Disclaimers: I did own them for a second, but Starscream stole my proof so now I'm in negotiations. At least Wheeljack didn't blow it up…. Again.

Summary: These are going to be a collection of little one shot stories centered around our favorite Lambo Twins. There is no order, obviously. Look who we're dealing with. Different genres and ratings. I'm rating a "T" until something perverted comes to mind and I'll have to add it and change the settings. On the whole though, its going to be pretty family friendly. Its hard to put anything into stone when the twins are around.

Each of the stories will be titled after their names.

If you have any ideas, feel free to either leave a review (please, please) or send me an email via the site. I'm open to suggestions, though I already have a decent amount plotted for the future.

Updates will be sporadic, especially since I'm working on TWO epic fics that are going to be multi-chaptered and I may have to break one of them up into three separate fics. We'll see. Wish me luck!

Reviews are legal crack so feel free to feed the junkie. (gets Bluestreak to do the cute hurt turbo puppy look)

Hope you enjoy….