Sleeping Beauty

As we all know sleeping beauty got a spell put on her, pricked her finger and fell into a deep sleep until prince ugly came to the rescue. Now they always hide what really happened and this is what happened…

Ok well what happened was malificent( I spelled that wrong, but work with me) had a bad case of the flu that day that she put the curse on sleeping beauty so she thought she said deep sleep but really said sleep, sleep, sleep(funny). SOOOOOOOOO the spell only meant for her to sleep twice as much as she usually does(32hr). SO her dummy self was walking up the stair because yes she did see that green glowing light, but she did not prick her finger on the spindle purposely she tripped over her shoe that was too big and fell. She bussed her lip messed up her nose and was bleeding very bad she also pricked her finger.

32hr later

Sleeping beauty woke up and she didn't know where she was so she ran down the stair, holding her dress (she learned her lesson :D)Then she ran out the door and fell on Prince ugly MOUTH-MOUTH!SO then he helped her took her to the hospital and got her well and married her:/

It wasn't as funny but it kinda was:D