"I can't believe you made Dustin hire her as your fashion consultant!" Joey immediately paled...

He immediately whipped out his cell and dialled Dustin. "Dustin. Dustin! Stop talking to Tammi and listen!" Joey said as he paced the closet. Dustin indicated for him to go on and Joey said, "Did you hold interviews/auditions for the job you gave Tammi?"

"Are you kidding man! No. We all know Tammi is the best there is." Dustin said sounding confused. Joey re-plunked himself on the bucket and only rolled his eyes when a mop hit his head. He groaned and said Dustin and Tammi had to meet him at his mansion for dinner. He knew there was nothing he could do now and it was too hard to explain over the phone. Mary looked at him, concern in her eyes. "Are you ok honey?" she asked gently.

"No," he said, "but you can make me feel better if you kiss me again." he said cheekily but Mary knew something bad was up. But she kissed him anyway.