desk doing paperwork with any real training with what she was doing now being more from instinct then actual training.

''Hold still brat!" said Tsunade, as she aimed a kick at him, but he dodge, and hit her with a kick his own that sent the Hokage flying out the window into the village below.

"Rasengan!" said Jiraiya, who aimed the deadly attack at his Godson's back, but Naruto had quickly spin around, and caught the Sannin's hand at the wrist with the orb of energy a few inches from his face.

"You've both gotten so slow. So stale. I would say your age has something to do with it, but I know for a fact being older is not a factor here with either of you, and its just your slacking off that's caused you to be so weak. Its sad to think that you were once arguably the strongest Shinobi in the East after all that you've been through and yet I can easily crush you with ease because of your lack of training. I vowed long ago to never become like that Jiraiya. Do you know why I made such a vow? So I wouldn't become like you and Tsunade in using my title as Emperor to give me what I wanted. You and Tsunade did that when you left the Leaf. Abusing your traveling rights to peep on women or drink while gambling at casinos to blow away your money. Disgusting!" said Naruto before he broke Jiraiya's arm, then the leg, and landed five hits to the man's chest area in hitting all five pressure points.

"W-What...What did hit m-me with?" said Jiraiya, as he fell to his knees, and spit out blood from his mouth.

"The Five Finger Palm of Death. A great Taijutsu Master taught me that move. His name was Pai Mei. The man was considered the best in Eagle Claw Taijutsu and could pull out a person's eye in a single strike. Pai Mei was known to be the best in fighting, had little love for Easterners, and most people when they seek him out to train. He hated me from the start when I first sought him out for training. When he asked me what I knew of the ways of Taijutsu, I told him I knew little to nothing because no one would teach me due to my Jinchuriki status, and thus was a blank slate. Surprisingly he laughed, called me smart donkey for knowing when not to make an ass out of myself, and wished to see if I had any potential in Taijutsu at all," said Naruto seeing Jiraiya unable to stand on his own two legs.

"Must have been a real sadist then if you got stronger under him," said Jiraiya before he spit out some blood.

"Oh yeah. I fought and lost to him big time. But I took my beating well. I had heard the stories of how he hated disrespectful people and those that glared at him with some kind of defiance. Just by looking or insulting him was enough to bring about death to someone generating it at the man. Knowing this, I stayed humble, contrite in learning all he had to teach, and was impressed that I held my tongue so well when Pai Mei knew there was so much I wanted to say. When my training was complete, I asked him about the very move I used on you, and asked if it was possible for him to teach me that move since no one had ever been taught it from the rumors," said Naruto seeing Jiraiya finally stand up, but stayed on his one good leg, and keep his balance.

"What did he say?" said Jiraiya while using a chair to support himself.

"Pai Mei said 'If you can land one solid hit on my body, I will teach you this difficult, and deadly move that no other outside of myself knows how to use.' with the two of us soon fighting each other in pure Taijutsu. It wasn't easy, but in the end, I earned the right, and became his only student among a handful he trained to ever learn this deadly move," said Naruto seeing Jiraiya put a hand on his chest where his heart was located.

"And what does it do exactly?" said Jiraiya seeing Naruto walking to the whole where the window had once been.

"It attacks all of the pressure points around the heart. Right now you can only walk up to five steps before your heart explodes on the fifth step," said Naruto seeing Jiraiya's eyes widen in shock.

"So my next five steps will be my last huh? Talk about getting to the heart of the matter," said Jiraiya before letting out a small laugh and coughing up blood in the process.

"Use them wisely, for these five whole steps will literally become your last Jiraiya," said Naruto before he leaped out the window to engage Tsunade in combat.

" least I get to choose where to have my last walk," said Jiraiya, as he looked at the hole in the wall, and started walking towards it to see Konoha one last time.

It was on his fifth step that Jiraiya felt his heart explode, right at the wall's massive hole, and the Sannin collapsed onto the ground with his eyes taking in the village for what would be his last time doing so.

As for Naruto, he saw Tsunade was nowhere to be found, and yet sensed she was nearby while masking her chakra to stay under his radar. Even if she succeeded in doing that, Naruto had long since learned to sense others without chakra being a means to find them, and could easily sense her bloodlust targeting him for his actions. His sword at the ready, Naruto prepared himself for the fury he knew would soon be coming his way, and sensed Tsunade's bloodlust spike with anger.

'She still expects me to move around blindly. Has Tsunade's mind become so lost within whatever it is about me she hates that her Shinobi training suffers for it,' thought Naruto, as he closed his eyes, and got into a guard position.

Sure enough, Tsunade leaped out of her hiding spot above a nearby building, preparing to hit the spiky blonde with a vicious right that would splatter his brains everywhere, and end this matter permanently. She was so sure that Naruto, despite all that he had become in the years since his banishment, was still the same old dumb, hyperactive knucklehead of a blonde, who didn't' think before acting, and had little to no control over his emotions when it came to fighting.

"This is the end!" said Tsunade, as she threw her punch, which missed when he ducked, and he stabbed upward.

" is," said Naruto before his eyes widened when Tsunade went "poof!" to reveal she was a Shadow Clone.

And the real one came out from underneath him with her fist connecting with Naruto's face.

"Foolish boy. You will never beat me. Just like when we first met," said Tsunade with a smirk on her face, but it left when Naruto went "poof!", and revealed that he was in fact a Shadow Clone.

"That was then when I had little to no Shinobi training worth having. Even then, I made you use more then one finger, and deflated your ego in the process," said Naruto from behind and piercing her back with his sword.

"Impossible!" said Tsunade in surprise, as she fell to her knees, and Naruto pulled out his weapon from her body.

"I'm an Uzumaki, remember? Pulling off the impossible has always been on the forefront of my resume. Its in the blood," said Naruto, as he saw her clutch her chest, and just look back at him defiantly while blood leaked out of her mouth.

"So am I! Or have you forgotten!" said Tsunade, as she slammed her hand down, picked up a large chunk of the ground, and took a swing at him.

Only for Naruto to quickly grab the offending appendage at the wrist, spun the shocked woman around, and put it on the brink of being broken off with additional pressure. The Senju fell to her knees, crying out in pain, as her usual super strength was powerless in this position, and knew any attempt to free herself would result in the removal of the limb in Naruto's possession.

"You maybe part Uzumaki on your Grandmother's side of the family, but you have none of the imagination, or their spirit for doing what was right. You are not worthy of being my Godmother. You're not worthy of being part Uzumaki. This was over before I even had my agents infiltrate the village. Hell, this was over long before that, and the signs of it were made apparent when all of Konoha's allies left this place to rot. I was supposed to be the embodiment of Konoha's soul, its heart, its mind, and ultimately its future like my Father wished me to become after Kyuubi was sealed into me. You, Jiraiya, the Councils, and the people within this village killed that hope the moment someone called out for my death. It was ruined when people tried to destroy me when I was growing up and it was destroyed beyond repair on the day you signed the order to have me banished. This place is a cancer infested village with the cancer being arrogance. I am the cure. I always was now that I think about it. Though the method on how this village was to be cured of the disease was to be based on how bad the cancer within was before I could purge it from its very heart," said Naruto tightening his grip further and made Tsunade cry out in pain.

"This will accomplish nothing! You will be seen as nothing more then a butcher to all of the remaining survivors," said Tsunade while still trying to think of a way to break free without the breaking off of her arm.

"That all depends on who the survivors are Tsunade. I've decided that you will not be one of them," said Naruto coldly while Tsunade grit her teeth and was getting weaker by the second due to her injuries.

"Then finish it! If you were really the righteous Emperor like your people claim you to be, then you'd do the honorable thing, and end my life right now," said Tsunade angrily before Naruto's sword went through the back of her skull and out the front.

"As you wish...Mother!" said Naruto coldly with a hint of sarcasm and let her body hit the ground before walking away without regret.

He had stopped regretting this moment for a long time.

"My Emperor," said Hattori Hanzo, as he appeared before Naruto, and kneeled in front of the Imperial Leader.

"Report!" said Naruto to his deadly Shinobi.

"Victory is ours. The remaining Rookie Nine of your generation have been rounded up, as have their senseis, and awaiting your judgment," said Hattori Hanzo seeing Naruto nod before walking away.

"Its not just my judgment they will face Hattori Hanzo. They will also be judged by your Empress too," said Naruto with Hattori Hanzo walking behind him now.

"A most cruel fate indeed," said Hattori Hanzo while clearly relishing the thought of his Emperor's enemies quivering in fear at the feet of Emperor and Empress.

"Not cruel Hattori Hanzo. Its justified!" said Naruto before they eventually made it to the village square where what was left of the Rookie Nine, Tenten, Neji, their parents, and all their former senseis were on their knees...defeated.

"Naruto-kun!" said Hinata, as she hugged her future husband, and he returned it along with a passionate kiss.

"Hello Hinata-chan. Miss me?" said Naruto before she kissed him further.

You have no idea my love. Now, let us decide the future of our former friends, and leave this tainted place so we can at last be married," said Hinata seeing Naruto smile at her.

"Agreed. Anything you temes wish to say before we pass sentence?" said Naruto with his arm wrapped around Hinata's waist.

"We're sorry Naruto. We all are," said Shikamaru seeing Naruto narrow his eyes at him.

"We wronged you Naruto. We thought illogically. Nothing we say can make up for it," said Shino knowing the time had come to meet his end.

"We just listened to our parents. I could we not listen to them when growing up? They told us you were a monster and we believed them since they are out parents," said Ino seeing Hinata getting angry.

"And you couldn't see for yourself that they were wrong? How many times has Naruto bled for this village with you witnessing it? Yet they say he's a monster and you believe them!" said Hinata while holding back the urge to slap Ino's teeth right out of her mouth.

"We screwed up. Plain and simple," said Kiba while feeling the anger from both Hinata and Naruto aimed at him.

"Screwed up? Oh you did more then that Kiba. You saw Hinata as a prize. A trophy! You believed me to be a demon on the words of your bitch of a Mother and was blinded by your own jealousy when seeing Hinata's affection was aimed at myself! Even when you learned the truth of my status, as the Emperor of the Western Elemental Empire, you had the nerve to demand Hinata be returned to Konoha for your wedding, and you even dared to make such a demand IN MY HOUSE!" said Naruto his fury raging in his blue eyes like a storm that made Kiba whimper in fear.

"I was wrong! All right? I was jealous of you. Hinata looks at you and sees a God. I hated you for that and Kyuubi being sealed in your gut just drove me to hate you more. Mom had said it didn't matter if the two of you were separate or not. All that mattered was I take what was rightfully mine from you and prove I was more worthy of Hinata over you," said Kiba before Hinata struck him hard across the face.

"You will never be more worthy of me then Naruto-kun! Never in a thousand years! All you ever cared about was rutting with me like some kind of horny animal and getting me pregnant with your bastard children. When I wasn't pregnant, you'd have me cooking, cleaning, and more rutting until you got bored with my body before finding some tramp to get you off on the side. Don't deny it Kiba. I heard you brag about your intentions to your fellow clansmen!" said Hinata, as she saw him look away, and knew he couldn't talk his way out of it.

"I love Hinata-chan. My heart beats only for her and no other woman to the end of my days. To see someone like yourself look at her the way you have makes me want to pluck out your eyes as punishment for all the times you've leered at Hinata with greed and lust in them." said Naruto while the idea was becoming more and more appealing.

"No! Mercy!" said Tsume before Naruto's eyes were upon her now.

Mercy? Why should I show your pathetic excuse for a son mercy? Why should show you, his Mother of all people, who first poisoned his mind, and heart with lies an instant of the mercy you beg of me right now? The kind of mercy you denied me when I was a child. No. There will be no mercy," said Naruto, as he snapped his fingers, and well over one hundred Shinobi appeared at his command.

"You called for us my Emperor?" said Aoshi seeing the fury on the Emperor's face.

"Bring them to the West. They will meet their end there," said Naruto before his forces took them all away.

"And this village?" said Hattori Hanzo with Naruto looking at the place that was once his home.

"Burn it down. Get its people out of this place so we can see who lives to see its new future. We will have it rebuilt from scratch. Every clan parchment will be seized, every scroll preserved, and kept locked away until the new Leaf village rises from the ashes of the old. Remove the Fifth Hokage's Head from the Hokage Monument. Its an eyesore," said Naruto coldly before walking away with Hinata and let his Shinobi carry out their orders.

(Epilogue-10 Years Later)

Naruto watched from his place at the door leading out to the gardens, as his son played in the gardens with Hinata, laughing with joy shining in his light blue Byakugan Eyes. The Emperor smiled at the sight of his son having a day off from the intense training he was on to play with his Mother while taking up the art of flower pressing. Their son, who they named Seiji, had been trained just like them in the ways of ruling the Empire, which at this point covered all of the Elemental Countries being annexed into the Empire, and a lasting peace had washed over it.

Of course, it didn't mean Naruto could just sit on his throne, and let things just become stagnant like others have become. The Emperor stayed vigilant, as he balance personal, and business life so neither would suffer. Naruto knew his son would succeed him, to continue on the legacy of the Empire when he, and Hinata were long gone from this world.

The Shinobi from the Leaf were all punished accordingly, as Naruto had imprisoned the surviving members of the Aburame Clan, and let them out after five years. They were allowed back in the new Leaf village under the new Hokage ruling over it...Sarutobi Konohamaru. The Nara Clan got the same years of imprisonment, but did manual labor during that time to basically get laziness out of their system, and sent them back to the Leaf reborn anew. The same was done with the Yamanaka Clan, who were sent to the demonic territories in the West under the supervision of Yoko Kurama, and made sure they understood the term humility. The Akimichi Clan was scattered throughout the Empire, sent to different construction projects, but the records for their location had been thorough so when their sentence was over, they could reunite again, and be a clan once more.

The Inuzuka Clan suffered the most, as Kiba, and his Mother were put to death with Tsume's daughter Hana being chosen by Naruto to take over as the new Clan Head. The Hyuuga Clan was divided into two clans, as Hyuuga Neji ruled over one Hyuuga Clan with Tenten being his wife here in the West, and Hyuuga Hanabi became Clan Head in the East in Konoha. The use of the Cage Bird Seal was forever banned from both clans with an alternate seal being made so there was no sense of servitude and created unity within each one.

Rock Lee never walked again. Naruto had forbidden any medical procedure being done to heal the man. Naruto had given Lee back his life when they were still Genin and the man had betrayed him when loyalty mattered most. Maito Gai had come before the man, begging the Emperor to reconsider, and was silenced by Naruto's rage filled voice over the issue. In the end, Maito Gai had no choice, but to accept his fallen student's situation in being forever crippled, and continued to be the boy's guardian with the Emperor's blessing upon making the request. To make ends meet, Gai became a Taijutsu instructor, and judge at several Taijutsu Tournaments.

Yuhi Kurenai returned with her husband to the Leaf, as he was now the Clan Head of the Sarutobi Clan, and raised their child with humble beginnings. They knew mercy from the Emperor was not something to squander and they made sure it never was with their child. Anko along with Shizune would occasionally come back to the Leaf to see their friend and talked about the old days before Konoha's rebirth happened.

"He's really something," said Naruto to his wife, as she came over to him, and gave him a passionate kiss before looking over at their son using chakra to manipulate the plants to grow.

"Yes he certainly is. Takes after you in the pranking department though," said Hinata, as she giggled knowing some of the pranks had driven some of the guards somewhat crazy, and yet Naruto let it continue since it kept them on their toes.

"He wouldn't be an Uzumaki by blood if he didn't prank people. Takes after your gentle nature though," said Naruto, as his red haired son moving over to the pond, and using his incredibly strong Water Affinity to manipulate the liquid to dance around him.

"But has a strong desire to help others and be strong enough to do it too," said Hinata, as she snuggled up closer to him, and felt Naruto's heartbeat quicken.

"I love you," said Naruto, as he kissed her head, and looked down at his wife.

"And I you," said Hinata before she returned it.

The Sun setting in the background, as they kissed, and their son playing in the gardens was a perfect ending to this story.

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