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Nice to know you

Chapt1: Tears

The patter of two tiny feet on the stairs as the young prince went to see what had happened. Awakened from a bad dream, screams had erupted from the main hall, which, he had been told were strictly off limits to him, especially with a feast as big as this one. Standing in front of the large oak door to the hall, he felt his foot step on something icy, and let out a strangled cry. An elven guard lay on the floor, his eyes looking scared and several large stab wounds all over his body. Shaking, he tore his terrified eyes off the body and back to the door. The little prince threw it open, telling himself his 'mommy will look after him'. The feast hall was silent, and Legolas started to whimper as his eyes scanned the room. Bodies, lay strewn all over the room, some still sitting at the tables, these ones slaughtered innocently, some lay against one another, and more lay on the floor, killed while trying to flee the castle.

He bent down and gently touched the elvish head guard's face, which had been a great friend to the prince. It was cold, his eyes carrying the same cold expression as the guard at the door. He finally spotted the table at which his parents sat, and began to sob as he saw the two figures hunched over onto the table. Running, he saw that blonde hair covered his father's face. He could hear guards from other parts of the castle coming, running as someone alerted them who had escaped. Blocking the sound out, he slipped his hand underneath the blond hair only to feel the coldness of his dead father. Pulling back his hand, he screamed at the sight of the crimson blood dripping slowly off it.

After several minutes, to which seemed to him like an eternity, he turned to his mother. Her crown, lay on the floor trampled on. He picked it up and placed it on her head, kissing her cheek and pretending not to notice the pool of blood at her feet, staining her once white dress pink, he lay his head onto her chest, the blood beginning to give his hair on orange tint. The other Guards from further parts of the castle burst in and yelled, looking around at their colleagues, and the guests, their eyes resting on the King and Queen, and they could feel their hearts melting at the sight of the little prince curled up on his mother's lap sobbing uncontrollably, Trying to whisper something into her ear between sobs.

'Mommy…Wake up mommy…I had a nightmare, mommy. I'm scared. The monsters were in it again…Mommy?'