Puck grinned at him. "Come on Kurt, come get a little dirty."

Kurt looked at the muscular man being fucked hard in the ass by Azimio and continued to apply pressure on his crotch with his purse. He really really wanted to join in, but could he really be as insane as to lose his virginity to a jock he's only barely communicated with? And in this sweater?

Azimio looks at Kurt and chuckles. "Don't fuck around Puck, he's not man enough to fuck around."

Kurt glared at him, pulling off his sweater daringly. "Oh really?"

Azimio kept eye contact with Kurt, still thrusting deep into Puck's tight, quivering asshole. "I'm pretty sure."

Puck smiled at him between thrusts, moaning whenever Azimio slammed inside. Kurt accepted the challenge and slowly stripped down to his black silk thong.

Azimio stared at Kurt's thong. Kurt's six-inch, semi-erect penis throbbed excitedly, and when he pulled the thong off it sprang up to its fully erect size of eight-and-a-half inches.

Azimio continued to pound his massive slab of dark meat into Puck's tight hole.

Kurt slid beneath Puck and began to suck his long dick, his tongue gracing along the head and shaft of his penis. He'd probably have done a better job if Puck had foreskin, but by the very loud moans Puck was making, he guessed he was doing fine.

Azimio began to moan very loudly before yelling, "FUCK!" Puck nearly screamed as Az pumped a huge load of hot, sticky cum inside of him.

He slowly pulled out, cum spurting out of Puck's gaping hole.

Puck barked loudly to the team outside. "SOMEONE ELSE! 42! 42!"

Dave popped his head through the curtain, as did Sam. "Who do you want?"

Kurt grinned at the pair, pulling away from Puck's drooling cock. "We'll take both of you."

David and Sam slid in, smiling. Sam jerked his cock for a few seconds; it grew to a mighty nine inches, but it was thicker than Azimio's cock. He slammed it hard into Puck's hole, causing Puck to scream; albeit a hint of pain crossing his lips, the pleasure he gained in contrast made it barely noticeable.

David had sucked two of his fingers and was now finger fucking Kurt. Kurt moaned around Puck's cock, who moaned louder and felt more pleasure. This made his hole tighten around Sam's massive beast, causing him more pleasure.

The chain of sexual pleasure continued, growing in intensity and fueling their teenage libidos further.

Sam pulled out of Puck and whistled for David. He slid over, and after a few jerks to his cock, sank his huge nine-and-a-half inch member into Puck's hole.

Puck was writhing in pleasure, David fucked him hard and fast and Kurt sucked his cock with his hot, wet mouth, moaning whenever Sam's fingers brushed against that spot in his ass.

Puck eventually couldn't take anymore and blasted his massive sticky load into Kurt's mouth.

Kurt had tried so hard to swallow it all, but his chin was soaked in most of Puck's cum. Kurt now had a beard of white mess, which Puck began helping him to clean off by licking his face.

Puck, although finished, was still moaning with pleasure - David was still fucking him. But he wouldn't be for very long. David's face contorted and he gave a final hard slam, sliding balls-deep into Puck's hole before shooting his load inside along Azimio's.

Kurt was still being fingered by Sam, but Puck gave him a tap on the shoulder.

"You should... fuck him... now." He panted. Puck was exhausted after being fucked three times and being shot in twice.

Sam gladly obliged, slicking his dick up with wads of his spit.

He looked at Kurt. "Ready?"

Kurt grinned back. "Fuck me already."

Sam again decided to follow orders, forcing the massive head of his cock inside Kurt's hole. After minutes of baited breath and murmurs of interest from the rest of the football team as they were told of the events that happened inside, Kurt finally screamed in pleasure as Sam snapped inside with a slick 'plop'.

Sam slowly went deeper, stopping inch-by-inch, waiting for Kurt to get used to his size.

"Kurt, open your eyes." He whispered into his ear. Kurt opened his eyes and saw Sam looking at him with a big grin. He looked down to see Sam's groin pressed firmly against his ass cheeks.

"I'm all in. Next I go all out..." Sam said teasingly, slowly pulling his cock out until only the head remained inside, before slamming back in hard. "Then SLAM back inside!" The pair moaned as the friction set off sparks of pleasure throughout their bodies.

Sam continued a slow, deep pace, gradually getting faster.

"I... I can't take any more!" Kurt yelled, shooting his load all over his skinny body without any contact against his dick at all.

Sam gawped at the sight of Kurt shooting free-hand, before groaning at the shrinking space his cock was in.

"Ahh fuck!" He moaned, shooting deep into Kurt's hole, some spurting out. Sam pulled out slowly and grinned at Kurt. "Did you like?" He offered his hand to Kurt to help him up.

"Of course I fucking liked it!" He said, taking the hand and slowly rising to his feet.

Sam smiled at him. "I think Puck has a crush on you, you know."

Kurt looked at him with confusion. "How could you tell that?"

Sam shrugged. "He doesn't usually let anyone who isn't on the team into our fun. You're the only non-player who knows we all fuck each other."

Kurt smiled at him. "Thanks. If he ever comes out, I'll have to remember to take him out somewhere nice."

The lust-filled atmosphere cleared, and Kurt measured the team up for their new equipment, then left. There were four differences to Kurt as he left that room.

One, he seemed slightly bow-legged.

Two, he seemed much happier than he was before he came to school that day.

Three, he was no longer a virgin; now he was a man.

And four, he was 11 phone numbers more heavy than before.

"This is the best day of my life," he said to himself, walking to his locker. He opened his locker door and grabbed his pink fluffy pen, drawing a small red cross next to a line of text in his notepad. He closed it up, shoved the notepad back into his locker with the pen and slammed it, smiling to himself.

The top of the list now read:

Things to do before I graduate

1. Come out as gay [X]

2. Lose virginity [X]

3. Make glee club popular [ ]

4. Get an amazing boyfriend [ ]

Six months on, and Puck is finally dating Kurt.

Blaine decided their relationship wouldn't work out after he found Kurt's notepad.

Kurt never managed 3, and Blaine wasn't a 4. But Puck was.

4. Get an amazing boyfriend [X]