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Chuck slid the old looking porcelain coffee mug around the polished chrome table. The silver sides made the thin table seem a lot larger. Although with his long limbs, these old diners never did give him a lot of legroom.

It's a good thing this coffee is good; otherwise I would have nothing to do during the awkward pauses, Chuck thought to himself as he waited for his tablemate to speak up.

As he sat there he realized he had not spent very much time with Woody Woodcomb. The last time he saw him was during Ellie and Devon's wedding. Any other time Woody visited, he had been on missions. It wasn't that he didn't like Woody, but there was such a thing as too awesome. So having both Devon and Woody in front of him was a bit intimidating. Not a playing UNO for your life intimidating, but a Ellie won't cook for me anymore intimidating.

In an unnaturally loud voice, Woody filled the air of the diner as he spoke. "Chuck, I'm so glad we could meet here before your wedding. Son, I know I 'l never take the place of your dad, but there is some advice that was passed to me from my father."

Chuck opened his mouth to say something polite, and then he heard hacking sound coming from the person next to Woody.

Cough, cough, cough.

Woody turned to his son and looked concerned as he patted him on the back. "Devon, are you OK? Why don't you go into the bathroom and splash some water on your face. Maybe you had something that doesn't agree with you."

Devon's quick exit from the table did not surprise Chuck, but he did raise his eyebrows when Woody seemed relieved when his son left. Awesome's dad turned and faced Chuck. "With what I gave him he'll be in there for a few minutes. "

The older Doctor turned and stared at his in law. "Chuck, I'm glad you met with me, since it is long past time for us to have a talk."

"I didn't know that you felt this way, sir. I would have made the time."

The elder Woodcomb was lifting his coffee cup to his mouth when he snorted into it. He gracefully wiped his face with a napkin and took a sip before continuing. "I am sure you would have Chuck, but I am talking about how safe my son, his wife, and daughter are with you working with the CIA."

Chuck slowly lowered his coffee cup. It was times like these he was grateful his future wife had been schooling him on a good blank expression. Two years ago, he would have had coffee all over his Woody's shirt right now. Instead, he swallowed and remained calm. "CIA? Dr. Woodcomb, I just work at the Buy More. The closest I get to being some kind of spy would be on the Xbox."

"I don't know all the details, Chuck, but I know your cover is important. In some ways, I'm relieved you are denying this."

Now I can tell you something I haven't mentioned in almost forty years. Near the end of 1971, I went overseas to help pay for my medical school costs, since my old man refused to pay my bills. So when a recruiter came to me, I thought I would be working for the Peace Corps. I ended up working at Non Khom Phamon in Thailand, as what amounted to a glorified medic for Air America. I met…"

"Senator Edward Roberts, who was a pilot at the time," Chuck interrupted.

Woody smiled. "I was told you would surprise me. The senator…and don't worry, he mentioned it to me six months ago…said you would be full of surprises."

All Chuck could do was look down at his coffee. When he looked up again at Woody, the older man sat back. Chuck was not surprised. While he had not become the cold agent his bride-to-be had feared when he became a full-time operative, he still had an intense, serious side. Carmichael came in handy quite a bit.

"Dr Woodcomb, I understand you have some concerns, but if you want any answers, I have to know what you know."

"Damn," Woody said in a half-grunt. "You remind me of Eddie at that age. So loyal, so eager to save the world. I hope nothing ever changes that." Woody looked straight into Chuck's eyes before continuing. "For the past few years, you have been working for the Agency with your fiancée and the Ronald Regan fanboy. On at least two occasions my son and your sister, whom I think of as the daughter I never had, have been brought into that world."

Without blinking Chuck stared back. "A few years ago, I did become part of the spy world. I became a small part of the one of the most successful teams in history. Because we did a great job…the people I know, the people I care about, became targets. The team took care of those threats. We learned from our mistakes, and now Ellie and Devon know what's going on. They even trusted us to get them out of Costa Gravas during an attempted coup. There is not much to worry about."

Chuck looked around the diner. "Speaking of Devon, aren't you worried he isn't back yet?"

A barely perceptible grin grin came across Woody's face even greater than his normal optimistic expression. "We needed a few minutes alone. I learned quite a few things in my time in Southeast Asia. Including information on a local herb that, when ingested, causes coughing, followed by a short but quite intense bout of gastro intestinal distress."

When Chuck's eyes opened wide and his mouth opened, but did not say anything Woody continued. "Unfortunately, the info was given to me at a price. I have been asked to speak to you about something. Evidently the CIA had a spy couple, but they fought so much it disrupted their missions. I was asked to talk to you about a lasting marriage. Since I wanted to do that …"

"The Turners?" Woody stared in surprise at how much Chuck knew.

"I hope you don't have to learn the lessons they did. All you have to do…"

Woody cut the conversation as he noticed someone return to the table. "About time you made it back, Devon. Are you OK?" Woody asked his son.

Devon looked at his father and his brother-in-law and was a bit surprised at the tense look on their faces. He shrugged it off and figured they were just concerned about him.

He shook his head and felt a twinge in his stomach from the memory of what just happened to him. "I don't know what happened, but it was not awesome. Not awesome at all."

"So as I was saying before Devon left I wanted to give you the same advice I gave him." Woody put his hands above his head and lowered them easily to the table. "There are two roads you can take in a marriage. The smooth road…", and then he repeated the same maneuver with his hands, only they wiggled and veered all over the place. "…or, the bumpy road. The smooth road is simple. Sarah is a brilliant woman; just do what she says. Even if you are right, do it, and talk about it later. This leads to a nice easy marriage. One that is filled with love and is a lot of fun."

Woody looked to his side and saw Devon smiling. "He's right, bro."

"The other is the bumpy road. This road is taken when you know you are right and you do what you want to do. This road is filled with arguments, anxiety, and distrust. Now from time to time, you will forget to take the smooth road, but don't worry. Once you're back on the smooth road, it'll get better."

A confused look overtook Chuck. "Wait, if I'm right, why shouldn't I say so?"

Devon spoke up before his father could. He started to shake his head slowly. "Chuckster, Chuckster, remember when you thought last year you had to be the boss?"

From the confused look on Chuck's face the answer was obvious, so Devon continued. "Remember calling Sarah 'woman'?" Devon waited for Chuck to remember. Chuck felt the blood drain from his face when he recalled one of his less stellar moments while they tried to rescue Roan Montgomery.

Devon couldn't help but smile. "Yeah, I thought you would. So how cold was the bed that night?"


Woody jumped back into the conversation "See, even if you were right, you were wrong. Trust me Chuck; you will have a much happier life if you follow the smooth road."

Once Chuck nodded his understanding, Poppa Awesome started to get out of his seat. "Well guys, I have to go. Enjoy your meal. The time got away from me."

When Woody was almost to the door of the diner, Chuck said "Mr Woodcomb, hold on."

Once Chuck got to him he said "I want to thank you for accepting us into your family, and believe me, nothing is more important than my family. I will do anything for them."

The oldest Woodcomb looked at Chuck and nodded with a small smile as he turned and walked out the door."

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