Blue Moon

"Pain is stretching through the world,no one has tried to change it.

Sometimes I ask myself why?" Rever said to himself. His best friends

always try to help,but he refuses to take it. One day he was in his room and

he went to the kitchen and reaches for the knife slowly and

cuts his arms 5 next day when he went to school,all of his friends

asked questions he ignored teachers

start asking put him in the school counseling, later the bell

rings and he runs home faster than anything. He stays away from his mom

so she won't see the cuts. Rever,his mom and dad have dinner he speaks

to no he start's to skip school,and everyone gets worried.

Then the next day comes,"Wheres

Rever!" Rever's mom says. He is no where to be found they then call the police,

and the police said they will try and find him but it may take time they said.

The mom screams on the top of her lungs and rushes to Rever's room

to try and find any notes, she finds one that reads:Mom and Dad

I can't stay in this world no one gets 't try looking for me.

Love, mom starts to cry and cry and finally breaks down.

The parents have a gathering of family and friends "Rever

was always a great friend he was like a brother to me." Jake says,

"Rever was a memory that could never break he always had my

back no matter what."Jessy says."He was the best boyfriend I

ever had.I had no one better one."Please!OH!Please! find him"Monica says.

Everyone begins to cry and then someone spots him

outside they run out and see him running tries to tell

everyone else but they wouldn't believe girlfriend Monica

and his 2 best friends Jack and Jessy go out looking for him.

They see something that was his."This looks like the scarf

I bought Rever!",said Monica.'"Maybe it will help us find him"

,said the animals start running out of the forest.

They start to wonder all see Rever out of no where.

Monica runs to him and says,"Why did you leave me Rever!"

I couldn't live in this world so I ran away",said Rever."Come back

with us Rever." said Jack and Jessy.

So they all go on with their lives.

Rever's Life:He goes on with Monica and when they turned 21 they

got married and had a baby girl named Joanne.

Monica's Life:She goes on with Rever and when they turned 21 they

got married and had a baby girl named Joanne.

Jack's Life:He still keeps in contact with Rever, Monica, and Jessy

and he gets married to a girl named Danielle.

Jessy's Life:He goes homo and opens a communication bar for

homosexuals to find the one of your exactly what he did.

He got married to a man named Jacob and they adopted a little boy

named Kristen.