TWO WORDS: Gohan & Videl

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"Gohan! Could you please hurry up and get your ass out of bed? WE'RE GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!"

"W-what? Huh? Videl why are you scr-screaming at me? And, why are you in my room?" Little did he know, clueless Gohan Son had overslept, and the consequence of that action was waking up to his pissed off girlfriend Videl Satan, who had to spend a whole HOUR, waiting for Gohan to pick her up. They were supposed to fly to school together, and after waiting, she decided to just go to the Son house and find out what the hell was taking him so long.

"You overslept! GET UP! I will not be late for school!"

"Overslept? What? Why didn't my alarm go off? And why didn't mom wake me up?" As you, the reader can tell…Gohan was clearly confused. He slowly got up out of bed and Videl blushed lightly seeing how he didn't have a shirt on and his hair was ruffled. He was cute. Oh screw it, he was sexy. Yet she would never admit that out loud. Sadly. But Videl had to clear his confusion, so she went on.

"Well, you know how Trunks slept over at your house last night?"

"Oh no…"

"Yeah um, the two hyperactive saiyans apparently broke your alarm clock in an attempt to pull some prank on you. I think it had to do with feathers, glue sticks, glitter, and popcorn. Lots of popcorn. Well anyways, Chichi is trying desperately to feed the 2 little saiyans, and the big one. Your dad."

"Oh crap."

"Yeah… She asked me if I wanted breakfast but I declined because, well, first of all, the look your dad had in his eyes was just scaring me. He looked like he was ready to rip the plate out of your mother's hands! And, if I were to eat, she would probably pester me about grandchildren and bring up something that would make me spit all of her delicious food out onto your table. Oh, and I already ate" There was an awkward moment of silence, and then…

"Well what are you waiting for? Get out of bed and get ready!"


"What the-" But before Videl could finish her sentence, Gohan had already scooped her up into his arms and they were flying out his window, and were off to Orange Star High at super speed. Being a saiyan sure does have its perks. Being the girlfriend of said saiyan had its perks as well…

"Gohan, you know I don't like it when you take me by surprise that way!" But inside she had a secret satisfaction. Gohan hadn't really held her that way lately. She knew that it was because he had to juggle her, Chichi, school, and the demon duo; Trunks and Goten, but still, she couldn't stand it when he was away from her. But she would never admit this out loud. Gohan only smiled, as he knew his girlfriend too well. She was definitely enjoying this. But if they wanted to get to class on time, he had to hurry.

In a matter of seconds they reached Orange Star High. Gohan put Videl down and took her hand. Together they rushed through the front door and into their first period class. The couple took their seats next to Sharpner and Erasa just as the bell rang. Videl straightened her clothes blushing, and Gohan couldn't stop smiling with that idiotic Son grin that everyone loves. Sharpner only glared at the couple, and Erasa giggled.

"Hey guys! Where were you? You were so close to being late! Oh man if I was late my mom and dad would kill me and it wouldn't be pleasant and *gasp* GUESS WHAT I DID YESTER-"

"Erasa…how many cups of coffee did you drink today?" Videl asked casually, as if this was an everyday thing.

"I don't know! I stopped counting after 8!" Videl sighed.

"Um… Erasa…who was courteous enough to supply all of that coffee?" Gohan asked innocently.

Sharpner began to laugh nervously. "Well…uh… ya' see…"

"Okay everyone, take your seats. Class is about to begin." The teacher commanded in his booming voice. Sharpner sighed in relief. Everyone glared at him. He shrunk into his seat. Pretty soon, 3 periods passed by and it was time for lunch.

"Ooh lunch! YUMMY NUM NUM!"

"You know, Videl…sometimes your boyfriend can be a wuss." Sharpner pointed out in hopes of making her laugh and hopefully winning her over. Instead of laughing and running into the arms of Sharpner just like in his most far-fetched fantasies, the raven haired girl smacked Sharpner and Gohan could only laugh nervously and blush like mad while Erasa giggled. They all sat outside on a picnic blanket Erasa brought and unpacked their lunches. Gohan laid out his enormous lunch in front of him, and, even though his friends were used to his eating habits, they couldn't help but stare open-mouthed at the huge feast in front of him. Videl took one of the many sandwiches he had and smiled as Gohan pouted comically. She kissed his cheek and he instantly felt better. Erasa sighed dreamily and Sharpner glared again. They began to talk about little things, like class schedules and perverted teachers who couldn't keep their hands to themselves, and surprisingly, Sharpner wasn't participating in the conversation as much as he usually would. That was strange. They all finished their lunch, with Gohan surprisingly being the first one done, and headed back to class.

They survived the rest of their incredibly boring classes and it was time for Gohan and Videl to head back to the Son residence to do their homework together. Basically a study date. They flew there holding hands part of the way, but Videl released her hand to race him. She ended up winning, which led her to accuse Gohan of letting her win, but he only grinned. As soon as they got to the small house and opened the door, Goten and Trunks ran through (with some sort of clothing on their heads) with Chichi following them holding her dreaded fry pan.

"You boys get back here this instant! AND GET MY UNDERWEAR OFF YOU'RE YOUR HEADS!"

Videl looked dazed while Gohan just shook his head, and took her hand leading her through the narrow hallway and into Gohan's room. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see Goku sitting on his bed, clipping his toenails. Great.

"Common little guys! You're growing too fast and if daddy doesn't cut you, then someone's gonna get hurt. You know the routine! Every 2 days it's time to cut you and—"

"Dad…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Gohan yelled, flustered and downright embarrassed. Videl could only snicker quietly in the corner as she watched the scene unfold. This was priceless.

"I'm clipping my toenails…"


"The boys flooded the bathrooms."

"They did what? Oh of course they did! Why am I surprised? Ugh j-just leave…And please, the next time you decide where you're gonna clip your toenails, choose your room."

"Okay! Bye Gohan's girlfriend!" Goku said cheerfully as he strolled out the door, as if nothing had happened.

"CHI-CHI! FOOD!" he yelled as he ran towards the kitchen.

"Bye Gohan's dad!" Videl laughed. Gohan sighed and shook his head as they entered his room and closed the door. They were finally alone.

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