Minerva was able to get Hermione to take a hot bath and change into a clean set of clothes the headmistress got a poor confused house elf to fetch.

Apparently Severus was out of danger but Madame Pomfrey had to drug him and stun him to get him up to the hospital wing.

Minerva sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, she knew this would be difficult, but she didn't think Severus would sink back down to this level.

Hermione appeared in the doorway to Minerva's sitting room her hair still wet and her new clothes on.

"How can I be here if Snape isn't?" was the first question out of Hermione's mouth.

"When Madame Pomfrey began to work on Severus's injuries she cast a spell that nullified the affects of the curse. She was given that information from Kingsley in case something happened..." Minerva explained.

"Have you told him?" Hermione asked worry creasing her face.

"Yes, I had to. Severus's mental state is compromised." Minerva turned her face down to look in her lap. "He fought Poppy till she stunned him trying to get the letter opener back."

Hermione covered her mouth and sank down onto the couch.

"Do you know what could have happened to cause his behavior?" Minerva asked carefully turning to look at Hermione.

"It's my fault actually." Hermione said, Hermione couldn't keep her guilt to herself. "Severus and I had a fight and I did a horrible thing that caused him to...to" Hermione broke off burying her head in her hands.

"I'm sure this isn't completely your fault dear, though without more details I can't say for sure, Severus has done this once before that I know of." Minerva said comfortingly.

Hermione looked up her eyes asking the question her mouth wouldn't form.

"When Lily Evans became Lily Potter," Minerva supplied.

Hermione nodded her eyes large and glassy. Hermione's emotions were battling between burning anger and a deep sadness right now they were at an impasse.

"Can I see him?" Hermione asked.

"I don't think that's a good idea, we're meant to meet the Minister in a few minutes in my office," Minerva said solemnly glancing at the large bronze clock that sat above her mantle.

Hermione nodded, she was sure this would be a difficult meeting, and if she didn't stay focused she could lose Severus.

*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*( *)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)**()*(**)*(*)*(* )(**)

Hermione entered Minerva's office not prepared for the crowd that greeted her.

"Hermione." Harry greeted giving his shell shocked friend a quick hug. "How are you?" He asked looking her over.

"I've been better," Hermione answered, then she noticed one face in the room that made her blood boil. "What is he doing here!" Hermione growled angrily shoving her finger at a smug looking Professor Mils.

"Hermione, calm down he heard what was going on and was concerned." Harry said surprised at his friend's fury.

Hermione kept her mouth shut and stared fire at the handless wizard.

"Hermione if I may have your attention?" Kingsley said coughing slightly.

Hermione tore her gaze from Professor Mils and focused on Kingsley, her nerves were on edge and she knew this wasn't ending well.

"Hermione the Wizanagamot had an emergency meeting directly following Minerva's message." Kingsley was staring at Hermione and his expression wasn't a good one. "They have decided that Severus's presence at the school has put the children's lives in danger and that they believe he is a danger to himself and others."

Hermione was ready to be sick.

"They have seen it fit to take your guardianship of Mr. Snape under review and that until they come to a decision Severus is to be returned to Azkaban." Kingsley's news hit Hermione like a hammer.

"Wha...How?" Hermione stuttered.

"Harry is here to escort him to the prison whenever Madame Pomfrey discharges him," Kingsley looked truly sad about the whole business. "It will take at least a month for them to come to a decision and if they find you unfit Severus's original sentence will be carried out." With those last words Kingsley asked Harry to escort Hermione from the room so that the Minister could speak to the Headmistress alone.

Harry took Hermione's elbow to help her, Professor Mils followed them out.

Hermione stumbled as her eyes stung with tears.

Professor Mils, ever the gentleman, grabbed Hermione's other elbow to help steady her.

"Don't touch me!" Hermione snapped at the pale blond wizard, who was now openly smiling.

"Sorry my joy must've clouded my judgement," His smile hurt her.

Harry glared at him like a nasty bit of rotting food one had just discovered was attached to their shoe.

"Oi bugger off." Harry said gruffly still leading Hermione by the elbow.

Professor Mils took a hint and slinked off in the opposite direction.

"Harry where are you taking me?" Hermione asked weakly.

"I have to fetch Snape remember," Harry said nonchalantly.

Hermione then noticed they were heading towards the infirmary. Energy coursed through Hermione and she took off at a run.

She skidded into the infirmary coming to a halt in front of Madame Pomfrey who had her arms crossed and was blocking Hermione's path to the private rooms she was sure Severus was being kept in.

"Please," Hermione begged.

Before Hermione said another word Madame Pomfrey spoke. "I'm not permitted to allow you to see him," Madame Pomfrey then stepped aside and turned her face away from Hermione.

She caught on and bolted towards the room Madame Pomfrey was inadvertently pointing at.

"Oops," Madame Pomfrey said as she watched Hermione disappear behind the door.

*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*( **(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)**(*)*()*(*)* (*)*(*)

"You bleeding idiot," was the first thing Hermione whispered as she entered Severus's room. He was laying on the bed his wrist bandaged and both arms were being restrained with thick white cuffs, similar to the ones seen in muggle sanitariums.

Hermione walked up to him looked him straight in the eye and slapped him hard.

"How dare you," She seethed.

Severus's head had snapped back as her hand connected with his cheek, and had swung down his hair covering his face from view.

"You know what's happening now don't you?" Hermione was shaking.

Severus shook his head.

"They're sending you back." Hermione cried.

Severus's head snapped up to look at Hermione's face, tears were racing down her face and she was clenching her fists so tightly he feared she'd draw blood.

"If they deem me," Hermione sniffed. "Unfit to be your guardian, they...they're gonna..." Hermione started to sob. "They're going to execute you." Hermione shook with sobs.

Severus wished more than anything that he could comfort her but he was bound to the bed.

"All of this will have been for nothing," Hermione choked out. "It's all my fault."

Severus watched Hermione fall apart helpless to stop it.

"Hermione," Severus called. "Hermione please come closer."

Hermione shook her head. "I caused this, if I hadn't insisted on us sleeping in the same bed, hadn't coerced you into falling asleep none of this would have happened." Hermione's tears were endless.

"No, I did what I did because I..." Severus didn't quite know how to say what he meant. "I feel deeply for you, and you deserve better."

Hermione snorted, "That's preposterous."

"How were we to ever grow closer if you weren't safe sleeping beside me?" Severus asked.

Hermione remained quiet, she truly didn't know how to answer that question.

"I am broken and old and it will be a mercy to put me down." Severus said looking down at his bandaged wrist.

"Don't say that." Hermione said, her silence ending. "I care for you, doesn't that count for something?"

It was Severus's turn to remain silent.

Hermione jumped as the door to the room opened.

"I'm sorry Hermione but I've got to go," Harry said sadly looking down at Hermione's feet not wanting to see the pain on his friend's face.

Hermione nodded her head, and without a second glance left the room.

Severus turned to Potter and looked at him.

"You really messed up, you know that right?" Harry asked.

"I did what I believe was the right thing and if I had succeeded their would be none of this painful waiting," Severus said sounding sulky.

"You know how strongly Hermione can get attached to things, don't think you're getting out of this so easily." Potter looked uncomfortable, but determined to have this conversation.

"Potter if you care about Miss Granger you will make sure I am taken from this world in a timely manner and that she is pleasantly distracted by dozens of male suitors and books." Severus sneered.

"With all due respect, I think you're being an idiot." Potter's face was now turning slightly red. "Hermione obviously cares about your welfare, and is willing to sacrifice years of her life to help you and you repay her like this." Potter took another step towards Snape's bed, "I know you think you're being all noble, and trust me I've tried to keep Hermione away for her own good before, she doesn't listen. she will double her efforts and probably wok herself to death trying to save you and you don't even want to live." Potter was practically yelling. "I had some respect for you, but it is all gone now."

With those words Potter undid Severus bindings putting him in a full body bind, off they went back to that hell of an island.

*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*)*( )*(*)*(*)*(*)*(*(*)*(*)*(*)*()*(*)*(**)*(*)*()*(*) *(*)*(*)

After Hermione left the hospital wing she wandered to the library, it had been closed when the Headmistress was called by Madame Pomfrey to deal with the disaster that was this afternoon.

Hermione found a tiny alcove surrounded herself with books, wrapped her arms around her knees and cried.

She cried because of her guilt, because of her loss, and because of the vision she had of Severus covered in his own blood that wouldn't leave her brain.

Hermione cried herself dry then fell asleep.

She nearly surfaced from sleep in the morning when a hand began to shake her awake.

"Hermione dear," Minerva said still shaking the poor girl in an attempt to wake her.

Hermione wouldn't wake, she must still be exhausted from yesterday.

"Professor Mils, would you mind taking Miss Granger to the address I'll provide you and leaving her there to sleep with a note from myself?" Minerva asked turning to the fair haired man and giving him a pleading look.

"I do have a double free period on Thursdays, it's no problem Headmistress," Mils then took the letter Minerva held out to him, lifted Hermione into his arms acquired her home address and was off.

Hermione woke up comfortably snuggled into her bed at her parents house.

She sat up quickly not knowing how she'd gotten there.

Hermione got out of bed and made her way to the kitchen where she found a note addressed to herself.

Dear Hermione,

I think it's best if you stay home until Severus's fate is figured out. I am doing all I can to try and turn this mess around, Kingsley is optimistic and believes that this is all an over reaction. Feel better and don't fret too much, I'll let you know when I hear anything.

Hermione set the piece of paper down.

She didn't feel any better after reading it, and she didn't think she'd feel better for a good long while.

Hermione sighed, how had things taken such a nasty turn.

Severus had attempted suicide and was now back in that hell hole and Hermione was powerless, it was enough to drive a girl mad.

Hermione sighed and put the kettle on for tea.