It was a perfect sunny day outside of the central HQ while first Lt. Riza Hawkeye and her suburbanites were working inside their office except for the colonel Roy Mustang. As Riza was sitting at her desk watching her colonel sleep on his desk while there was paper work to be done she was wondering what to do today to awake him and also to keep him on track to get his paper work done that had a deadline of 1300 hours when it was already 1200 hours. So Riza went to the office of General Maes Hughes and told him that the colonel wanted to have a word with him. So while Sgt. Furey, second Lt. havoc, stayed in the office finishing their work they knew what was coming to Roy's Wakening was a picture of hughes daughter Elysia shoved in his face and a pile of paperwork slammed on his desk. Riza walked into the room with Gen Hughes at her side and as soon as hughes walked into the office he asked Riza "I thought you said the Col. Wanted a word with me?"

Riza said "He must've fallen asleep while I went to get you.

Hughes knew what to do to awake him he got a picture of Elysia out and yelled "Roy you need to wake up and see how cute Elysia is getting. All of a sudden Roy had moved and woke up with a sudden yawn and looked passed Hughes shoulder and seen the look on hawkeyes face which was the look she gave him everytime he fell asleep while there was work that needed to be done.

Roy asked" Hughes what are you doing here?"

Hughes said well I have more paperwork for you and also just wanted to ask if I could have lunch with you today to discuss something".

Roy said softly after just waking up and said "sure why not".

Hughes told him just where to meet him. After Hughes had left and gotten back to his office Roy noticed the suburbanites snickering about something except for first Lt. Hawkeye. Roy yelled at the top of his voice and asked" what's all of the snickering about going on?"

Did I miss something funny or was just how I gotten woke up was so funny?"

Hawkeye just gave a look to Roy and said" Well your awake now you can do your paperwork that has the deadline becoming closer to an end every minute".

All of the suburbanites just went back to their business and was still keeping a close ear to the first Lt. Hawkeye's conversation with the Col. to see if something or anything else was going to be said between the two.

It was dead silent after what Riza had said and Roy thought to himself

"I wouldn't know what to do without Hawkeye if she wasn't here to keep me on my feet of reaching my goal, our dream to reach together."

Riza sighed to herself thinking "if I wasn't here to keep Roy on his feet, I don't know where he'd be."

Riza smiled to herself slightly thinking about that. Roy noticed the change of expression in Riza's face and said "what's the smile all about?"

She sighed and said with a soft voice "just thinking, if it wasn't for me to keep me here on your feet, where would you be."