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*The song quoted is "The King is Dead But the Queen is Alive" by Pink.

Jareth was bored. Never a good thing for someone like him...It was common knowledge, at least in certain circles, that a bored Fae generally meant a natural disaster or other terrible occurrence was about to take place. Finally, after five minutes of tedious boredom, Jareth decided that it couldn't hurt to go check on his bride-to-be.

Reappearing outside, he calmly walked along the building, his feet firmly attached to the brick wall. Coming to a stop on one side of Sarah's bedroom window, he carefully peaked around the edge, checking to see what she was up to. Homework, apparently. Her dark head was bent forward, all that lovely hair spilling over one shoulder as she studied. His eyes softened for a moment, although no one was around to see it. The young woman expended so much energy pursuing her studies. He was proud of her drive...of her desire to know more.

Moving back a little as her head came up just a tad, he watched as she reached over and pushed a button on the device which was quietly playing music beside her. However, whatever song had just come on caught her attention, for she sat back fully, a huge smile on her face as she turned the volume up enough for him to actually be able to hear it outside.

"The King is dead but the Queen is alive,
Off with his head I am done with his lies,
A fair win I have fought for my life,
A clean slate after all this time,
A revolution and now I am in charge,
My evolution is to shoot for the stars,
His first mistake he underestimates,
He didn't bother to appreciate."

By the end of the first verse, Jareth's eyes were so large he was actually surprised they hadn't popped out of his head. What in the name of his entire, annoying horde of goblin minions was she listening to?! While the song itself was disturbing enough, her enjoyment of it was almost more frightening. She had actually stood up and started lip-syncing along by the time the singer had declared she was only out for a fair win... He was brought back to the moment, though, when another verse began.

"There are consequences in this life,
A punishment that fits the crime,
Your last words, I heard I'm sorry,
Now look at me in all my glory,
The King is dead but the queen is alive,
I wear your crown and I look quite nice,
I almost let you get the best of me
But no ones ever gonna get the queen."

He was beginning to feel ill...It was as though someone had purposefully sat down to write out a battle song for the woman before him. Granted, the song declared that it was the queen who was doing all this, but that was a rather hollow victory, all things considered. The sheer bloodthirstiness of the whole thing shocked him a little when he placed it next to the young woman he'd known all those years ago when her baby brother was at stake.

The song wrapped up and Jareth watched, eyes still a little wide in his Fae pale face. Laughing, she dropped down on the foot of her bed and flopped backwards, her giggles shaking her slight frame. Now that the upsetting song was no longer playing, the Goblin King felt like getting some of his own back. And with that thought, he silently appeared, no glitter alerting her to his presence. Her eyes were closed and she was still trembling with the remnants of her mirth. Leaning down smoothly, both hands landing beside her shoulders, effectively boxing her in, he waited for her to look at him.

Her green eyes shot open and she stared up in a startled way at the face of the very man she'd just been singing about dethroning...The only word she could think was, "Crap."

"I would like to point out, Precious, that if you really wanted to wear my crown, I would gladly let you try it on." His smirk revealed a few of his teeth. "We don't need to resort to decapitation, I assure you."

Aww...Jareth manages to avoid the fail-field this time! At least, for now. Never know what happens once the curtain comes down.