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Prologue: The Fal'Cie

Six figures walked into the chamber that housed the fal'Cie.

One of these people, a boy, spoke up with a shaky voice. "So this thing... Is the fal'Cie?"

The boy was light-skinned, had platinum-colored hair, and bluish-green eyes. He wore a short-sleeve orange and yellow jacket that hid a black shirt under it, while a green detailed neckerchief covered his collar. Black gloves with white palms were on his hands, while a yellow wristband was on the left glove. He also wore deep green pants, and a black storage pack hanging from his belt. A pair of green shoes were on his feet.

"Yep. That's it, all right," said another man.

This man was middle aged and dark skinned. He wore an olive coat, which hid a white buttoned-down shirt underneath. He also wore beige khaki trousers, with two brown leather gun holsters with a gun in each one, and black buckled-engineer boots. His most noticeable feature was the large, black afro on his head. It housed a round, golden feathered baby chick.

The other boy looked in confusion. "So where's that fal'Cie, huh? I don't see it."

He had blue eyes, light skin, and platinum-colored hair, like the timid boy. He wore a long blue coat with red symbols on both shoulders. Under his coat was a red, sleeveless zip-up hoodie which hid a navy muscle shirt underneath. The lad also wore blue pants, with a brown leather pistol holder on the left, and a pair of brown boots. His left arm held a black band over his wrist, and a silver ring, with a rose design on its face, on his ring finger. His most noticeable, and somewhat shocking, feature was his right arm. It was somewhat disfigured and nearly draconic. His claws, palm, and forehand illuminated the room with its blue skin, with a large blue crack in the middle of his forearm. The rest of his arm was covered in red organic flesh, with a spike protruding from his elbow. Purple strap-like flesh covered the top part of his arm.

Another man stepped up to the being. He wore a black bandanna, which hid his light blond hair, a pair of dark grey pants, and was light skinned. A stubble beard was on his chin. His blue eyes looked at the being with defiance. He wore a long beige trench coat and a light blue vest under it. His black gloves squelched as they clasped, as he stepped forth with his large gray combat boots.

He called to the fal'Cie. "You got what you wanted! Serah's a crystal, now. She completed her Focus! Now let her go!"

The group waited for the creature to respond, but they were only met with silence.

Suddenly, the man fell on his knees. "Please! Turn her back! I- I'll be your l'Cie, instead! Just let her go!" he pleaded.

The blue coated boy groaned in annoyance. He knew that simply asking it was not getting them anywhere. "You guys sure this thing isn't a statue? Because talking to it doesn't seem to be working."

Then, as if in response to his statement, one of them, a young woman, stepped forward. Her right hand reached for the black case strapped behind her. She wore a sleeveless, white overcoat, with a red cape attached behind her left shoulder, and a brown turtleneck-like shirt with a zipper. A green metallic pauldron with yellow stripes covered her left shoulder, while a long black sleeve covered her left arm. Two blue finger-less gloves, with golden bullet holders on the forehand, were on both of her hands. A pair of brown boots, with gray straps, was on her feet, while a red ammunition pack was strapped to her left thigh. She wore a brown mini-skirt over high-topped shorts. She had pale aqua eyes, clear skin, and rose-colored hair, her most noticeable feature.

She got out her weapon, a prototype gunblade. "Fine, you go on begging! Like this thing gives a damn about what we want!"

She charged at the fal'Cie, and struck her sword against it. Despite the ferocity and force of her swings, they seemed to have little effect on it.

"Lightning!" The man called out as he got up.

Everyone turned their attention to the woman, Lightning, who was heavily breathing in frustration. "It's this thing's fault that the Purge started, and its people who are dying. Serah told us to save Cocoon, which means that this thing needs to die!"

"That's the first thing I've heard today that makes sense," said the older boy.

He wiped his nose with the thumb of his left hand, before reaching for the weapon strapped to his back, a customized Durandal sword. In moments, the fal'Cie responds to the group.

The other silver-haired boy panicked and ran away from the group. He was about to reach the exit, but was cut off by a magical field with an ominous symbol on it.

The boy fell on his rear, but was helped up by a girl with bright red hair that was tied into curled pigtails. Her green eyes looked at him in worry. She wore a light pink halter top and an orange-yellow skirt with a bear pelt around her waist. She wore a pair of beige boots, with fur around the opening socket. Around her neck were three beaded necklaces, which had various beaded extensions surrounding her attire.

"You're not fighting this alone, Sis!" exclaimed the trench coated man.

"Don't call me that! And don't get in my way, Snow!" yelled Lightning.

"Come on, now. You really think you can kill a fal'Cie?" reasoned the afro man

"Do what you want! I'm doing this for Serah!" she exclaimed.

"You don't have to fight, Sazh. We can handle it," assured the older boy.

The man, Sazh, then had a solemn look on his face, as the reason he had bothered to come to this chamber raced through his mind.

"Dajh..." he whispered.

The baby chick on his afro suddenly popped out of his hair, and chirped encouragingly. Hearing it, his solemn look became one of determination.

"I'm in," he affirmed. "Hope you guys don't mind amateurs."

The man pulled out a pair of black pistols from the holsters on the sides of his trousers. "I've got these guns, so I might as well use them."

The other man, Snow, smiled in appreciation, before raising his fists in a fighting stance.

Lightning only looked over her shoulder. "Thanks."

The boy watched the fal'Cie, as his sword leaned on his shoulders. "I know devils can cry. But can a fal'Cie even feel anything?"

Grinning in anticipation, the boy then shoved his sword into the ground, before twisting the top part of his sword's handle. This caused a loud engine noise to erupt from the blade.

"Guess we're just gonna have to find out!"

Looking back, I realize that our fight with that thing was the day our fates were intertwined permanently. We didn't even know it yet, but that was the first of many battles we would take part in. It all started that day, when we were marked, and became l'Cie.

But even that wasn't what connected us. No. It happened way later, on that starry night. That night, we made a promise to see everything to the end, and to make sure we made it together. But the road to the end was not gonna be easy. We had to overcome monsters, weapons, and ultimately, ourselves.

My name is Nero. I'm a descendant of the demon warrior Sparda, and a l'Cie. And this is my story. The story of how the battle within began.

Devil Fantasy XIII

-Wishes Are Eternal-

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