Heart: A Ronin Warriors Fanfic

By: Malaizjan De Jesus

Author's Notes: This story was inspired by a young woman only known as 'Aleksa.' No one seems to know what happened to this young woman except that others are claiming to be this woman, and I am assuming that this is a woman, and that is simply not true. I do not know who this person is but I have thought of writing such a thing and I hope that this is almost at the standard of the other author that I mentioned.

Story Notes: I an focusing on Sage of the Halo, or in the Japanese version, Kourin no Seiji. I will stick with the American version names and armor, except for Sage. I am using the name Seiji. However the other Ronins will call him Sage. Secondly, This is part of a concept that I came up with. This is mine and cannot be used without permission.

Chapter 13


Katie was now awake.

The room that Ms. Mia Koji showed her was spacious. It had its own bathroom and balcony. A huge perk. The bed was a queen size, brass headboard complete with bars. The sheets were silk and she loved silk. She had on a tank top that came from Mia. The silk shorts came from Cye. He was the thinnest Ronin and while the shorts bagged, at least they stayed on her.

But they were asleep.

And she was awake.

Throwing back the sheets, she got up and left the room. She quietly went downstairs and sat on the couch. Sapphire was already downstairs in front of the roaring fireplace. So when Katie went to the couch, the feline was instantly at her feet, head on her knees, waiting.

'What is it, princess?' the feline had asked.

'I can't sleep, Sapphire. I'm so wound up right now. On edge. And I don't know why…'

' I think you're so use to be on guard every moment in the Dynasty. That training just doesn't go away. Adapt it. It will not always be like this, little one.' Sapphire rubbed her head on Katie's knees, soothing her.

'She's going to strike. Soon. I have to protect them.'

'Who? The Ronins? Oh, Katerina. They need no protecting. Help, most definitely. But not protecting. Those five boys can handle themselves so well. And now, with Rowen having Starjen, you six have a chance.'

'Can he really destroy the Dynasty with one blow?' she asked her cat.

'According to the scrolls, he should be able to. He's a descendant of the Ancient Sumerians. You can guide him, Katie. But you can't do it for him. It's not in the Crescent Sun's nature to blow up dimensions. No matter how much you wish it was.' Sapphire perked her head up at the small noise of the staircase. Seeing that it was her twin she lowered her head.

Katie turned and saw her twin there, at the bottom of the staircase. The two stared at each other, not one word uttered for many minutes. It was easily a staring contest. Neither of them blinked.

As children, Katie never won against her twin brother. He often bragged how she could never beat him. As teenagers now, she wasn't going to give in to him. She refused to blink.

But Sage blinked first.

He shook his head and walked over to the couch. "You can't sleep?"

"Maybe that's why I'm down here." A snappish comment, one that set Sage's patience on edge.

Sage sat next to his sister, staring at the young lady that was before him. "I'm sorry that I'm an ass."

"Won't be the last time," she said. It cut Sage to his core.

"Katie, I don't understand you. Help me understand." His eye pleaded with his twin. He tried to get into her mind, because their link was reconnecting but she shut him out. "What happened to you?"

"You want to do this now, Seiji?" she asked him.

"Why not? You've been snapping at me from the moment you woke up. What did I do?"

Katie turned her back to him, making him pissed.

"Don't you dare turn around on me!" he hissed. "You tell me or I'm going to tear down that wall of yours and get into your head!"

Katie turned right back to him, her eyes wavering that tiny bit, as if his words ignited a memory that she was keeping under wraps. "You want to know?" Her voice was a ghostly whisper.

"Show me." A challenge.

Katie's eyes glowed as she reached out to her brother's forehead. With no warning, she dropped the mental wall she had in her mind and Sage's eyes widened, his mouth in a perfect "o". No sound came from him.

The manor is different this morning. As I stretched my arms above my head, I felt the happier mood of the house-all Katie's doing. Even though she was now a bad-ass girl with a lioness as a protector, I know that the Katie I once knew was still inside her. Not the frightened little girl that she once was, but the shy-yet-had-your-back strength that was purely her.

Blue hair in my eyes, I turned over to see if Sage was up.

Bed made and empty.

Yep. He was gone.

Typical Sage.

I threw on a white tee and boxers and made my way downstairs to the kitchen. There was that small part of me that thought I shouldn't be in boxers, you know, because of Katie being a girl and all. It wasn't like when we were ten and running around in panties and tees like were once did. But really, it's too early to think like that. As soon as I opened the door to that kitchen, Cye was busy finishing breakfast. I nodded to him and went out the back door.

I was surprised to see Sage there. Not doing anything. On a normal morning, he went through his fav katas, then meditated. Not this morning. He sat on the bottom step, staring at who knew what. No voice telling me morning.

Something really was wrong.

I went down the steps and turned to face him. That's when I felt his terror. "Sage?" I called.

His eyes met mine. The grey iris' were now gone, a very thin circle of color remained. He saw something so horrific that he couldn't talk. It was all there, on his face. I'd never seen him like that.

I opened my mind to his, just to see what it was. It hit me all at once, knocking me to my knees. He saw Katie's memories. The bad ones hurt him to his core, his soul. I now saw all of those memories and I felt tears run down my face.

I had no idea how my best friend suffered.

My other best friend.

No wonder Sage wasn't doing anything.

How can you comfort someone who felt like he should have protected his own twin better? Keep her safe from pain? It's not possible, but Sage would have tried anyway. It was who he was.


That soft voice. She still had it, even after everything she suffered through. She came up behind Sage and stared at me with sadness in those too-old eyes.

"It's okay. I got him." She came around to sit next to him. And thanks to our blood exchange as kids, I could hear her talking to him. 'Don't do this to yourself, onii-chan. I'm okay. I survived it all. And I'm better for it. Don't dwell on the missing years. Dwell on the here and now.'

'How?' came his question.

'How about not being an ass to me? Just go with the flow of things, Seiji. Sometimes I joke, but only because I am sensitive to how thick tension and sadness are around me. I feel everyone's emotions, sometimes all at once. The guys can't help it, they have no idea how it is for me. I don't want them to censor themselves just because I' m a girl.'

'We're not ready for a girl.'

'So Ms. Mia Koji's what? An object?'

There was silence on Sage's part. Then a chuckle. One in their minds. 'No. She's Ryo's girl. So…Kento, huh?'

I froze. 'Kento? Huh?'

Katie chuckled. 'You saw all of my memories then.' A simple statement.

I then looked deeper into Sage's memories and… 'Holy crap! You and Kento!?' I had cried.

'I swear to you, sis. If I catch him doing something inappropriate, I will cut off parts of him.'

'And I cut off yours. Your choice.' A promise.

And wow. Such talk would have made Katie blush and give in. The old Katie would have, at least. This Katie, I liked. Hell, it's none of my business if Katie and Kento were involved, like Ryo and Mia. But from what I saw, Kento respected her enough not to put any moves on her.

I would watch too. But not to keep them apart. Just to make sure Kento continues to be a gentleman when it came to our Katie.

I must of thought that loudly because the twins looked at me oddly.

'Gentleman and Kento would be an oxymoron.'

Then us three burst out laughing. It was a release of sorts for us.

The three of us together again. Like a happy ending. I missed this. No fighting, no worries of the world. Just us three, relaxed.

Our laughter had Cye at the door, watching, a smile on his face.

"Okay now?" Katie asked.

"Yeah," Sage answered.

"And you Ro?"

"I'm good," I told her.

She smiled. Gods, her smile lit up my soul. That's what I missed the most about her being gone.

That smile.

Everyone was sitting at the long and huge dinning table, eating Cye's breakfast. Sehkmet was so blissful of his first plate of food, he was given a second plate. Cye really outdid himself, making lots of extras for everyone.

But Katie struggled to eat. Seeing all of the food on her plate, the smells of the toast, bacon, eggs and sausage had her stomach rebelling against her for wanting the food. She ate half the toast and bits of the eggs, bacon and sausage. She kept drinking the water, not even sure if she could hold down the juice. After a few minutes of trying to hold everything down, she placed her napkin onto her plate. "I'm done." It was so softly spoken that no one knew she said anything until she pushed her chair back and left the table, going upstairs and into her room.

Kento arched an eyebrow at her before she left and he did something that was so un-Kento like that Cye had choked on his food.

He pushed his plate away from him, food only half-eaten. The warrior of Hard Rock went up the steps after Katie. He reached the door to her room and gently knocked on it. He heard nothing at first. Then the toilet flushing.

Katie opened her bedroom door, her face pale and greenish. "Yeah?" she whispered.

"Katie…did you just get sick?" Kento asked. He was really concerned. Cye was the best cook on the entire planet. Anyone who said differently got punched. He was always careful with everything he made. He never got sick from Cye's cooking.

But the guys would be quick to tell him that he'd eat anything.

Katie still looked ready for another round of 'toilet bowl inspection'. But she nodded. Then she placed her hand on her mouth, ran from him to the toilet.

"Sage! She needs you!" Kento called before entering her room and to the bathroom. Her head was in the toilet, emptying her stomach without warning. He kneeled right next to her and held her braid back, using his other hand to rub her back in soft circles. "It's okay, Katie."

Sage was there in an instant, looking horrified at seeing his sister throwing up. "Katie!?"

When she finished, Katie lift her head up, pale and sick-looking. "Seiji?" she whispered.

Kento reached up and flushed the toilet for her.

Sage reached out and placed a glowing hand on her stomach. After a few moments, he removed his hand and Katie was feeling better. "Katie, what was that?" he asked gently.

"I guess…I can't eat yet."

Alecto did his best to explain what was wrong. I refused to call him my brother. If that makes me a bad sibling, so be it. But poor Katie.

Katie's body was not use to our world. So she can't eat everyday. In fact, most solids were off-limits to her. Until her body could adjust. That meant more food for Kento.

But he held her hand instead of being thrilled at more food for him. I think he's sad for her. He asked Cye to make her some broth. He is SO determined to help her keep something down. The good news is that she can have apple juice and water. Solid foods? Well…

"Seiji! I'm fine!"

Oh boy. Here they go.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Sage asked her.

"Do I look like a doctor to you!?" That was her answer.

Ryo rubbed his temples. Damn, and I thought Ryo was hot-headed.

"Besides, I loved sausage and bacon! So now that I know I need to adjust to eating all the time, why not tell me about momma and papa?" Katie watched her twin's reaction. She was trying to steer away from any more arguing.

"They're okay. Amie's a model now. Raine can hear again. She's still in school. Grampa's the same as always. Mom and Dad missed you like crazy but they haven't changed."

Katie started to think about them. Except she couldn't remember them. I could tell. She stared at me, as if I could help her out.

"Go easy on her, Sage," I told him. "And she can't remember them."

"Yes I can!" When Sage stared her down, she amended, "Just not how they look."

Kento was holding her hand still, doing circles on her knuckles gently. "So…do you remember any of them?"

She was suddenly self-conscious. "Bits and pieces," she admitted.

Everyone stared at her.

Sage looked lost. I knew he wanted to help but didn't know how. Hell, I didn't know how to help her. I wonder how much of her memory was Swiss cheese now.

I watched Sage go up to her and get on his knees before her. I thought another argument was going to happen. But instead, Sage pulled his sister into his arms and held her close. "I'll try to show pictures of them later. Can I do what you did? Show everything in your mind?"

"I can't see why not," she said. "We do share blood."

"Wait. Hold up. You two aren't blood twins, are you?" Ryo asked.

"No. we're not blood twins. But we have shared blood. With Rowen," Sage told him.

I felt the small scar on my wrist from years ago. It was almost felt like a life time ago. It was something that always gave me strength, to be part of their power, their lives. I had been blessed by their trust and friendship.

"It was something that made us close." Katie pulled up her flannel shirt sleeve, and showed her scar. Rowen and Sage did the same.

"You do realize that probably wasn't the safest thing to do," Cye commented.

"Katie, come inside for a few moments. I found some clothes that might fit you," Mia said from an open window.

Katie jumped up and went inside fast, knocking Kento back. He just watched her go, happiness in his eyes.

"You okay?" Cye asked Kento.

"Never better."

"I hate to say it but Katie's going to need clothes and all that girl stuff," Ryo announced.

"With what money?" I asked.

"Mine. I can always take it from her account once all of this is over," said Sage. "She's my twin. But I hope she's not expecting me to go with her."

"Let's hope Mia doesn't get any bright ideas and make us all go."

'How did I get talked into this?' I thought to myself.

Mia had a bright idea; take Katie shopping for new clothes. It was a necessary thing, the guys agreed on that, but they didn't want to be dragged along.

Except Kento. The thought of seeing Katie buy undergarments had him grinning like a fool. He volunteered to carry her bags. He was so easy now that he had a girlfriend. Kento would normally take any talk of shopping as a time to start on a wood project of his. Not that it takes him long to do anything in regards to wood-making.

Sage went because Kento was going. He did have some issues with Kento dating his twin sister. I've been best friends with Sage since we were eight years old. I know how he can be. I've been friends with Kento for some time now. Kento was the right guy for Katie. To balance her. But Sage will never see that. It's got to be the big brother thing. Thank the gods I don't have a sister.

Mia was going to drive her there anyway, and she was going to give Katie some money herself. She wanted the young girl to be settled in. I think Mia likes Katie. Most likely because she wasn't the only girl at the house anymore. I know that there are times we guys drive Mia nearly bonkers. I think that's why Mia takes those weekly trips to the spa. To get away from us.

Cye didn't want to go; neither did the former Warlords. Because the older warriors didn't go, Cye and Ryo got to stay behind. So Cye wouldn't be so out-numbered by former Warlords.

Lucky bastards.

So we're at Toyama-Suma Mall. It's the largest mall in the city of Toyama, all thanks to a renovation a few years back. It has four floors and new offices and stores. Some of the street vendors actually had small shops set up in the mall. I can see why Mia wanted to take Katie here. It had lots of variety for her. None of us knew what she would like. When we were kids, Katie was into fairy dolls and dragon posters and stuffed cats.

Sage had his bank card ready. So did Mia. The only reason Sage even had one was because his family was wealthy, very well off. They put in like 25,000 yen a month for him. All he had to do was a weekend of teaching at the family dojo once a month. He told us Katie had one too, but their parents had it and it had waaayy more money in it then him, which says a lot. Even with her missing, they continued to put in all sorts of money-birthday money, Christmas money, school money.

Kento had one too. So did I. But we're lucky to get 3,000 yen a month from our families. We never complain. I'm sure Kento had his and I know I did. I learned to be frugal. Not like Sage though. Kento was a bit reckless with his money. He once blew 10,000 yen on some power tools! But you should see what he made with those expensive tools…

Katie, for her part, looked like a little kid who just got Christmas handed to her. It was obvious she didn't know where to start. It was a good thing that what happened this morning was the furthest thing from her mind. And that Mia helped her change into clothes that fit slight better, but they were still big on her. She needed her own stuff.

"So…where to first?" Sage asked her.

Katie stared back at him, shrugging her shoulders.

"How about we walk around? One floor at a time?" Kento threw out there. "IF Katie sees something, we go in."

Katie looked relieved that someone made the choice for her. For right now, she didn't know where her place was in the world, our world. She just needed time, I think. She did see a bracelet shop not far from the front of the mall. She didn't say anything, she just went toward it.

I was quickly on her heels. I heard the others follow. Once we were close enough, I saw Katie smile.

I knew the old Katie was in there somewhere. The Dynasty hadn't completely destroyed her. I was expecting someone like Sage. Thank the gods she was still a total opposite. She reached out to take a better look at a woven bracelet dyed in a deep purple. She spoke to the woman in polite Japanese. I thought she couldn't remember how. But she surprised us all.

After ten minutes went by, and Sage paid for 10 bracelets, we went over to the video game shop. Kento has a way with gaming systems. He's got every single one ever to exist and he was using this time to pick up a new system. I have to admit; all of us guys are addicted to video games. On a raining afternoon, the five of us played against each other. I can't wait to see if Katie will be joining us. Mia shook her head at us as us guys awed at the newest games coming out.

"What's this place?" Katie asked Kento.

"Game shop. I have a system on hold for me. Want to play with it first?"

Wait. Did Kento just give Katie dibs on the new system!? Hmmm…

Katie stared at him. "Etou…is that like a guy thing with video games?"

"Yeah, but every now and then Mia plays," Kento admitted.

Katie looked at Mia.

Mia laughed. "Don't worry, Katie. They don't play all the time. Just on rainy days." Mia and Katie waited by the doors for some time.

When we finally got out (which isn't easy because Kento had to try out all of the newest games), Kento announced that he was hungry. Since we weren't far from the food court, we went there next. Kento went off to order himself something. Which for him, was half the food court.

Mia got all of our stuff; salad for Sage, cheeseburger with cheesy fries for me, a soup for Mia herself and apple juice for Katie. We found ourselves a good table near a window. That seemed to help Katie as she drank her apple juice without any issues. The sun radiated through the glass, hitting her full blast. Kento joined us soon after, as I said before, with half the food court's food. He sat next to Katie, which was pissing Sage off.

I had to talk to him. 'It's Katie's choice.'

There was nothing at first. It was as if Sage was trying to control his mental reaction to me saying something. Then… 'I don't have to like it.'

'Look how he is with her. He's not going to hurt her intentionally.'

'That doesn't matter.'

'Chigaimasu. I think it does. I know we just got her back. We have to deal with new things, just like her. Just…be nice to Kento.'

Sage sighed.

He wasn't happy with what I said. I knew it. But it was something that had to be said. Being the overprotective big brother was one thing; being mad about his sister's choices was another. I didn't want the trip ruined for her because Sage couldn't control himself and his anger.

We didn't get back until nightfall. The whole day at the mall.


Ryo was the first one to greet them by opening the door. He eyed Sage wearily. The Warrior of Light didn't met the leader's eyes. He went up to his room without a word. Ryo eyed him oddly.

"Ryo!" Mia ran to Ryo and kissed him. "I've missed you today!"

Cye burst out laughing when he saw Kento hauling in all of the shopping backs. "Kento, you are now officially whipped!"

"Cye, lay off!" cried Kento. It embarrassed him to hear that. Maybe he was. He stole a glance at Katie, who smiled at him. He smiled back. Kento made his way up the steps and into Katie's room.

Rowen brought up the rear. Ryo noticed the look on Rowen's face. "Hey Ro. What's wrong?"

"There were some bumps in the road," Rowen told Ryo. "But Kento and Sage got it under control."

Cye and Ryo looked at each other.

Katie was a happy girl as she skipped into the house. She immediately got cat calls from the former male Warlords. She blushed at their comments.

"Hey you three! Kento's going to come down here and start something!" Rowen warned them.

"Let him try!" Sehkmet challenged.

"We'll knock him senseless!" Dais added.

"Hey! That's my man you're talking about!" Katie cried. Her eyes got dark as she got angry.

"Easy, Katie! We're only joking!" Cale reasoned. "It's just that you look so-so…"

"So what, Cale?"

Everyone looked up and saw Sage at the top of the staircase.


"That's not what you were going to say," said Kento, who exited Katie's room.

"Can we help it that your girl is hot?" said Sehkmet.

"Okay…that's just TMI!" Kento retorted. "And why are you looking at her like that, anyway!?"

Katie gave Kento a confused look.

"Too much information, Katie," Kento explained.

She nodded.

"Where's Alecto?" Rowen asked.

"He went back to the Spirit World. He said he'd be back in the morning," Kayura explained. "Now Katie. How about you, me and Mia unpack all of that stuff?"

"I'll help!" Kento volunteered.

"Like I said…" Cye began.

Kento gave chase and the two were quickly out the door.

Everyone began to laugh, even Katie.



Chigaimasu- That's wrong