Hello and Welcome to mah first eva D. Gray-Man Fanfic! I hope you like! Oh and if you want a pairing I have one I thought up... And can't get out of my head. It's an OCXSC. OC= Oringinal Character. SC= Story's Character. Sorry, not telling who just yet. ;P

Chapter One, Part 1:

An Annoying Little Cat…

"Timcampy! TIMCAMPY!"

"We leaving soon Allen?" I asked my friend.

"Yeah, after I can catch Tim. TIMCAMPY!" Allen Walker replied. I should get Mitsu ready, I thought.

"Mitsu, come here, there's a good girl," I called out gentle as she came running, "Here you go, that's it. There! All done. Hey Allen, I'm ready. You got Tim yet?" I asked, after successfully getting the wolf pup on a leash.

"Yeah. You should be careful when you fly. One of those cats'll eat cha." Allen said, more to Timcampy than me. Well, at least I know our little buddy is safe. For now. I picked up Mitsu and put her on my head, because Allen and I are too fast for her. Then the clown and rabbit people we were riding with moved the curtain leading inside, getting our attention.

"Looks like you could use some food!" The clown guy exclaimed.

"Oh wow, Thank you!" Allen said. They handed him a little parcel.

"Yeah, thank you so much!" I said, as they handed me one too.

"Oh, are you two on a trip?" The bunny-lady asked, pushing the clown-man.

"No ma'am. We're just on our way to an important place. We're going to the Exorcists headquarters," Allen said for the both of us.

We got off and started walking away. Sigh, I thought, THIS is boring. Suddenly, a … something jumped over Allen's head, causing him to yelp in surprise. I looked to where it landed and saw… a cat, with Tim stuck in its mouth.

"Why you little-" I started. That's when it ran. We chased it, with Mitsu being ahead of us, close on the cat's tail. Yes, puppy Mitsu can't run very fast. But with the Innocence in her collar, she can grow to be full grown. She's the first dog exorcist! I giggled at my thought. Soon, we came up to a church that had Mitsu standing frozen with her tail between her legs.

"Pfft, dumb dog, it's a church," I said, earning a slap on the arm from Mitsu. Yeah, slap. Normal dogs can't use innocence. But Mitsu can, because she's not normal. She's my dog, because she's also my very own clone, well… She was a normal wolf for a while, but got my blood put into her by a scientist. My blood is a fourth Innocence. So Mitsu changed.

"Come on, Sophia! We gotta catch that cat!" Allen exclaimed, interrupting my thoughts.

"Right." Mitsu and I agreed

Allen decided to go in with a swarm of bats to catch the cat. Mitsu and I went with him, only for him to catch an officer along with the cat.

"I've gotcha." Allen said, evilly, not noticing the 'extra uninvited guest,' until she started to cough into the cat's fur.

"Huh? Who are you? What are you doing in this place?" He asked, just to be handcuffed, and get us all handcuffed.

"You just made a big mistake," The officer said.

"You're a cop?" Allen exclaimed.

"No duh Al. No duh." Mitsu and I said sarcastically, only to realize he hadn't heard me in his shock. Apparently, the cop noticed too.

"That's right, and you're under arrest!" She exclaimed, answering Allen's question from before.

"Look, I'm really sorry! I was just trying to catch that cat! I guess I got a little carried away and got you instead!" Nice Allen, plead our innocence.

"He's telling the truth, we swear!" Mitsu and I said in unison. She gave us a look of disbelief. "We cross our hearts and hope to die!" We practically screamed. Some light came in through the window, and we all could see better. The cop looked a little surprised by how young we looked, but we're all only 15 anyways.

"I-It's okay. Believe us, we're some of the good guys," The three of us said in unison.

"I honestly had no idea this place had such a stigma surrounding it," Allen admitted as the cop cuffed our hands to the window, "We just got into town a few hours ago, and then we ran into this annoying little cat. The furball ate something important of mine so we chased him. Next thing I knew we were in here."

"Hmmm," The cop hummed, still not believing Allen.

"You think I'm making this up? Master said it was my responsibility now and that he'd have my head if I lost it!" Allen yelled.

"Really. Can I speak to this 'Master'?" You could practically hear the air quotes.

"Uh, sorry. He went missing in India a few weeks ago," Allen explained. I sighed. Mitsu turned back into a puppy while the cop wasn't looking, and the cop didn't notice it either.

"Meow," The cat... said, I guess, as it jumped onto Allen's lap. He glared at it.

"This is all your fault!" He yelled at the cat. It meowed again. The cop sighed.

"Just hold on a sec I have to go get my partner. I'll be back soon." She said. The cat meowed again, but not so friendly, Mitsu started to yip, and Allen and I just exchanged knowing looks just before we heard a man cry out in pain. We all gasped.

"What's that? Don't you go anywhere!" The cop exclaimed as she left the room.



"Akuma," We said in unison. I easily got out of the handcuffs, and helped Allen. Innocence activate, I thought, causing my hearing to become as sensitive as a wolf's.

"Hello?" I could hear the cop yell. I heard her gasp.

"Akuma, for sure," I said.

"No. Charles," She said.

"Allen, we have to hurry, he's dead!" I heard the poor girl gasp again as her partner exploded. As we came closer, I let my hearing go back to normal. Gas filled the room, and the cop just stood there staring at her dead partner's clothes.

"My god… The rumor. Could it really be true?" She asked before she started to choke on gas from the explosion. I stuffed Mitsu into my jacket, not evening thinking about myself.

"What?" She choked, "I can't breath!" Allen snuck up behind her and put his beanie over her nose and mouth, pulling her towards a wall, causing her to try to yell for help.

"Hum?" She seemed to try to say what.

"Breath easy. This gas is very poisonous. This is the work of an Acuma." Allen told her. I sighed, and grabbed a handkerchief out of my pocket and threw it at Allen. Stupid boy, you can't breath well with this gas, even if it doesn't affect you, me, or Mitsu! I thought, half hoping he could hear me. He was paying more attention to the officer, but took the handkerchief.

"An… Akuma?" The cop said, as her eyes closed. She fainted?

"Officer!" Allen yelled. I grabbed the handkerchief out of his hand and covered the idiot's mouth and nose with it, earning a look of surprise from him.

"You have trouble breathing with this gas, even if it doesn't really affect you that much! Idiot!" I yelled.

But, I had inhaled a lot of gas, and my body couldn't take it after using some of my energy on trying to hear what was happening, and chasing the cat through half of London's alleys. I started to feel faint and pulled my jacket over my nose. Whoops, should've seen this coming.

"I'll be okay, Allen." I said through the jacket after I saw a worried look plastered on his face. Then everything went black.

Later On

I gasped for air. Then I realized I was lying on the floor. I sat up and saw the girl cop from the church still unconscious and on a bench. Where am I? Where's Allen? I looked around to see a police station. Oh. The Officer gasped for air too, groaned, and sat up. Another officer noticed us, and I realized Mitsu wasn't with me. Neither was my coat. I saw my coat and grabbed it, just in time.

"Hey, It's about time. They've come to." One officer said.

"Oh my head. Where am I?" The girl asked as the officer grabbed both of our arms.

"At the station," He dragged us to a door, let go of me, and started to bang on the door yelling, "Captain! Moa and that girl are awake and ready for questioning!" Her name's Moa? That's pretty an- wait did he say that girl?

"My name is Sophia!" I shouted, angry.

"Get them in here!" A ruff voice answered. I walked in to see none other than Allen, with the cat and Mitsu.

"Mitsu! You're okay! Oh my gosh I thought they hurt you!" She yipped in response.

"That kid! Captain, I -" Moa started.

"- We know." The officer that dragged us in here cut her off.

"We're questioning the main suspect right now," Mister Captain man said.

"Huh?" We asked, "Oh."

"So your name is Allen Walker." Captain ruff said.

"Yeah," Allen confirmed in a tiny voice.

"ADMIT IT! YOU'RE A MURDERER!" Captain man yelled, slamming his open palm on the table, and making Allen scream in a manly-ish way. Awwwwwww, I was hoping for a girly scream.

"I told you I'm innocent! What proof do you have that I did it? All I did was save the life of one of your officers before she scum to the gas!" Allen begged.

"A witness saw you at the scene of the crime! Why were you there?"


"Look at your hand. It's all covered in blood!" Captain Mean yelled, grabbing Allen's hand.

"No, it's not. That's its natural color!" Allen tried to pull his hand away but gasped when part of his gloved opened up, revealing… his Innocence. Moa gasped. I face palmed myself.

"What… What the hell is that? It's glowing green for Christ's sake!" The Captain exclaimed, pointing a finger at Allen who just blinked, looking kind of bored, "It's not looking good for you right now, son. I can imagine your parents are very disappointed."

"Excuse me, sir?" Moa interrupted.

"Huh?" He asked.

"Mr. Walker was with me the entire time before Charles was killed. And Sophia too."

"WHAT?" The Captain shouted. The Officer that dragged us in here leaned down by the Captain.

"Uh, Captain? I just got word from the Crime Scene Investigator, he said a large number of large scale bullet holes were found in the wall. According to the boy, the only possessions he and his friend had on them were a cat, two suitcases, and a puppy. There's no evidence to suggest that they had the gun on them, much less fired it. It's looking like the kids are clean." Again, the Captain slammed his hand down. And shouted. Loudly.

"WHY DID YOU PASSOUT? EXPLAIN YOURSELF MOA!" Wow, this guy has issues with common sense. Why? Because she couldn't handle it!

"I'm… Sorry I failed you sir," Moa said. Is it okay for me to slap some sense into these people? I hope it is, 'cause my slapping hand is getting twitchy. (A/N Sophia does have a slapping hand. She likes to use it. LOL.)

"I just can't believe you didn't get a good look at the killer's face when you were right there." Yeah Captain just make me twitchy so I can slap you. I really want to slap you. Badly. Allen raised his hand and said,

"Uh, I think we know who you're looking for."

"Huh?" Moa and the Captain.

"Although we didn't actually see it with our own eyes, we know who did it. We can help you capture him if you'll allow us."

I continued for him, " Your suspect is what's called an Akuma. They're common, and they're very deadly to humans."

"It will keep killing until we stop it. It's important that you make the first strike before it becomes too strong." Allen said.

"An Akuma?" Moa asked. Allen turned his hand so they could see his cross of innocence. I grabbed my twin daggers' hilts and expertly unsheathed them.

"These are Anti-Akuma weapons. Now is anyone familiar with Exorcists? Don't worry. He's a clergyman, I'm a clergywoman, and our sole mission is to hunt Akuma." I said. Everything was quiet. Okay, this is awkward. I started to feel uncomfortable.

"Oh, Exorcists! What a load of crap. You're free to leave. Now get out of my sight! I'm heading back to my office… OFFICER MOA! MR. WALKER AND HIS GIRLFRIEND ARE NOT TO LEAVE YOU SIGHT, YOU GOT THAT?" Um, I would slap him but… He thought Allen was my boyfriend? What?

"Um, Mister Captain, my name is Sophia, and Allen is not my boyfriend." I said. You could feel the tension in the room.

"Yeah, whatever, I don't really care." Well, it was worth a shot. Oh well. But know Allen and I are stuck with Moa. Dang it. I sighed, while they let out little groans of fear.

Later at Moa's House

"Mark? Mark, I'm home!" Moa yelled. She went into a room, leaving Allen and I there.

"Escape and Race?" I asked.

"Yup." Allen replied. We tried to be quiet. But the cat attacked Allen.

"Ouch, ah! Easy with the claws already!" He fell. I laughed. The cat meowed angrily. He glared. I stared. A picture hung up on the wall fell on his head.

"Real nice. Let me take a guess. You two were trying to get to the crime scene!" Moa shouted.

"Just for a second!"

Oh they are so in trouble. And I'm gonna be honest here... I'm doing this mostly on episodes. LOL will have Original chappys, but not yet. Oh and Mitsu is a Wolf most of the time because she was born as a wolf so she's really quiet. She doesn't like talking that much. Noaw...

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