A/N: Hey everyone just a oneshot I thought of when I was on tumblr in the Tom Felton tag ^^ They were talking about how Draoc wears suits like all the time like the silky wizarding kind. So this popped into my head.

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Warning: T. It has hints of them having sex and what not. Nothing too serious so that's why it's rated T.

"Draco you have a problem." Harry told his blonde hair boyfriend who was currently laying in bed reading a book while Harry stood to the side of him very annoyed.

Draco glanced up. "Now what would make you say that?" He did not have a problem. His mind was all in check, it had to be with the people he lived with for most of his life.

Harry raised an eyebrow in disbeleif that his boyfriend was this in denial. "Really now? Now would you mind taking off your suit so I can snuggle up to my boyfriend and get some bloody sleep?"

Draco glared. So what if he wore his nice silky bedtime suit to bed. It is comfortable. You see all those people on that muggle TV wear nightgrowns or whatever the hell they are, so why can't he wear a suit?

"Draco we have been going out for a couple months now. We have lived together for longer. Why can't you take off the suit!" Harry yelled frustrated at his lover. "Draco, we haven't even you know..." He looked down and had a slight red tint to his skin.

Draco yelled back. "It's comfortable just like how you like to wear a tang top and boxers to bed." He let his eyes trail up and down Harry, checking him out.

"I will wear a jacket and skii pants to bed if you don't take off the suit." Harry threatened.

"What's a stupid skii? Wait never mind it's probably some stupid muggle thing. " Draco mumbled.

Harry went closer to Draco and leaned in close to his boyfriend. "Draco..." He whispered seductively.

"Yes Harry?"

"I want you." Harry purred and dragged his finger down Draco's chest. The blonde gulped and Harry grinned taking notice of this. "Please?" He then kissed Draco and quickly pulled away. "That's just a taste of whats to happen.."

"Screw this..." Draco's resolve broke and he was quickly throwing off the suit while pinning Harry to the bed. "Happy now?" He bit down on Harry's neck hard enough to leave a mark.

The rest was a blur of thrown off clothes everywhere and moans that kept the neighbors up that night.

A/N: I guess we found how we can get Draco to take off his suit. That's Harry's job though, Reveiw ^^

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