All Sides of Brotherhood

Aerialbot! That's all I'll say. :D (trying to get some other characters in every once in awhile and I recall someone mentioning they'd like to see some Aerialbot or Dinobot involvement. This was the only thing that came to mind but I'm still working on it. :D

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Sunstreaker meandered through the wooded area, heading to his favorite lookout spot. It was secluded and afforded a good vantage point for some distance. On a clear day, he could see over a hundred miles away. But those days were few and far between. Rain lingered around the mountains and during winter, the leaden sky always dumped buckets of snow. It was a strange phenomenon the mechs had come to enjoy. Well, Sunstreaker didn't like driving in it but the snow offered him a new perceptive to his worldly canvas. He had painted his first snow from the lookout, and when Sideswipe put it on display, human dignitaries had fallen in love with the mystical world captured on canvas. Now Sunstreaker enjoyed providing the worlds elite with his work, reminding him of home. He grinned to himself, thinking that no matter the planet, he impressed them all, regardless of standing. He was so good, even inferior species were in awe of him and his work and requested him as if he were one of their own.

His self stoking ego was halted when he noticed a wide silver form resting on the ledge that overlooked the sweeping vista. It didn't take the Autobot sigil upon the wings to recognize the leader of the Aerialbots, Silverbolt. He must have flown in and landed, seeing how the path to the overlook was very dense and there was no broken foliage to suggest a carrier jet had passed through.

Silverbolt gave a jolt, glancing over his wings to see Sunstreaker standing in the shadow of the trees.

"Sorry. Is this your spot?" the Aerialbot asked.

"Yes," Sunstreaker said, though there was no specific ownership to the vantage point.

"Just needed some time to think," Silverbolt said, heaving his weight off the ground.
"I'll let you have your peace."

"You can stay," Sunstreaker said, feeling uncharacteristically generous today. Perhaps the ten piece commission he just received from a wealthy businessman was ballooning his good spirits? "I can find somewhere else."

"You can join me." Silverbolt offered with a timid smile on his face. "I know you don't socialize much and everyone says to stay away from you, but if you want to talk…" Silverbolt trailed off, his cheeks heating deep pewter.

"Are you taking over Smokescreen's job?" Sunstreaker asked.

"No, no no, nothing like that," Silverbolt said, looking uncomfortable. "It's just… Well… I don't have anyone to talk to either." He looked up, optics wide. Since the Aerialbots came online they were warned to avoid the golden menace, especially if they wished to keep their wings. It was an unwritten rule in the Autobot handbook that one didn't not approach the gilded mech unless Sideswipe was nearby. "Not that your brother isn't someone to talk to, but…"

"You babble like Bluestreak," Sunstreaker said, finding it funny that the leader of the Aerialbots would find that particular quirk to adopt.

"Sorry," Silverbolt sad, his wings drooping a little. "My brothers drive me crazy. But I can't talk to them about some things."

"But they aren't really your brothers,' Sunstreaker said, watching the range of emotion on the young Aerialbots face. Primus, were any of the Autobots ever THAT young? How far they had come… it was sad.

"They are my brothers,' Silverbolt said, giving Sunstreaker a strange look. "Why would you say they aren't? We were sparked at the same time and we share a gestalt bond."

"I can't imagine having to deal with so many other minds in a gestalt bond," Sunstreaker said, coming out of the trees and standing on the vista, looking across the expanse of earthen majesty. "Course one Sideswipe is enough."

"Is… it … true?" Silverbolt asked his voice trialing off, as if the words were vulgar.

"What?" Sunstreaker asked, finding the young mechs hesitancy to be sweet, charming. The war had been too long and the mechs had become too gruff, brash, and just plain beaten, both physically and emotionally.

"That you and Sideswipe are spark split," Silverbolt whispered, as if it was scandalous to talk about such things.

Sunstreaker found it funny the large mech was so touchy about something he considered to be common, every day news, not worthy of such secretive nature.

"Yes, we're spark split. Our spark split in two and we have a half spark. Well, when we were sparked, it was a half. But now that we are older, we've matured into fully grown, adult sparks. But our link still remains," Sunstreaker said. It was strange he found it difficult to talk to mechs he'd known for eons, but the words were coming with ease with the young Aerialbot.

"Did…did it… hurt?" Silverbolt asked, his optics roving over Sunstreaker's frame as if expecting to see scars from the painful separation

"It hurts when we are apart for extended periods," Sunstreaker said, finding it intriguing that the young mech was worried over something so simple as the birthing procedure for someone with a half spark.

"It is most strange," Silverbolt muttered, his brow creased, his hand rubbing the area over his spark chamber in a very similar gesture the twins adopt when one is sending signals to the other. "I can feel my brothers in my processor, but never in my spark. I feel a warmth, I guess you can call it, when we are all together. When we merge into Superion, I can lose myself in their thoughts and feelings. We are individuals, yet we are together, melted into another being and in a way, we lose ourselves to the idea of 'one'."

"Scary," Sunstreaker said, not sure how to react to such information. He couldn't imagine having to share his mind with four others, then losing his own identity to their own amalgamated mass. Sideswipe was chaotic enough without having backup.

"It's hard to shut them out," Silverbolt said, his blush creeping back on his cheek plates. "I mean, its not like I don't love them and want them around, it's just sometimes I need to be by myself."

"Even bonded couples need space," Sunstreaker said. It felt weird being the older, mentoring mech instead of the brash young kid with a cocky grin and spitfire attitude.

"Did you have creators or were you sparked for war as well?" Silverbolt asked.

Sunstreaker physically jolted at the question. He had never thought of it that way. Neither twin could remember their first few vorns, their memory files underdeveloped and unable to contain set files. They both shared a sense of belonging and adoration then abandonment, hopelessness and cold. Then attachment and warmth and then they were introduced to a familiar mistress, pain and suffering.

Being bought and sold as property had turned their young sparks into something cold and by the time they were sold into the gladiatorial rings, they were long since devoid of anything positive. Only when both nearly terminated did they realize the sanctity of life. When they refused to cater to the sick whims of their masters, they were beaten into submission. When both were strong enough to fight again, they overpowered those in charge and escaped the underground Pit to take on new identities. No one was able to link their past with their lives until the twins signed on with the Autobots. As soon as their bloodthirsty optics set upon the enemy, there was no denying the cruel hand of fate and the empty desperation both felt when they engaged in battle.

"I'm sorry to ask such things," Silverbolt said in a hurry. "It's just… I have no one else to talk to. Smokescreen is nice, but he doesn't know what it's like, having brothers. And he wants to 'analyze' everything and put it in technical terms to explain it away. And sometimes, you just need to feel and hear instead of categorizing and labeling then filing it away as a symptom."

"I know exactly what you mean,' Sunstreaker said, having been subjected to Smokescreen on several occasions. None of them ended well. For Smokescreen.

"Yes, we were sparked to fight," Sunstreaker admitted, hoping the silver mech didn't ask for details. Sunstreaker didn't know if he could quell the sick feeling in his tank at the thought of what had transpired in his life. Lesser sparks never would have survived.

Sunstreaker never realized how much in common he had with the Aerialbots. They were constructed for war and fighting. Thrown into the world where their young processors had yet to form their personalities. They were given instructions instead of a welcome to life and equal celebration.

"Does your brother drive you crazy?" Silverbolt asked.

"Oh slag yeah," Sunstreaker said, going to a boulder and sitting down on it. "He can come up with the most insane ideas and expects me to go along with them, regardless if its going to get us in trouble. In fact I'm pretty sure he looks for trouble and doesn't attempt something that isn't worth some jailtime."

"I heard the mechs talking and they said Sideswipe is the king of pranking," Silverbolt said, looking every bit the youngling. He settled down on the ground, his arms wrapping around his knees as he sat looking at Sunstreaker like a child being told stories.

"Don't let Sides hear you say that," Sunstreaker said, finding a comfortable position on his favorite perch. "I'll never hear the end of it."

"The others say he has a reputation," Silverbolt said with a half expectant grin.

"On so many things it would make your helm spin," Sunstreaker said with a laugh. "Smokescreen mentioned something about writing a thesis on the nutjob after the war."

Silverbolt made an unpleasant face at the mention of the psychologist's designation. The fact didn't go unnoticed by Sunstreaker.

"Smokescreen bothering you?" he asked.

"He has insisted on performing our…. Evaluations?" Silverbolt rolled the foreign word around his vocalizer.

"Yeah, he does that to everyone," Sunstreaker snorted. Smokescreen learned his lesson long ago. Don't try to understand the twins. "So, what did he have to say about you?"

"He likes to say…. 'co-dependant?' Silverbolt said, giving Sunstreaker a creased frown. His youth was no clearer than the innocent expression on his face. "What does that even mean?"

"It means he thinks you can't do anything alone. That you always need your brothers," Sunstreaker supplied. He had heard the expression before and thought it slag then as well.

"But…. They are my brothers," Silverbolt said, as if that statement alone was explanation enough.

"Not according to the shrunk processor," Sunstreaker said, disdain coloring his voice.

"How does one survive without a brother?" Silverbolt asked, now looking more scared of the prospect than curious. "We are one, yet many. We are apart, yet we are together. We are a unit, brothers. Always."

"Try explaining that to someone who doesn't know what it's like," Sunstreaker huffed, his gaze turning to the horizon.

Silverbolt nodded but remained quiet, his optics taking in Sunstreaker's form as he sat on the boulder and watched the splendor of nature below.

It was getting late. The sun was sitting on the horizon, bidding the world a farewell until the morrow. He was enjoying the pleasant conversation with the golden frontliner. He honestly didn't know why the others warned him against Sunstreaker. The mech was nice, and didn't treat him as a sparkling or servant. He knew what it was like to have a brother and sometimes, upon occasion, feel the need for distance to what irritates him the most.

There was a tingling, itching sensation creeping along Silverbolt's senses, alerting him to the location ping from his four siblings.

"My brothers are looking for me," Silverbolt said, his own vents hissing in a sigh.

"Yeah, my idiot is wanting to pester me into whooping his aft," Sunstreaker said, rising off the boulder and wincing at the pops in this joints. He was starting to sound like Sparkplug when he moved.

"Thank you," Silverbolt said as he stood.

"For what?" Sunstreaker asked.

"For listening." Silverbolt gave a guilty look. "And for not judging me for my lack of brotherly love and needing some time away from what annoys me the most."

"It's understandable,' Sunstreaker said, giving a wane smile. "I would say it gets better with time, but that's a lie. They only get worse. And it doesn't help when you land on a new planet with a species that affords a whole new way of tormenting the ones you call friends."

"So I can expect more craziness from my brothers?" Silverbolt asked. The ping was becoming insistent.

"Count on it," Sunstreaker said, snickering, "And I think my brother is about to get his bolts beaten out of him by Ratchet."

"Oh, he scares me," Silverbolt admitted. He sent an answer, filling the bond now with annoyance that was quickly suppressed by the affection of the brotherhood.

"He's not so bad, once you learn how to handle him," Sunstreaker provided. He noticed Silverbolt's flighty look and added, "How about we meet here, same time next week, and I can tell you how to deal with Hatchet?"

"Really?" Silverbolt asked, his trepidation melting away with hopeful promise.

"Sure," Sunstreaker said, then his expression turned serious, dark, and foreboding. He pointed a finger at the large flyer, his voice stern. "But if anyone asks, I'm fragging you senseless."

Silverbolt offered a laugh before his face went lax, a frown forming. "What does that mean?"

"Oh frag,' Sunstreaker sighed. His mentoring job was going to be quite the undertaking. He just prayed he could handle it.

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