The Doctor's Orders A fan fiction by Tando

Chapter 1

"She ran, like so many did." - Charles Bromley

Year: 2017

She looked down at her coffee. A chill ran from her spine. Every day was just like this. Every day she was in constant fear of being caught. She looked up at her computer, its screen illuminating the files she was suppose to sort. She looked at the office next to hers. They all thought she was a normal vampire, they were all dead wrong.

She drove up the abandoned road of sand and dirt. With the lights of the city behind her, she heaved a sigh of relief. She brushed her blond hair over her shoulder and continued to drive. She arrived at the vineyard just as the sun was beginning to rise over the east. She climbed out of her car and walked into the closest thing she has ever known as home.

She walks in to find Audrey and the other refugees working on some more arrows for their crossbows. "Kristy! You made it just in time. We need some help with the arrows." Audrey looked up at Kristy and smiled. She and Audrey have been good friends ever since they met up just after the outbreak began. They teamed up and took up residence in her parent's vineyard where they began taking in other refugees. Audrey was impressed by Kristy's abilities and Kristy was also impressed by Audrey's skills. "Did you learn anything new?" Audrey asked as she began sculpting her next arrow. "Yeah, subsiders are becoming a more frequent sight on the streets, and their blood supplies are beginning to dwindle."

But you already know what happens after that.

Chapter 2

Year: 2010

Coming Soon!