"Damn! They're catching up!" I cursed under my breath as I swerved past the tree's right into a huge mud pile. "DAMMIT! COME ON! DON'T GET STUCK NOW! STUPID MOTOR BIKE!" The blue motor bike I had stolen from arachnes base was now stuck in the deep chocolate brown mud. No hope of getting it out now. And I still had to find Hikaru!

Let me rewind real quick so you can understand what's going on.


"Hikari Chan, hurry up, you don't want to be late do you? Your father's waiting." My mom shouted upstairs impatiently.

"Right mom! Just let me finish my fathers day card. Annnddd, DONE! WOOO!" I shouted happily. I grinned at my Father's day card and hugged it to my chest. Dad was going to love this card! I put as much artistic talent in it as a 12 year old could. My family always said I had artistic talent, so this pretty much convinced me to!

"Loud as always Hikari Chan. Ha-ha, I can hear you from all the way down stairs, now lets get a move on!" I heard my mom say as I ran downstairs.

"Right! Lets go!" Just then someone knocked on the door. "I'll get it!"

When I opened the door, Hikaru, my childhood friend, stepped inside.

"Hey." he said, "What's up?" I smiled back and fist bumped him. We always did that when we saw each other.

"Nothing, just getting ready to visit my dad. He says Arachne won't let him leave for holiday, so we're going to see him." there's something I should let you guys know, you see, a few years ago, my parents couldn't find jobs because we owed debt. Arachnes organization had found this out, and offered my dad a job. Arachne wasn't back yet. So my father had started working there. But he was never aloud to leave, we could only visit him. But recently, Arachne was revived, and is now back at the organization. I hate her and her stupid organization for making him stay there. Me and my mom weren't supposed to tell ANYONE that my dad was working for them, but I had to tell Hikaru, he's my closest and best friend. I needed to tell him. WE just have to make sure Arachne never finds out.

"Can I come with you guys?" Hikaru asked, mostly towards my mom.

"Well, Hikaru kun….I would love for you to, but, I can't risk Arachne finding out, you could get hurt. I'm sorry" My mom patted his long brown hair. He was taller then me, but way shorter then my mom. And he HATED having his head pat. I burst out laughing at his expression, then forced myself to calm down when he gave me the, "Ill kill you look"

"B…but mom." I tried to talk through my giggles, "He can wait in the car. Pleaseee!" I pleaded. Hikaru and I gave our puppy dog eyes and my mom finally gave in.

"Fine." She said, putting her hand to her head. "But he has to stay in the car, we have to be careful." Hikaru and I slapped high fives and ran outside to the car. My backpack was thumping against my back. It had my sketch pad, some money from my birthday last year, pencils, and my Father's day card in it. I never went anywhere without my sketch pad or my backpack.

It took about an hour just to drive to Arachnes secret base. When we had got there, I told Hikaru we'd be out before he knew it, and he nodded. We had to hike through the rest of the swampy area because the car couldn't drive through it. That took a few minutes. I glanced back and saw Hikaru in the car window, he waved, then ducked down. This place was secret but we got used to the area. We rang the bell on Arachnes huge doors. I was always afraid of coming here because I was afraid we'd get hurt by some idiot guard. But Arachne promised my family we would be perfectly safe. Ha, the lies people throw at you.

So mosquito answered, and me and my mom looked down at him.

"Ah, hello mosquito sama. May we talk to my husband?" My mom asked politely. Mosquito glanced at both of us, then shook his head.

"Hello yakamawa family. Happy fathers day." Mosquito said as he took his hat off. I cringed at his horrid voice and shiny bald spot.

"Uh, thank you Mosquito, may we speak with my husband?" my mom tried again.

"It's Mosquito SAMA." Mosquito said sternly.

"Ah, yes sorry Mosquito Sama. Very sorry! May we speak with my husband please?" My mom was starting to get irritated.

"No. You cannot." Mosquito stated this very stern.

"Wh…why not? You guys said we could when my husband first started working here! You PROMISED!" My mom was starting to shout, and I grabbed her hand. I glanced back and saw Hikaru watching with a cautious eye.

"You cannot see him, because he has been sacrificed to the Kishin. That is why." Mosquito turned around and began walking away. I stopped breathing for a second and tried to absorb what I had just heard. Sacrificed? That meant….my dad…was dead? I felt a lump in my throat and tears started streaming down.

"You murderer." Me and my mom both said this in unison, but didn't notice. My mom's face was twisted and tears were streaming down fast. Mosquito turned around and stared at us.

"What?" He asked.

"YOU HEARD ME! YOU'RE A MURDERER! A FILTHY BLOOD THIRSTY MURDERER!" MY mom screamed at the top of her lungs and lunged herself at Mosquito, only to get stabbed by his long nose.

"MOMMYY!" I shouted. My moms side was bleeding, but she punched Mosquito and sent him flying. He quickly got back up and stabbed my mom in the chest with his nose, blood flying everywhere, and plopping on me like rain. This can't be happening. I thought to myself. It cant be! It's just not real. I'll wake up and my mommy and daddy will be smiling at me!

My mom dropped like a stone onto the floor and I raced over to her and kneeled down.

"M…mommy! MOMMY! WAKE UP! MOMM!" I shouted and my tears fell on my moms lifeless face. I saw a twitch of movement on my moms face, and hoped flared in my heart. Then I realized it was just my imagination, and I broke down all over again. Mosquito turned to me, and the blood in my veins turned cold.

"Well well. The last of the family. That's a shame. You could come and work for us. We'll take you in." Mosquito grinned evilly at me and waited for my answer. He was serious! I clenched my teeth and put my head down so my bangs slid over my eyes.

"You little bug. Murdering people without worrying about how other people will feel. You bastard. YOU BASTARD!" I gritted my teeth and stared at my moms face again. She was beautiful, and now she was gone.

"Well, I guess that's a no. huh, what a shame. And a little girl like you shouldn't be saying such bad words. Your mom didn't raise you right anyway."

My eyes shot open and my blood started to boil. How dare he insult my mom. He's going to pay! I said a quick prayer for my mom and dad, then stood up.

"I'll kill you." I shouted as I raced for him. I managed to peck his cheek with a punch, leaving a small bruise. He ran back and sliced across my cheek, leaving a huge cut, blood flying everywhere. I grabbed my cheek and fell to my knees. Warm blood oozed out of my cut, and stained my blue plaid skirt.

"Hmph. That's the best you can do? How sad, I expected so much more. Oh well, your time is up." He extended his nose to maximum height, and charged toward me. And this was it. What seemed like no hope for me. That my whole life had just crumbled in a day. That's when I heard Hikaru's scream.

"HIKARIIIII!" He shouted, and the next thing I knew, he was bent over me, his body covering me like a shield. Then I saw the blood trickle down from his back, and right then and there I might have lost it. He fell down on me and I weakly got up, wrapping my arms around him and checking his heart beat.

It was still beating just fine, and he was breathing to. He opened his eyes and stared at me.

"Hikari….run…." He weakly said. Mosquito was in attack position again, and I wasn't ready to lose the last person I had. I helped Hikaru up, and put his arm over my shoulder, then I made a run for it. I ran past my dead mother, and the sinister Mosquito who just watched. Why? I ran with Hikaru all the way to my house. I pushed down the door with all my strength, and fell in. my face was still bleeding dangerously, and I felt dizzy. Hikaru's back was pierced from the stab, but he could live through it. I layed him on the couch and got bandages and wrapped us up.

Arachne never came looking for us, and Hikaru and I ran away far from my city. We had taken the extra money from my mom's purse, and I had taken her favorite gold heart necklace. As a memory. I never took it off. We each had a scar to. His was on his back, and mine was a long one going down my cheek. At first I told Hikaru he shouldn't come, but he insisted.

"I can't let anything happen to you. All you have is me now. And all I have is you." He hated his parents. We went on traveling for a few months, and both our birthdays had passed. So we were 13. That's when we found out we could both transform into weapons. I was a long slender sword. Hikaru was a flaming shuriken. We switched back and forth when we fought. Usually thugs picked fights with us. I had gotten used to this, and that's when tragedy struck again.

We had made camp for the night, and as I was sleeping, I heard a sickening voice. Giriko. I flung myself up and went into partial weapon mode. But I was to slow and Giriko grabbed my arm and twisted it. I had howled in pain and that woke Hikaru up. He tried to fight Giriko, but got thrown around until he was unconscious.

"Please leave him alone! Don't hurt him!" I pleaded and pleaded.

"That's fine." Giriko said, "Arachne only wants you anyway." He duct taped my mouth shut and dragged me away. I got one last glance at Hikaru, and I heard him say something. He said my name.

Anyway I was trapped at Archne's for a few days. They had thrown me into a dungeon like place. I was scheduled for execution. But, a few days ago, I had planned my escape. And now I was about to perform it.



The bike wouldn't budge from the mud, and I could hear Arachnes crew getting closer. I jumped of and landed in the gooey slop. It was up to my knees, and walking was really hard. I sloshed through, taking careful steps. My heavy backpack was really weighing me down, but there was no way on earth I could abandon it. It was one of my most precious memories. I saw dry land ahead of me by only a few feet, so I decided to throw my backpack over to it, then grab it and start running again.

I quickly took of my backpack and threw it over to the land, landing with a thump. I now tried to run through the mud, witch was still as hard as ever, but I got through much quicker. I picked up my backpack and darted so fast. I gave a quick glance behind me and saw Arachnes crew running to where the mud began, then stopping. They were trying to figure out how to get across. Ha-ha on them! I darted straight down the land until I saw the familiar light coming from outside. The way out of here! I ran straight through all the way to the city, not stopping once. Now all I needed to do was find Hikaru. Then we could go to Death city and enter shibusen. That was our original plan, and we're sticking to it!


"Don't let that little wench get away!" Mosquito shouted after the guards. The girl known as Hikari, mashumaris daughter, was captured and scheduled for execution. Mosquito had remembered her to. She had run away from him after he had killed her parents and her friend. It was funny to watch her run away with the friend on her back, like she thought he would live. Mosquito laughed to himself. one of the guards carrying him looked up at him.

"Oh ho ho. Its nothing. Just that once we catch that girl, I will finish her off myself! Oh ho ho ho!" Mosquito laughed and laughed until he saw the girl cross the mud and run even farther, as fast as she could go. "NO!" Mosquito shouted, "CATCH THAT GIRL! WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE HER!"


"I swear that old man's gonna lose it one day. Look at all those veins popping out of his head…." Giriko said to himself as he puzzled how to cross the humongous and deep mud puddle. Mosquito really wanted this chick. She took one of arachnes magic rings, but no one seems to worry about that. Just killin her. That magic ring can do a lot of damage though.

The funny part is, he's in triumph about killing the chicks whole family and friend. He's always laughing at the part were she carried her boyfriend of to safety, even though he's dead. But when I went to get the girl, he was there. Alive and tryin to beat my ass. He failed though. I decided to be the man here and cross the stupid mud. I put my foot down, and when I did, I immediately sank down.

"What the hell? Its so deep!" I yelled, blood starting to boil because new clothes were getting dirty. Just then a piece of paper flew in my face.

"Ah! What the hell is this shit?" I ripped the paper off my face and examined it. It was a map. It had stuff scribbled all over it. It was the girl, Hikari's, map. And it had a very well drawn arrow on it pointing to Death City. That must be the next place she was going. I gripped the paper and slowly turned around.

"Never mind chasin her for now, lets meet her in Death City. It'll be our surprise to her. Heh heh."