Yunno that moment when you've got your classes under control, but then a wild lesson jumps out of the woods and like, knocks you on your ass? That's what's been happening to me in 2/3 classes so I'm sorry. Story not abandoned, just had to take a break. I'm working on this thought folks!

Steven lay back in his room, ignoring his alarm clock. A bright smile was on his face, just thinking of the possibilities. He and Bianca could really have something, something real and something deep. Something that would be untouched. He already knew she was a great mother; it was obvious by her beautiful girls. She would make a great mom for Aiden, he already loved her. Steven turned over, pulling a pillow to his chest; he and his son had so much in common. They both loved Bianca Montgomery. He loved children, so he really wasn't at all worried about loving Gabby and Miranda, now all he had to do was plan a romantic dinner so they could talk everything over. Get their feelings out in the open, especially with that woman out of the picture now. With a happy sigh, he pulled himself from the bed and to the shower; it was time to start his day.

Streets over, Bianca turned over feeling sore. Her back hurt and her neck was sore from the restless night she'd had. As soon as she'd gotten back in her bedroom, she'd regretted everything she'd said to Marissa. She wanted to run back out and kiss her, to hold her tighter and tell her that she was right. She wanted to hold Marissa as they went to sleep and smile when they woke up together. She wasn't a fool, she knew she wasn't ready for anything past a quick kiss with Marissa, but it would have been nice to hold her close. But she'd let her logic win over her heart and ended up alone.

"And you're gonna stay that way if you're not careful." She muttered. She sat up, rubbing her neck and blinked when a bright face breezed into her room.

"Good morning Mommy," Marissa said brightly. Gabby and Miranda entered behind her, echoing the remark. They carried a tray, well Miranda carried a tray, Gabby carried some flowers and Marissa held a hot cup of coffee. Bianca tried to hide it, but a smile made its way onto her face.

"What's…what's all this?" she asked in surprise. Miranda had a look of concentration on her face as she rested the tray on the bedside table and scrambled onto the bed to kiss her mother.

"Oh, it's nothing." Marissa said resting the coffee on the table. She helped Gabby onto the bed and leaned in after her, kissing Bianca's forehead. "Just us showing our favorite woman in the world that we love her, right girls?" she asked.

"Yeah!" they both cheered. Bianca's eyes met Marissa's, searching for Marissa's angle. Marissa just smiled back, showing her sincerity on her face. Bianca swallowed and looked away,

"Oh!" she said her voice lighter than usual. "Well I'm not sure if I can eat all of this by myself, have you girls had breakfast?" she asked. Miranda nodded,

"Yeah, but Marissa didn't." she said.

"Maybe Miss. 'Rissa can help you, Mommy." Gabby said innocently. Bianca's eyes snapped up again and she offered a hesitant smile.

"Yeah," she stared. "Maybe she can." She said softly.

"I'm gonna help Gabby get ready for school. Eat up; breakfast is the most important meal!" Miranda directed. Marissa could only chuckle; just like a Kane woman to be demanding.

"I wonder if she likes Italian." Steven said thoughtfully. He was off today, so he was going to use the day to plan a romantic dinner date for him and Bianca. It had occurred to him earlier that he should probably ask her, but he'd remembered something his father had told him once. He'd told him that his mother loved it when he surprised her, so he was hoping it would extend to Bianca as well. "Or maybe I should look into something a little different….maybe Greek." He tapped his pencil against his lip before writing down the suggestion. He glanced up and cursed silently, noticing it was after noon. "Oh! I could make her something and invite her and the girls over…but what about her friend? Maybe she leaves today…." He mused.

"We're going to have to talk eventually." Marissa said quietly from her spot in the elevator. Bianca had just left a late meeting and was going to treat them out to lunch.

"What do you mean? We've been talking all morning." Bianca deflected. Marissa sighed and looked at her for a few long moments before Bianca could feel herself cracking. "Marissa, we're in an elevator." She said instead of what was on her mind. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest, just knowing the look on Marissa's face.

"Can we talk before I leave maybe?" she asked. Bianca looked over at her then back ahead as the doors opened. She motioned Marissa ahead of her. Marissa sighed, knowing that she probably wouldn't get anything out of Bianca at this point but knowing she had to keep trying. We love each other! We could make this work, even if it is a long distance relationship.

"What would you like to have for lunch?" Bianca asked softly. Marissa shrugged a shoulder, wrapping her arms around herself and feeling her heart squeeze.

"I'm actually not really hungry." She admitted. Bianca's face twitched, something between worry and sorrow,

"We can talk." Bianca said softly. She reached out to rest a hand on Marissa's arm but stopped, "But not yet. When we're somewhere private then we'll talk." She said. Marissa sighed in relief. Thank god she wants to be with me or this wouldn't be so easy. She said. As Bianca breezed away she bit her lip, but what if this isn't a good talk?