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Chapter 12

Jaden, Syrus, Bastion, and Hassleberry raced throughout the forest. Hassleberry was leading the way to where Alexis was.

It had only been moments after Hassleberry had told the others the news. Apparently a new girl from school had challenged Alexis to a duel, but instead of holograms everything was real. The last time the army-crazed teen had seen the blonde-headed girl she had been losing very badly.

Hassleberry suddenly stopped, making the others behind him almost fall as they tripped over each other.

"What's the matter Hassleberry?" Syrus questioned.

"She was right here," the taller answered. "She was just RIGHT HERE!"

"What, you mean Alexis is gone?" Syrus said with surprise.

"No, he means Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz," a male voice suddenly spoke. "Of course he means Alexis is gone!"

Everyone turned and Syrus scowled as they found Atticus and Chazz standing close by.

"How long have you guys been here?" Bastion asked.

"Long enough to see Alexis completely disappear," Chazz told him. Jaden blinked at this. The egotistic teen's attention turned to the brunette. "So, Mr. Clipboard; have anything to write about this one, because you sure aren't going to be any help."

"Stop it, Chazz," Atticus interrupted. "What we need to worry about now is finding my sister." Chazz huffed in defeat. "Everyone needs to split up. Everyone go a different direction…except for you, Jaden. You go tell the chancellor what's going on." Jaden had to hold back an eye-roll when that statement was said. It wouldn't have mattered anyways, though, because everyone was gone in a blink of an eye. The brunette sighed and began to run towards the school building.

Bastion ran through the woods at a jog, trying to save his energy and call out Alexis's name.

'This isn't good,' the genius thought. 'Alexis is gone, our best duelist can't duel, and now we are dealing with a new evil.' The black haired boy quickened his pace slightly. An eerie feeling was creeping up in side of him. He didn't where the feeling was coming from, but it made him jump when he heard a noise in the bushes.

Jaden face hit the wall in the hallway as he was hurrying to the office. The teen clutched his nose and winced in pain for a moment before going on his way again. This time he went slower to make sure he would make all of the turns.

Once he was out side of the office Jaden tried to open the doors. They wouldn't open. The brunette growled in frustration and started to ram his fist into the cold metal material. It didn't feel very pleasant, but the boy was too distracted to notice.

"Who's banging on the door so loud?" Crowler muttered with discussed. "Don't they know that we are having a very important meeting?"

The blonde professor was sitting with fellow teachers in what the chancellor had told them was an important meeting. Professor Crowler disagreed because it had to do with Jaden. Every teacher had noticed that he was depressed. Crowler DIDN'T CARE. He didn't want to baby a Sliffer Red- case closed. But now he was getting annoyed that someone was now knocking VERY loudly during a 'very important' meeting.

The blonde professor stalked over to the door and pressed a button so that the sliding doors would open. He was startled as a brunette came zooming past him and over to the chancellor's desk.

"Jaden," Chancellor Shepard spoke. "We are having an important discussion at the moment. Can you please leave?" The teen didn't seem to be paying attention though as he fumbled around in the chancellors desk.

"Jaden, will you quit that?" Crowler demanded. In the middle of the blonde's sentence, the brunette teen had stopped searching the desk. Now he had a pen and paper in his hands. He was writing fast, making the chancellor raise an eyebrow with curiosity. The boy threw the paper into Chancellor Shepard's hands and waited.

"This better be important, Jaden," the bearded man muttered. Jaden nodded with panic, encouraging him to read the note. Once the chancellor's eyes had scanned every word he stood up from his desk. "Alexis has been kidnapped," he announced.

"WHAT?" all the teachers shouted in unison.

"Start search parties now. Make sure that every rock is looked under. We have to find Alexis. Jaden come with me." The chancellor rushed out of the room with the teen behind him. The other teachers began to plan different groups to search for the missing girl.

"Jaden," the elder said. "Are the others looking for Alexis?" The younger nodded. "Are they in groups?" The boy winced before shaking his head 'no.' Shepard sighed and quickened his pace. "This isn't good."

"Who's there?" Bastion demanded as he looked over at where the sound came from. The brushes rattled again before a shadowed figure popped up. "Who are you?" The shadow didn't answer, but instead it shifted its shape to look like the teen and a duel disk appeared on his arm. Bastion took out his duel disk and deck and turned it on. "So, you want a duel, do you? Well then I'll give you one."

"Where is she?" Atticus mumbled as he almost tripped over a log. After standing up he clutched his hands into fits. "If they hurt her, then I'm gonna-," Before the boy could finish his sentence, a scream echoed off the trees around him. He spun around in different direction with surprise. A moment later he finally realized whose voice it was. "Bastion," he whispered as he pin-pointed in here it was from.

Bastion rolled on the ground in pain as he hit a tree that stood behind him. His only monster on the field vanished and his life points dropped to only 200 points.

"Do you think you can beat me now?" the shadow monster snapped as it ended its turn. Bastion struggled to get up on his boy feet. Leaning against the tree, he placed two cards face down and ended his turn. "Is that REALLY the best you got? Honestly- you really don't know how to duel, now do you?"

"For your information, I'm one of the best duelists at the school," he bragged.

"Then that's REALLY- REALLY sad!"

"You haven't seen our best duelist yet."

"Oh, you mean Jaden Yuki?" The monster laughed manically. "Trust me; I have SPECIAL plans for him!"

"You won't touch him!"

"Aww, look at this! The little loser is sticking up for his weak little friend!"

"He's NOT weak!"

"Oh yes he is! Don't think I don't know about him being sick!"

"Leave him alone!"

"You know, I think I'll deal with him after I'm done with you! Zombyra the Dark (ATK: 2100 DEF: 500) attack him directly!"

"I activate my trap card, Negate Attack!" Bastion shouted. Zombyra the Dark stopped and returned to his respected side of the field.

"You got lucky this time, but don't think that it will happen again!" The shadow monster placed a face down card and ended his turn. Bastion shook in pain as he began to draw a card.

He just hoped that luck was on his side.

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