PROFILES! Because I just realized how Mary-Sue Sophia is, I am going to explain her weaknesses.

Name: Sophia Griffin

Gender: Female

Speices: Human, infused with the blood of an Akuma, a wolf, and Innocence

Powers: She is a master in the art of blades, can recreate thing from the future, can have visions in sleep, and sometimes when she's awake, can have her 5 senses enhanced to a wolf's standards, uses Innocence to enhace fighting skills

Weaknesses: Afraid of the Dark, Being alone, can't use her powers too much or her body suffers from fatigue(If she recreates something from the future, uses wolf senses, and uses her Innocence within the same hour-3 hours, she becomes fatigued.) Protective, honestly a spaz, If Mitsuki Dies, Sophia will almost definitely die, because their lives are literally connected.

Hair: Mostly brunette, with blue and white outline-stripes from her curse

Eyes: Blue

Age: 15

Name: Mitsuki Starlight

Gender: Female

Speices: Wolf, was infused with Sophia's blood (with her Innocence) and Innocence itself

Powers: Can transform into a wolf pup, a human, and her true adult wolf form, Innocence allows her to be connected with Sophia no matter where she is, If Sophia Dies, Mitsuki will most likely die, as their lives are connected.

Weaknesses: Spring (she's a wolf, think about it) afraid of sharp things, doctors, scientists, those kinds of people, strong smells or sounds

Hair/ Fur: Brown/Gray

Eyes: Yellow

Age: 1 dog year, 15 human years